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Cinderella's Castle Suite
In December 2011, I visited Cinderella's Castle Suite...
Trip Reports. Narratives from travelers that allow you to vicariously live someone else's vacation. Sorta.

While my Road Trips are mostly trip reports, the theme parks section of this site is set up more like a stroll through the park.

So it's a separate section here, for those theme park vacations (or somewhat related events) I actually wrote up.

All of these were posted to the Usenet group rec.arts.disney.parks in text form about 1 to 4 weeks before the picture versions you see here. Some additions and corrections were made, but otherwise remain intact. (The 2002 Trip Report was never a picture report.)

September 2002 Trip Report
100 Years of Magic

This is my early September 2002 Trip Report, where digital officially ended my lifelong relationship with film. That said, since it was posted to a text only group, I kept it the way it originally was. (With a few pictures added just to break up the text.) The 400 or so pics I took are seeded in the various theme park pages...

I stayed at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, with a trip to Universal Orlando.

September 2007 started a serious effort to photo-document the parks, with a new 10MP Canon G7. It was the first camera that I felt had the controls perfect, and really opened up photography to me in a way my analog Nikon F3 or the earlier G series cameras could not.

This report starts in the Smoky Mountain National Park, with stops along the way on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Kennedy Space Center before getting to Walt Disney World. We stayed at Saratoga Springs, and attended a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Finally, a couple of days was spent at the Portofino Bay Resort in Universal Orlando.

September 2007 Trip Report
The Year of a Million Dreams
December 2008 Trip Report

This is my December 2008 Trip Report where I had almost perfect weather with me in Florida, as the rest of the country got snowed on. It was Christmas everywhere, and had highs in the mid-80's every day. (sigh)

I stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter, and attended RADP 13.

This is my December 2009 Trip Report, where meeting people was just as important as beating PiC in Toy Story Midway Mania. Sub-par weather, but you can't win 'em all. From hot dogs in Atlanta to hunting for Shark's Teeth in the Gulf, it was a fun winter vacation...

I stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village, attended RADP 14, and took a trip to Venice Island.

December 2009 Trip Report
Walt Disney World
D23 / Toy Story 3 Joan Cusack Event
Joan Cusack Meet and Greet

On June 16, 2010, Disney and D23 had a Toy Story 3/Joan Cusack meet and greet promotion. You could buy a limited edition Jessie Doll, and meet the voice herself, Joan Cusack. There was a D23 promotional tie-in, where the first 40 people to send an e-mail to D23 would be guaranteed a dol... Action Figure. I got one, and wrote a trip report on the experience...

This is my December 2010 Trip Report, where frigid temperatures made for a cold trip. Still, it was a trip to Walt Disney World. Stayed at Old Key West, with visits to a few other resorts for Christmas.

Highlights include RADP 15.

December 2010 Trip Report
Walt Disney World
D23 / Bambi Screening Event

On February 21, 2011, D23 and Walt Disney Studios had a Blu-Ray Bambi screening at the MCA Theater at the Museum of Contemporary Art, in celebration of the Blu-ray Platinum Edition release of the movie.

After a terrible trip in December 2010, I thought I'd make up for it by attending the "Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th" event, which celebrated WDW's 40th anniversary. So in May 2011, I reported on my Disney Up North, Not A December Trip trip.

I stayed at both Disney's Wilderness Lodge and The Contemporary hotel this trip.

May 2011 Trip Report and D23 / Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th Event
Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th
D23 / Cars 2 Cross Country Screening Event
Becky & Me

On June 25, 2011, D23 held a Cars 2 Cross Country Screening Event.

This is my It Was Hot, Then It Rained, Repeat Tomorrow Trip Report, where I broke two of my (sorta) WDW rules. First (with the exception of Animal Kingdom Lodge,) stay at a different resort every trip. Second, don't go during June, July or August.

But rules were made to be broken, right? So in August 2011, I went to Florida and stayed at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort...

August 2011 Trip Report
September/October 2011 Trip Report

September/October of 2011 was my Now, For Something Completely Different Trip, where I took my mobility impaired Mom (Miss Marie) to Disney World with help from BYPT Jenny...

I rented DVC points for a two-bedroom mobility accessible villa at Saratoga Springs and a scooter...

This was my fifth trip to WDW in December, so I decided to do something different and bought tickets to D23's 2011 Magic and Merriment event.

I would make my December 2011 one of my most memorable vacations at Disney World. Highlights would include a visit to the Cinderella Castle Suite, and a couple of holiday backstage areas.

I stayed in a preferred room at Port Orleans Riverside, which I hadn't stayed at since 2003.

December 2011 Trip Report
D23's Magic and Merriment
March 2012 Trip Report
Tink and Miss Marie

In March 2012 I took "Miss Marie", my mobility (and memory) impaired Mom to Disney World again, for my Let The Memories Begin... Again... trip.

We stayed in a two-bedroom mobility accessible villa at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Kidani Village.

Oh, I also attended the D23 preview of John Carter...

D23 takes one of their shows on the road to ten locations through the US.

D23's Disney Fanniversary Celebration 2012 was a presentation of those things Disney having a major anniversary in years ending in '2' and '7'.

I attended the June 24 event in Chicago.

June 2012 D23's Fanniversary
D23's Fanniversary
September/October 2012 Trip Report
Epcot 30th and S&S Badges

In September/October 2012 I documented my This Is Too Good To Pass Up Walt Disney World trip.

I attended D23's Epcot 30th Anniversary Celebration and D23's Super Scream / 2012 Sip & Scream Event, with the highlight of dinner in The Great Movie Ride.

We rented two value rooms (one was a mobility accessible room) in the Little Mermaid section of the Art of Animation Resort.

D23 takes their second road show to ten locations through the US.

D23's Disney Fanniversary Celebration 2013 was a presentation of those things Disney having a major anniversary in years ending in '3' and '8'.

I attended the March 10, 2pm event in Chicago.

March 2013 D23's Fanniversary 2013
D23's Fanniversary 2013
December 2013 Saving Mr. Banks Preview
Saving Mr. Banks

In December 2013, D23 offered a double feature of Mary Poppins and Saving Mr. Banks on the big screen two weeks before the movie's general release. I'd been waiting to see this movie since July, so I got tickets.

D23 takes their third road show to ten locations through the US.

D23's Disney Fanniversary Celebration 2014 was a presentation of those things Disney having a major anniversary in years ending in '4' and '9'.

I attended the September 6, 10:30am event in Chicago.

March 2013 D23's Fanniversary 2013
D23's Fanniversary 2013
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