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Universal Orlando Resort -- Universal Studios Florida


Universal Studios Florida
Universal Studios Florida dressed for Halloween...
Universal's first foray into Central Florida was Universal Studios Florida, a pure theme park, as opposed to Universal Studios Hollywood, which was both a theme park and a working Movie/Television studio. It opened on June 7, 1990, 14 months after Disney-MGM studios. (Now Disney's Hollywood Studios.)

Ironically, the litigation between Disney and MGM occurred *because* Disney-MGM Studios became a working Movie/Television studio. But that's another page.

And it's interesting to note how many Steven Spielberg influences the park has. E.T., Men in Black, Twister, Shrek (and the former Back to the Future and Jaws attractions, not to mention much of Islands of Adventure) are all his or his movie company's films.

Thematically however, this park is a mess. For instance New York. New York has the attractions Twister, which takes place in the Midwest; The Blues Brothers, which takes place in Chicago; and the Mummy, which takes place in Egypt. There is a backdrop of New York, which used to be a stage for a street level Ghostbusters show, but that's long gone. Oh, and a roller coaster sticks out of one of the buildings now, too.

Then you have World Expo. The Simpsons, set in Springfield someplace in the US; and Men In Black, set in New York!

One area, known as San Francisco/Amity, were two divergent cities on opposite coasts.

Amity is now gone, however, and is now slated to become Harry Potter phase 2. While IoA holds the Hogsworth side of Potter, USF will have the muggle side of London. These two areas are supposed to be tied together via the Hogworth Express. It sounds like a logistical nightmare on how one with only a ticket to USF or IoA (not a hopper) will get between the lands.

It's interesting to note that Universal promised Spielberg that they would never remove Jaws... I wonder what he got out of that deal...

Most of the dysfunctional themed areas in the park is due to the replacement of attractions over the years, but I really think they need to reconsider the naming of the park spaces. Maybe to names not associated with a place.

This park stood alone, much like Magic Kingdom for the first 9 years of its life, before a *major* expansion to the park occurred with new owners, and in 1999 saw the addition of Islands of Adventure, City Walk and the three on-site Loews hotels. But the entire point of Universal Studios is to ride the movies. Well, not Disney movies, but other studio's movies...

400px UO Map
Map of Universal Studios Florida. Click on the map for a larger view...
Map ©Universal Orlando


This was the original entrance to Universal Studios Florida, before it became Universal Orlando.

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While the major attraction here is Terminator 3-D (which incidentally has a "Making Of..." on a T2 DVD that's longer than the attraction), the Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up Show is really a not-to-be-missed attraction. It's very well done.

Oh, and I think the worst counter service food I've ever had came out of the place right across the street, Cafe La Bamba. Just sayin'.

200203FL_174N18121 200203FL_171N18121 200203FL_172N18121 200209FNO_448N04175 200209FNO_449N04175 200209FNO_450N04175 200209FNO_451N04183 200209FNO_452N04183 200305FL_392C02161 200305FL_390C02161 200305FL_391C02161 0710SE_15090I271234 0710SE_15100I271235 0710SE_15110I271236 0710SE_15120I271237 200812FL_1284P19152 200812FL_1285P19152 200812FL_1286P19152 200812FL_1288P19152 200812FL_1289P19152 200305FL_389C02161 0710SE_12880I261255 200305FL_421C02173 200305FL_422C02173 0710SE_12890I261256 200305FL_423C02173 0710SE_12900I261256 0710SE_12910I261256 200203FL_167N18115 200203FL_168N18120 200203FL_169N18120 0710SE_12920I261257 0710SE_12930I261258 0710SE_12940I261258 0710SE_12950I261258 0710SE_12960I261258 0710SE_14900I271036 0710SE_14910I271037 0710SE_14920I271037 200305FL_419C02173 200305FL_420C02173 200305FL_541C04102 200405FL_10T04120
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Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone

If nothing else, Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone has Universal's version of an audio-animatronic dark ride, ET. Right across the way is an animal behavior show, once a tie in with Animal Planet.

From there, the further back into Kidzone you go, the younger the attraction age demographic gets. Fievel, Barney, Curious George...

Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone
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World Expo

Back to the Future, a staple in USF, is gone and has become The Simpsons. It's basically the same attraction, just with a different theme.

Men In Black: Alien Attack, is arguably the best shooter in the Orlando area, though I think Toy Story Midway Mania in Disney's Hollywood Studios gives it a run for the money...

World Expo
200209FNO_556N05204 200209FNO_561N05204 200203FL_159N18081 200209FNO_564N05204 200209FNO_597C06000 200209FNO_565N05205 200209FNO_598C06000 200209FNO_600C06000 200203FL_163N18084 200209FNO_591C06000 200209FNO_557N05204 200305FL_409I02170 200203FL_161N18084 200203FL_160N18084 200305FL_524C04092 200209FNO_594C06000 200209FNO_595C06000 200209FNO_596C06000 0710SE_13000I261303 0710SE_13010I261303 0710SE_13020I261304 0710SE_13030I261304 0710SE_13040I261304 200812FL_12791280P19140 200812FL_1281P19140 200812FL_1282P19140 200812FL_1283P19140 200812FL_1467P20154 200305FL_403407I02170 200305FL_536C04101 200612FL_540D09103 200305FL_408I02170 200305FL_401I02165 0710SE_13080I261332 0710SE_13070I261331 0710SE_13060I261310 MiBAA 200612FL_537C09103 200612FL_538C09103 200612FL_541C09104 200305FL_410I02170
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San Francisco / Amity

Amity is gone, as is Jaws, the giant shark and Atlantic Boardwalk. It is to become the second phase of Harry Potter.

Rumor has it that a ticket to USF only will also get you to Harry Potter in IoA, but will not let you into IoA proper, and vice-versa, via a virtual train ride, "Hogwart's Express".

Can you say major confusion? It will be interesting to see how it's all going to be handled when it opens.

San Francisco still exists, through. It was all based around the movie Earthquake, and the attraction of the same name. However Earthquake has been rethemed to the name Disaster, with all references to the 25+ year old movie removed. Even Chuck Heston. It, like the Simpsons, is a makeover with basically all the internal stages and ride elements the same as the previous attraction in a new theme.

Also in San Francisco is Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue. I ranks high on my shows to see. Some of the performers are better than others, but it's always worth seeing. Okay, so Frankenstein plays the guitar. What's your point?

San Francisco / Amity
200305FL_377384C02142 200209FNO_589C06000 200305FL_554C04120 200305FL_557C04121 200305FL_558C04123 200305FL_562C04124 200305FL_566C04124 200305FL_567C04125 200305FL_555C04120 0710SE_13090I261333 0710SE_13100I261333 0710SE_13110I261334 0710SE_13120I261335 0710SE_13130I261335 0710SE_13140I261335 0710SE_13160I261336 0710SE_13170I261336 200812FL_1275P19132 200812FL_1278P19132 200812FL_1473P20164 200812FL_1474P20164 200812FL_1478P20164 200812FL_1479P20164 0710SE_15060I271202 0710SE_15080I271202 0710SE_15070I271202 200209FNO_552N05202 0710SE_13180I261340 200612FL_528531C08145 0710SE_14960I271136 0710SE_14970I271137 0710SE_14980I271138 0710SE_14990I271138 0710SE_15000I271140 0710SE_15010I271141 0710SE_15020I271146 200612FL_536D08152 0710SE_15030I271148 0710SE_15050I271152
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New York

New York was so named at one time because of an attraction based on King Kong that was here. It is now The Mummy, a dark indoor reversing roller coaster.

Across the street, is the stage where the Blues Brothers put on regular performances. It starts with a sax player walking up Delany Street, then the Bluesmobile delivers Jake and Elwood to the stage. The performers are very good, and the sets vary from show to show.

Twister...Ride It Out is a staged simulation of a tornado, staring with a preachy pre-show to the ubiquitous cow flying by, and it's okay the first four or five times you've seen it...

New York
0710SE_14930I271132 0710SE_14940I271132 0710SE_14950I271132 200305FL_539C04102 0710SE_13190I261342 0710SE_13200I261342 200305FL_387C02153 200305FL_388C02153 200812FL_1484P20165 200812FL_1485P20165 200812FL_1486P20165 200812FL_1487P20165 200812FL_1488P20165 200812FL_1273P19131 200812FL_1490P20165 200812FL_1271P19131 200812FL_1274P19131 0710SE_13210I261356 0710SE_13220I261356 200812FL_1493P20165 0710SE_13230I261356 0710SE_13250I261357 200209FNO_550N05201
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Production Central

Production Central has seen a number of changes over the years, probably the biggest is the introduction of a modified out-and-back steel coaster Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, which takes you out to City Walk, then back to New York before bringing you back to Production Central.

Also here is what's now known as Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, which if memory serves, used to be themed to Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob and Hanna-Barbara characters. It's a miniature version of The Simpson Ride, except they don't even try to hide the fact there are a bunch of motion bases in the room. So instead of watching the movie, you can look at another set of seats, and how they move in relation to what's on the screen...

Shrek 4-D is really Shrek 1.5 4-D, since it takes place right after the original movie. The attraction came out just before 3-D at the theaters and home video became almost mainstream, so there are plenty of poke-you-in-the-eye moments.

Production Central
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Though I haven't been to Universal Orlando since 2009, the new expansion of Potter into the area formerly known as Amity will probably keep me away until the crowds, once again, dies down...

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