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Keane's August 2011, "It Was Hot, Then It Rained, Repeat Tomorrow" Trip Report (Part 4)


Map of Anandapur
Map of Anandapur.
Who: Me, Keane. The person who actually writes this drivel.
     BYPT Jenny. Frequent WDW guest.
     BYPT Cathy. Okay, maybe just plain Cathy, but also a frequent WDW guest.
     BYPT. Big Yellow Penske Truck. Just in case you were wondering.
     Karen. My GPS. (A Garmin nuvi 1390)
What: A whim of a trip
Where: Walt Disney World, Coronado Springs Resort
Why: For the heck of it, not to mention Star Tours 2 and the reopening of the Tiki Room
When: August 16-21, 2011

All Disclaimers from Part 1 still apply...

Day 3, August 18th. Animal Kingdom, Almost Epcot and Rain! Imagine that...

We start the day by meeting in Pepper Market for breakfast, then make our way to Bus Stop 1 to catch a bus to Animal Kingdom. A transportation CM is at the bus stop, asks us where we're going, and looks at his clipboard. He tells us we have a 15 minute wait, and was fairly accurate. It's sunny, hot and humid. No surprise there...

We go through bagcheck, and lose yet another 5 minutes of my life that I will never get back.

Animal Kingdom
201108WDW_252P18090 201108WDW_254P18090 201108WDW_255P18090 201108WDW_256P18090 201108WDW_257P18090 201108WDW_258P18090 201108WDW_259P18090 201108WDW_261P18090 201108WDW_263P18090 201108WDW_264P18091 201108WDW_266P18091 201108WDW_267P18091
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We walk back to Asia, and get in the standby line for Expedition Everest, and at the end of the queue, Jenny and Cathy announce there are only two in their party and are allowed on, and I am stopped like some club goer who can't get in because I'm not on the list while fastpass holders are funneled into the boarding queue. sniff. So I'm a couple of trains behind them, and get to ride with a single rider, a young lass from southeast Asia, who is riding for the second time today.

The cheesy bird at the end of the first forward track is gone and replaced, while Betty is still in B mode, and the strobes they put in do little to make it look like she's moving. I guess all the attempted fixes didn't work.

Expedition Everest
201108WDW_268P18091 201108WDW_269P18091 201108WDW_270P18091 201108WDW_271P18091 201108WDW_272P18091 201108WDW_273P18092 201108WDW_274P18092 201108WDW_275P18092 201108WDW_277P18092 201108WDW_278P18092 201108WDW_279P18092 201108WDW_280P18092 201108WDW_281P18092 201108WDW_282P18092 201108WDW_283P18092 201108WDW_285P18092 201108WDW_286P18092 201108WDW_287P18092 201108WDW_288P18092 201108WDW_289P18092 201108WDW_290P18092 201108WDW_292P18092 201108WDW_293P18094 201108WDW_295P18095
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We exit, and wander over to Kali, and it's a 40 minute wait, so we wander back to Dinosaur which is almost a walk on. We once again save Aldar from the comet, exit the dinostore, and walk back to Asia, where Kali is a 25 minute wait. So we go on.

Dinoland USA
201108WDW_296P18095 201108WDW_297P18095 201108WDW_298P18095 201108WDW_299P18095 201108WDW_300P18095 201108WDW_302P18095 201108WDW_303P18102
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Kali is another ride I've never been on, since I've always had a lot of electronics with me. But everything I have will fit in one of my emergency t-shirt bags, so we board. Of course, we are backwards at the bottom of the big hill, and get soaked.

If I had to compare Kali and Bluto's Bilgerat Barges in Islands of Adventure (both spinning raft rides), I'd say Bluto's in IoA is the superior of the two. It's faster, will get you just as wet, and is less politically correct. Just sayin'.

Kali River Rapids
201108WDW_304P18103 201108WDW_308P18103 201108WDW_310P18103 201108WDW_311P18103 201108WDW_313P18103 201108WDW_315P18104 201108WDW_316P18104 201108WDW_317P18104 201108WDW_318P18104 201108WDW_319P18104 201108WDW_320P18104 201108WDW_321P18104 201108WDW_322P18104 201108WDW_323P18104 201108WDW_324P18104 201108WDW_326P18104 201108WDW_327P18104 201108WDW_328P18104 201108WDW_329P18104 201108WDW_330P18104 201108WDW_331P18104 201108WDW_332P18104 201108WDW_333P18104 201108WDW_334P18104 201108WDW_335P18104 201108WDW_336P18104 201108WDW_337P18104 201108WDW_339P18104 201108WDW_340P18105 201108WDW_342P18105 201108WDW_343P18110
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We're wet, but it's not cooling us off. We're just hot wet. So we're out of the park and back to cool off at the resort.

Animal Kingdom, Oasis/Bus Stops
201108WDW_346P18110 201108WDW_347P18110 201108WDW_348P18110 201108WDW_349P18110 201108WDW_350P18110 201108WDW_352P18110 201108WDW_353P18110 201108WDW_354P18110 201108WDW_355P18110 201108WDW_356P18110 201108WDW_357P18110 201108WDW_358P18110 201108WDW_360P18110 201108WDW_361P18111 201108WDW_362P18111 201108WDW_363P18111 201108WDW_364P18111 201108WDW_366P18111 201108WDW_367P18111
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We bused back to CSR, changed into dry clothes, and ate lunch in Pepper Market. I had the Steak Fajitas. The brain cells that held what Jenny and Cathy had has died. Be disappointed. After lunch, Jenny has to head over to guest services to get a jogging trail map. While we're there, I see Guide For Guests With Disabilities for all four parks, which are park maps, but with accessibility information. More data mining for my next trip... :-)

I'm down for a nap during the hot of the day (and a good one at that), then get a call, we're going into Epcot for dinner and perhaps some adult beverages. Now, we're talkin'!

We meet in El Centro, and board an Epcot bus. No sooner do we board, then I see cloud-to-ground lightning. Oh good. We stop at Blizzard Beach, and it begins to rain. By the time we get to Epcot, we are in a serious heavy downpour, with lightning and thunder. Instead of being dropped off at the CSR bus stop, we are once again dropped off at one of the furthest bus stops from the entrance. Really not appreciated this time.

Most of us stay huddled under the canopy, where we find every other ceiling tile leaks. We figure it has to let up, right? Right? Wrong. Jenny finally decides she needs the bathroom, and we can mostly make it to the bathrooms under cover. Never the less, we are wet by the time we get there. We wait about an hour total and give up. It is raining just as hard as when we got off the bus. None of us are prepared for rain this hard, and we aren't even close to anyplace that we can buy a poncho. We are 50 yards from the CSR bus stop, so we make a run for it and get soaked.

201108WDW_380P18185 201108WDW_382P18185 201108WDW_385P18190 201108WDW_386P18190 201108WDW_389P18190
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It's still raining at bus at Bus Stop 2 (which is across from Casitas 4), and the walk across the parking lot soaks me down even further, and puddles are DEEP AND YES I'M WHINING! (I will later learn from this, get off at Bus Stop 1 at El Centro, and take the covered walkways back to the room. A farther, but dryer walk.)

We still haven't eaten, nor had anything close to resembling anti-freeze, so we change into dry clothes and meet at Rix Lounge, the new (for me) bar area in El Centro. It was still raining, and was able to walk most of the way to El Centro until we got to the low lying areas, where there were several inches of water. This required a couple of detours, once of which was in the rain, where rivers of water were draining from the complex into Lago Dorado.

201108WDW_391P18200 201108WDW_393P18200 201108WDW_394P18200 201108WDW_395P18201 201108WDW_396P18201
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We decide to eat bar food. Ordered the Scarpatti Flatbread, Cheese Empanadas and the Angus Beef Sliders. All were very tasty and perfect for bar food. Cathy and Jenny had a classic margarita, and I had the tequila flight. (The flight is three 1/2 shots of an agave Partida Blanco, Don Julio Reposado and Tres Generation Anejo tequilas, with a side of Sangrita, a tomato, citrus, and cilantro mixture that would make a great bloody mary mixer. Just sayin'. The Anejo tequila is a dangerous beast... I will have to crawl out of the tequila bar in Mexico one day...)

Rix Lounge
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I must say, a good time was had by all. I really didn't have to help Jenny get Cathy back to their room, but I did have to sorta have to lead the way... ;-)

End August 2011 Trip Report - Part 4.

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