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Walt Disney World Resort - Disney's Animal Kingdom, Part 1 of 7


Tree of Life
The Tree of Life, Disney's Animal Kingdom's park icon...
Park maps are provided for relative location and area, not detail. Oh, original map ©Disney...
Animal Kingdom (a.k.a. AK -- how's that for acronyms) opened its gates on April 22, 1998, making it the fourth and newest theme park at Disney World. It's like no other park Disney has, due to its namesake ingredient, Animals. And I don't mean the guests, either.

Of course, it also has its share of thrill rides and Disney Magic, from live action stage shows to a trip back in time to rescue a dinosaur to visiting a Yeti *in* Mount Everest. Disney has tried very hard to distinguish Animal Kingdom from a Zoo, even going as far as to give the park the slogan of "NaHTaZu!" for several years. (Well, yes maybe half-a-zoo, but I won't argue the point.)

It's also Disney's largest park, some 500 acres, five times the size of Magic Kingdom, and almost twice the size of Epcot. Most of this was due to one of the premier attraction in AK, Kilimanjaro Safari.

I think the most amazing part of the park, isn't the giant mountain that holds a roller coaster (or any of the attractions for that matter,) but the detail that went into the park. If you just slow down and look around, the themeing of this park is incredible, right down to the lamp posts and benches. There is an artistry here that none of the other parks have.

It's even better after sundown, when Disney can highlight what they want you to see. As I've said before, there's just something about the parks at night. During the summer months, that might only be accomplished during Extra Magic Hours, but evening EMH at AK seem to be a thing of the past...


DAK Map Bus Stops
201108WDW_362P18111 200209FNO_416C03223 200304FL_260C30101 201108WDW_361P18111 200504WDW_289C27113 200504WDW_290C27113 200504WDW_291C27113 201108WDW_363P18111 201108WDW_364P18111 201210WDW_2054X04145 201210WDW_2053X04145
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The entrance to the park has all your normal fixtures, ticket booths, a guest services office (on both sides of the gate), lockers, stroller/wheelchair rental, guide maps, and places to buy things. What's different about this park, is a non-Disney restaurant right outside of the park, a Rainforest Cafe.

201203WDW_0709P06165 201210WDW_1896X04100 201210WDW_18971903X04100 200304FL_268C30102 200304FL_267C30102 201210WDW_19041905X04100 200304FL_269C30102 201210WDW_1906X04100 201210WDW_1907X04100 201112WDW_1435P10152 201112WDW_1436P10152 201112WDW_1437P10152 201112WDW_1438P10152 201203WDW_0400P06105 200209FNO_415C03223 0710SE_08970I241828 200612FL_384C06175
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The Oasis

DAK Map The Oasis is sort of a departure from the rest of the parks. It's the "Main Street" of Animal Kingdom, but rather than be lined with stores, it's a lush walk through a tropical refuge filled with plants and animals. The stores are on Discovery Island, the hub of AK...

There are interesting things to see if one actually takes the time and looks around. But watch the guests, and The Oasis is mostly a walk you have to do in order to get to the rest of the park...

0710SE_07470I241455 200007WDW_113N01092 200203FL_209N19120 200106ECT_210s316T10113 200209FNO_339C03190 200504WDW_287C27112 200504WDW_288C27112 200612FL_336D06123
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The Tree of Life

Discovery Island (below) holds the icon of Animal Kingdom, the Tree of Life. This 145 foot tall icon is visible almost anywhere in the park, and has 325 animal carvings on its bark and root system. Within the base of the tree is the Tree Of Life Repertory Theater, which shows a dedicated 3-D movie, It's Tough to be a Bug!, based on Pixar's A Bug's Life.

No, it's not real, or even real wood. It's pretty much built on the same technology as the Disney mountains, but with 100,000 leaves on top.

When the park first opened, It's Tough To Be A Bug had excessive queues the guest had to walk to see the root system to the tree. They have since shortened the queue, but you should be able to study the carvings, if you'd like...

Tree of Life / It's Tough To Be A Bug queue
0710SE_07500I241507 0710SE_07510I241507 0710SE_07520I241507 0710SE_07540I241507 200812FL_0419P15122 200504WDW_194C27083 200504WDW_195C27083 200504WDW_196C27083 200504WDW_202C27083 200812FL_0417P15122 200812FL_0418P15122 200812FL_0420P15122 200812FL_0422P15122 200812FL_0423P15122 200812FL_0424P15122
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The Tree of Life itself is 50' in diameter, built around an oil rig. It looks remarkably real, and has quite a bit of detail on every side.

Tree of Life
201108WDW_252P18090 201210WDW_1908X04100 200209FNO_347348C03190 200209FNO_346C03190 200209FNO_386C03210 200209FNO_384C03210 201210WDW_19311933X04112 201210WDW_1935X04112 200304FL_312C30115 201210WDW_1937X04112 201210WDW_1939X04112 201112WDW_1465P10162 200504WDW_185C27082 200304FL_317C30001 201109WDW_185P28133 201109WDW_186P28133 201210WDW_19411943X04113 201210WDW_1945X04113 200106ECT_202s305T10093 200504WDW_226C27095 0710SE_08150I241625 0710SE_08690I241754
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Tree of Life at night
0710SE_08920I241820 0710SE_08930I241821 0710SE_08830I241812 0710SE_08840I241813 0710SE_08850I241813 200612FL_362C06172 200612FL_366C06172 200612FL_374C06173
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Discovery Island

DAK Map Originally opened as Safari Village, the central hub of Animal Kingdom was renamed in the early 2000's as part of a Disney makeover to convince guests that AK is not a zoo. (Nhatazu... Get it?) Safari Village was renamed "Discovery Island", originally an island on Bay Lake near the Contemporary Hotel. The island on Bay Lake was closed, and most of the animal exhibits there were moved here to Animal Kingdom.

Like the hub in Magic Kingdom, all the lands in Animal Kingdom branch off of Discovery Island...

After travelling through the animal exhibits of the Oasis, you are emptied out into the main marketing area of the park, Discovery Island. You'll find the single attraction of It's Tough to be a Bug, but otherwise, this area is chocked full of gift shops, counter and quick service food, animal exhibits, and some pretty interesting themeing if you look around.

Discovery Island
201108WDW_357P18110 201203WDW_0707P06165 201203WDW_0708P06165 201210WDW_1912X04100 201203WDW_0708bW06165 200209FNO_350C03190 200209FNO_387C03215 200304FL_333C30003 201210WDW_1924X04111 200504WDW_165C27081 200504WDW_166C27081 201203WDW_0576P06131 200504WDW_192C27083 201203WDW_0404P06110 201203WDW_0406P06110 201203WDW_0407P06110 200504WDW_281C27111 200612FL_339C06124 200812FL_0438P15153 201108WDW_256P18090 201108WDW_263P18090 201108WDW_346P18110 201108WDW_347P18110 201108WDW_348P18110 201108WDW_349P18110 201108WDW_350P18110 201108WDW_355P18110 201108WDW_356P18110 201203WDW_0577P06131 201108WDW_358P18110 201109WDW_188P28141 201109WDW_189P28143 201109WDW_193P28143 201109WDW_195P28143 201109WDW_196P28143 201109WDW_197P28143 201109WDW_198P28145 201109WDW_199P28145 201109WDW_200P28145 200812FL_0436P15152 201108WDW_258P18090 201108WDW_353P18110 201108WDW_354P18110 201109WDW_273P28151 201109WDW_274P28151 201109WDW_275P28151 200812FL_0428P15132 200812FL_0429P15132 201109WDW_269P28151 201109WDW_270P28151 201109WDW_271P28151 201108WDW_360P18110 200504WDW_283284C27111
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Of course, Discovery Island does look different at night. If you happen to be at WDW when AK's going to be open at night, I'd highly recommend you see it. You probably won't get into Africa or Rafiki's Planet Watch, since they close at dusk, but the other areas of the park are open...

Discovery Island at night
200612FL_352C06171 200612FL_356C06171 0710SE_08700I241757 0710SE_08720I241759 0710SE_08730I241801 0710SE_08750I241803 0710SE_08760I241803 0710SE_08770I241805 0710SE_08900I241818
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End Disney's Hollywood Studios - Part 1 of 7.

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