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Universal Orlando Resort -- City Walk

BJ at City walk
Beetlejuice at City Walk. Who better to entertain the inebriated?
City Walk opened in 1999, 24 years after Downtown Disney. Not that that's relevant, but is there anyone who's been to Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World who doesn't compare the two venues?

400px UO Map
Map of City walk. Click on the map for a larger view...
Map ©Universal Orlando
Unlike Downtown Disney, Universal doesn't have the huge merchandising arm which is Disney, so while the venues are similar, they have distinct differences. There is a Universal Store, but City Walk is more like a mall without anchor stores. They have your typical mall stores, from a Cinnabon to a Starbucks; and a large number of boutique stores, such as an Endangered Species to various clothing stores; and themed restaurants such as NBA City, Hard Rock and NASCAR Cafe.

Jimmy Buffet has a Margaritaville here, and the Hemisphere Dancer, the very plane that is central in Jamaica Mistaica has been turned into a bar on the water.

Moreover, the boats from all the resort hotels arrive here, and you have to pass through City Walk on the way to and from the parking structure and the parks. Disney could only dream of such an arrangement...

This is also where Universal has its non-park entertainment venue, from a 20 screen movie theater to Hard Rock Live (a live concert venue) to The Blue Man Group. The Blue Man Group is a very entertaining show, I'd highly recommend it if you like percussion, humor, rock and sometimes spectacular effects. (I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like strobe lights, darkness, loud music or...toilet paper.) And don't be late. And the band knows Freebird.

City Walk
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City Walk at night
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