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Walt Disney World - On-site Resorts - Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House

AKL Atrium
Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo House) Atrium. HDR picture taken December, 2010.
I've stayed at Jambo House (then AKL) three times. At one time it was a bargain staying here, but once Disney had you hooked on the AKL drug, the price seems to have risen disproportionally with other resorts, offering less of a discount than other deluxes. However, there's no denying that the views are gorgeous, the food is excellent, and if you really need interior corridors, this place has 'em.

My first time at AKL, I had a room so far from the lobby that I thought I'd be in a different Zip Code. My second time, I had a savanna view room that was more of a pool view, but I had a newbie with me and was *DOING* the parks, so it really didn't matter. (His daughter was flying down later that week with her mother. That he knew what to see and when and where and how to do it was a really big plus...) My third time there was a most excellent room, right up the stairs, and down the hall...

450px Map
Map of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, Jambo House. Click on the map for a larger view... Note this isn't a real Disney Map, but a composite of the old AKL map and the new Jambo House map. The old map had much more detail. But, map ©Disney anyway, and as far as I know, accurate...
The main attraction to AKL are the savannas that surround a good portion of the hotel. They're separate from each other, and hold different animals. So even if your room overlooks one savanna, you should take the time and visit the others. The savannas are generally separated at the tops of the "wineglass" shaped hotel. Many of the animal storage pens are located there, some in the ground level portion of the hotel. (No, I've never noticed any "zoo" smells in/at AKL. Com'on, this is Disney. They probably wash and repaint all their animals every night...)

While Uzima and Arusha Savannas are Jambo's own, Sunset Savanna is shared with Kidani. The stairways are outside (true in many, if not all of the first through sixth floor stairways at Jambo,) so you can get an pretty good view of the savannas there, and I've been able to talk to the CM's (the real animal keepers) when you're on the lowest point of the stairway. Anyway, if you want a better picture than what you get through a dirty window, find a stairway.

There are also more than a few little nooks around the place to visit, some displaying African art or culture, some overlooking the savanna with chairs that beg to be sat in along with an adult beverage.

Here's some video from my 2003 stay...

Jambo House: Entrance, Lobby, Registration, Bus Stops
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Jambo House - Hotel Interiors
200304FL_189C29173 200304FL_205C29174 200304FL_214C29175 200304FL_216C29181 200304FL_217C29181
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Jambo House - Room interiors
200304FL_161C29153 200304FL_170C29154 200304FL_172C29154 200304FL_177C29154 200304FL_173C29154 200304FL_164C29153 200304FL_162C29153 200304FL_175C29154 200304FL_174C29154 200304FL_169C29154 200304FL_165C29153 200304FL_349C30174
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Jambo House - Uzima Pool Area
200304FL_204C29174 200304FL_236C29183 200304FL_238C29183 200304FL_239C29183 200612FL_333D06102 200912FL_0952P09100 200912FL_0954P09100 200912FL_0956P09101 200912FL_0165P05060 200912FL_0167P05060 200912FL_0172P05060 201203WDW_0384P05182 201203WDW_0385P05182 200912FL_01750185P05061 200912FL_01860199P05061 200912FL_0201P05061 200912FL_1189P10093 201203WDW_0386P05185 201203WDW_0387P05185
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Jambo House - Arusha Rock Savanna viewing area
200304FL_224C29182 200304FL_225C29182 200304FL_223C29182 200304FL_226C29182 200304FL_227C29182 200304FL_228C29182 200304FL_229C29182 200304FL_218222C29181
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Jambo House - Arusha Savanna (views from a couple of different stays)
200304FL_054C29074 200304FL_055061C29074 200304FL_178C29154 200304FL_182187C29171 200304FL_191C29173 200304FL_256C29202 200304FL_358C30201 200612FL_093C03143 200612FL_238D05143 200612FL_241D05143 200612FL_244D05144 200612FL_258C05151 200612FL_261D05153 200612FL_262D05153
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Sunset Savanna (Pre-Kidani)
200612FL_245D05144 200612FL_247D05150 200612FL_248D05150 200612FL_259D05151 200612FL_249D05150 200612FL_251C05150
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Jenny, Cathy, PiC and I had reservation at Boma during Christmas in 2010. While I was there, I took a few pictures, including a few 4-stop HDR pictures.

Jambo House and Boma, December 2010
201012WDW_825P12190 201012WDW_826P12190 200304FL_233C29182 200304FL_235C29183 201012WDW_800P12190 201012WDW_802P12190 201012WDW_829P12191 201012WDW_831P12193 201210WDW_1024X01170 201210WDW_1025X01170 201210WDW_1026X01170 201210WDW_1021X01170 201210WDW_0962X01154 201210WDW_0963X01154 201210WDW_1013X01165 201210WDW_1015X01165 201210WDW_1017X01165 201210WDW_1022X01170 201210WDW_1023X01170 201012WDW_833P12210 201012WDW_836P12210 201012WDW_838P12210 201210WDW_0964X01162 201210WDW_0965X01162 201210WDW_0966X01162 201210WDW_0971X01162 201210WDW_0973X01162 201210WDW_0976X01162 201210WDW_0978X01162 201210WDW_0980X01162 201210WDW_0987X01162 201210WDW_0988X01162 201210WDW_0992X01163 201210WDW_0994X01163 201210WDW_0995X01163 201210WDW_0997X01163 201210WDW_0998X01163 201210WDW_1000X01163 201210WDW_1003X01163 201210WDW_1006X01163 201210WDW_1010X01165 201210WDW_1011X01165 201210WDW_1028X01170
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End Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House.

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