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Keane's September/October 2012 "This Is Too Good To Pass Up" Trip Report - Part 6


The text of this trip report was posted to the Usenet group rec.arts.disney.parks on October 21, 2012. This is an expanded version with pictures. If you are reading this someplace else than rec.arts.disney.parks, or on my site keanespics.com, it was copied without my permission.

Me and Walt
Me and Walt. He's a lot taller in person.
Who: Me, Keane. Disney Junkie and obviously a glutton for punishment...
     Mom, aka "Miss Marie". Mobility impaired. Memory impaired, too.
     Jenny. Fellow Disney Junkie, and du...kind enough to help.
     Karen. My GPS. (A Garmin nuvi 1390)
What: An opportunistic trip to Walt Disney World.
Where: Walt Disney World, Art of Animation Resort, Little Mermaid Room.
Why: D23's Epcot 30th Anniversary Celebration, D23's 2012 Sip & Scream, and a dinner in Great Movie Ride.
When: September 29 thru October 6, 2012

All Disclaimers from Part 1 still apply.
Thank you.

Day 5, Tuesday, Oct. 2
Disney's Hollywood Studios

WDW exhaustion had fully kicked in and keeps me in bed later than usual. I get up, and make some coffee. We are going to go into Disney's Hollywood Studios today.

We get ready, it will be another warm humid day with afternoon thunderstorms. This spring/summer like weather is beginning to irritate me. Jenny puts some ponchos in the basket of the scooter, and guarantees me that it won't rain so long as we have the ponchos. (And it doesn't rain while we're out, if we have the ponchos with us. At all. She forgot to take them with her, so I have them, and it didn't even rain on me on my way home. Maybe that's why Peaceful Pastures had no rain this year. I keeping them and taking them back to Chicago, in the hope it works on snow, too...)

We're at the food court by about 9:15, and console myself that the breakfast here is still better than the breakfasts in DHS.

Art of Animation
201210WDW_1178X02081 201210WDW_1179X02081
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Kidagain will be in DHS today, too. He's staying someplace in the Little Mermaid section of the resort as well, but I have no idea where. He could very well be next door, and if he is, I wish he'd keep that kid from crying. Send him a text. He got a late start. Well, so did we. We may have passed each other in the food court.

We arrive at DHS about 10:30. There's an 11:00 show of Beauty and the Beast at the Theater of the Stars, and we head that way. Some Streetmosphere is going on on Hollywood Blvd., and we pass it as we turn up Sunset Blvd. I text Bill we're going to BatB, he's watching some Streetmosphere on Hollywood Blvd. Well, we're getting closer.

It's a few minutes before the show, and I go take some pictures of the surrounding area with the new camera, mainly Rock n' Roller Coaster for updates to the web site.

Disney's Hollywood Studios
201210WDW_1180X02092 201210WDW_1181X02092 201210WDW_1182X02092 201210WDW_1183X02092 201210WDW_1184X02093 201210WDW_1185X02093 201210WDW_1186X02093 201210WDW_1187X02093 201210WDW_1188X02093 201210WDW_1189X02093 201210WDW_1190X02093 201210WDW_1191X02095 201210WDW_1192X02095 201210WDW_1193X02095 201210WDW_1194X02095 201210WDW_1195X02095 201210WDW_1198X02095 201210WDW_11991210X02095 201210WDW_1211X02095 201210WDW_1212X02095 201210WDW_1213X02095 201210WDW_1214X02095 201210WDW_1215X02095 201210WDW_1216X02095 201210WDW_1217X02095
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We meet Kidagain / Beauty and the Beast

I go back to join Jenny and Mom, and some Stupid Guest tugs on my camera. I turn to look at said SG, and it's some old guy. Putting two and two together (which doesn't always equal four in my world), I figure it's not some ordinary stupid guest. Yes! It's Kidagain and his friend Debbie.

Introductions are made all around, and it's only a minute until we're let in, and I drive Mom down all sorts of switchbacks to the front row of the theater. Well, there's a perk if you're handicapped...

They did see the 30th fireworks, said they were great. In another "who knew" moment, Mom loves the show, even though she says she doesn't like musicals or stage shows. For a show that was only supposed to be in existence for a year, it still draws the crowds... (There's some video taken with the G1X of this performance. See the Video Index at end of part 10.)

We exit the theater, stand around and talk for a while after the show and have a picture taken. Yes, proof once again that virtual people on the net sometimes really do exist.

Bill and Debbie are going to go do Tower of Terror. Well, more power to you guys... It's the one ride at WDW that's defeated me. Well, maybe Astro-Orbiters and Summit Plummet, too. But I won't even *try* those. :-)

Disney's Hollywood Studios
201210WDW_1218X02095 201210WDW_1219X02095 201210WDW_1220X02095 201210WDW_1221X02095 201210WDW_1223X02103 201210WDW_1225X02103 201210WDW_1226X02103 201210WDW_1228X02103 201210WDW_1230X02103 201210WDW_1231X02103 201210WDW_1233X02103 201210WDW_1236X02103 201210WDW_1237X02103 201210WDW_1238X02104 201210WDW_1239X02104 201210WDW_1242X02104 201210WDW_1243X02104 201210WDW_1245X02104 201210WDW_1246X02104 201210WDW_1247X02104 201210WDW_1251X02105 201210WDW_1252X02105 201210WDW_1253X02105 201210WDW_1254X02105 201210WDW_1255X02105 201210WDW_1256X02105 201210WDW_1257X02105 201210WDW_1258X02110 201210WDW_1259X02110
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Backlot Tours / Pizza Planet

We go our separate ways. Jenny wants a Toy Alien t-shirt, and we go Toy Story Midway Mania to the gift shop there. Yes, they have exactly what she wants. Amazing. We motor straight on through to Backlot Tours, another attraction Mom hasn't seen, since it was down for rehab the last time we were there. We are up in the first car, and find that since the entire spiel is pre-recorded, the speech/what-is-actually-next-to-you doesn't sync up here either. Maybe it syncs up in the middle of the tram now.

We make the bend around the area where you can get a picture of the Earful Tower, and enter costuming. We will have a tour of this place tonight. Just so you know, as you enter via the tram, sewing and cutting is on your left, alterations is on your right.

Mom is amused at Catastrophe Canyon, I'm sure I was the first... half-dozen times. I haven't been on this attraction since they shortened it up for LMA, and how long has that been?

We might have time to get to Lights, Motors, Action, but we go through a crowded AFI post-show and the motors start up before we get there. Bad timing. We should have done LMA first.

Instead we head over to Pizza Planet for lunch, since I've never eaten there. Goodness. Could it get any louder? The floors are concrete, the interior brick or plasterboard wall, the chairs and tables are metal, and there are video game machines all over inside. The only thing that seems to be noise absorbent are the people. (You know, I seem to be complaining a lot about noisy places. I'll know I've gone over the geezer edge when I start saying, "Back in the day...")

On the way to Great Movie Ride, we stop in at the Academy to take some pictures with some of the busts for my facebook picture. Wow, how sad it is that I just said that. You know, back in the day...

Disney's Hollywood Studios
201210WDW_1260X02111 201210WDW_1261X02111 201210WDW_1263X02111 201210WDW_1265X02111 201210WDW_1266X02112 201210WDW_1276X02112 201210WDW_1278X02113 201210WDW_1279X02113 201210WDW_1280X02113 201210WDW_1281X02113 201210WDW_1282X02113 201210WDW_1283X02113 201210WDW_1284X02113 201210WDW_1285X02113 201210WDW_1286X02113 201210WDW_1287X02113 201210WDW_1288X02114 201210WDW_1289X02114 201210WDW_12901294X02115 201210WDW_1295X02115 201210WDW_1296X02115 201210WDW_1297X02120 201210WDW_1298X02120 201210WDW_1300X02120 201210WDW_1301X02120 201210WDW_1304X02120 201210WDW_1305X02123 201210WDW_1306X02123 201210WDW_1307X02123 201210WDW_1308X02131 201210WDW_1309X02131 201210WDW_1310X02131 201210WDW_1311X02131 201210WDW_1313X02131 201210WDW_1314X02131 201210WDW_1316X02131 201210WDW_1317X02131 201210WDW_1318X02131 201210WDW_1319X02131 201210WDW_1320X02131 201210WDW_1321X02132 201210WDW_1322X02132 201210WDW_1323X02132 201210WDW_1324X02132 201210WDW_1325X02132 201210WDW_1326X02132 201210WDW_1327X02132 201210WDW_1328X02132 201210WDW_1330X02132 201210WDW_1332X02132
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Great Movie Ride

I don't want to ride GMR as much as to test out the new camera. We will have pretty exclusive access to the entire attraction tonight. Or maybe it's like riding Living With The Land just before you do Behind the Seeds.

The G1X does a marginally better job than the G12 in terms of sharpness, it's that darn moving vehicle. However it does blow the G12 away in terms of noise and shadow detail. We applaud our CM, load Mom on the scooter, and head out the door.

It's 3pm, and we leave the park. We have to get Mom back to the resort, and get ready for tonight. We get to the bus stop, and there's a bus already there with few people on it, and the scooter area on the bus is clear. So we load the scooter and are off to AoA. The new scooter/wheelchair tie-downs are much more back-friendly. As we leave the bus area at AoA, one of the cooks from the food court is leaving his car and going toward the restaurant, and we discuss the heat and humidity of which neither of us particularly likes.

I'm beginning to hate this walk.

Great Movie Ride
201210WDW_1333X02132 201210WDW_1334X02132 201210WDW_1335X02132 201210WDW_1336X02133 201210WDW_1339X02134 201210WDW_1342X02134 201210WDW_1343X02134 201210WDW_1346X02134 201210WDW_1351X02134 201210WDW_1352X02134 201210WDW_1357X02134 201210WDW_1359X02134 201210WDW_1360X02134 201210WDW_1361X02134 201210WDW_1363X02134 201210WDW_1368X02134 201210WDW_1369X02134 201210WDW_1371X02134 201210WDW_1373X02135 201210WDW_1374X02135 201210WDW_1375X02135 201210WDW_1384X02135 201210WDW_1385X02135 201210WDW_1386X02135 201210WDW_1387X02135 201210WDW_1388X02135 201210WDW_1389X02135 201210WDW_1390X02135 201210WDW_1391X02135 201210WDW_1393X02135 201210WDW_1395X02140 201210WDW_1396X02140 201210WDW_1397X02140 201210WDW_1398X02140 201210WDW_1399X02140 201210WDW_1400X02140 201210WDW_1401X02140 201210WDW_1402X02140 201210WDW_1403X02140 201210WDW_1404X02140
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End Sept 2012 Trip Report - Part 6.

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