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Walt Disney World - On-site Resorts - Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village

Kidani Atrium
Animal Kingdom Lodge (Kidani Village) Atrium from the Sunset Savanna, December 2009.
My first encounter with Kidani Village was in the rain. In December. (sigh.) But the World was dressed for Christmas, and even the weather didn't dampen any spirits.

I was welcomed into the lobby by some Christmas Carolers, and enjoyed some Christmas tunes while checking in. No lines, no waiting. I like checking in that way.

I was first struck at the size of the lobby. It was like seeing Sleeping Beauty Castle after seeing Cinderella Castle so many times. I've described Jambo House's atrium as Grand. Kidani's is Cozy. At the same time, I was pleased to see that the atrium was instantly recognizable as being part of Animal Kingdom Lodge.

The biggest difference in the Atrium, is the lack of rooms (and corridors). Thus, if you're in one wing of the hotel on the third floor or higher, you have to go down to the lobby level to get to the other side. The gift shop is small, but has a selection of typical hotel food for the room.

This recognition extends to the rest of the hotel as well. If you've stayed at Jambo House at some point, you'll feel right at home at Kidani. From the rugs, to the hall decor, to the room decor, to the views off your balcony into an animal savanna. It all says "Animal Kingdom Lodge". That's a good thing.

450px Map
Map of Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort, Kidani Village. Click on the map for a larger view... Map ©Disney
Kidani is surrounded by two savannas. Sunset, which is shared with Jambo House, and the newest savanna, Pembe. The public viewing area for Pembe is by the Samawati Spring Pool area.

I do like the pool area more here than at Jambo. It seems to be more sculpted into the landscape, and with the Savanna overlook and the kid's play area separating the pool from the hotel, is more a destination in itself. At Jambo, I felt like part of the display for the guests in the pool view rooms.

One of the things I really did like, was the under building parking. It was raining when I moved into Kidani, and being able to unpack the car in the dry was a plus. It's usually a short walk to the elevator, which has a very quick and smooth movement. Not Tower of Terror quick, but very fast and thus quickly available. The elevators are placed so you never have to walk more than a couple of building segments to your room, making the hated luggage unload less hated. (Did I mention the first time I was in Jambo House my room was really far from the lobby?) Friends of mine did complain that if you're in the far reaches of one of the wings, that the hike to the lobby and transportation got old, really quick. (But that's true of any room that's really far from the food/bus area. See my Art of Animation page... :-)

The Rooms have HDTV's, with a box that allows you to connect to the TV via HDMI, VGA and standard video with stereo audio RCA connections. All the rooms are Villas. The studio I was in had a microwave, toaster; and larger 'fridge and a larger capacity coffee maker than a deluxe or moderate.

In 2009, the biggest drawback I thought Kidani had was no breakfast service, nor counter service. The Mara in Jambo is the closest counter-service, with both Mara and Boma serving breakfast. I drove back and forth, and it wasn't that painful. (They now have a shuttle bus that runs between the resorts.) If you have a one or two bedroom villa, you'll have a kitchen, so you can at least cook something, and the store in Kidani's lobby has food for those who don't have a car available.

You can read more about my 2009 Kidani Village in my December 2009 Trip Report. You'll see the same pictures, but in more of a chronological order... :-)

My second stay at Kidani in 2012, was on rented DVC points from a friend. (Thanks, Laura!) We rented a 2-bedroom villa when I brought along Mom, a mobility handicapped parent. (You can read all about that from my Sept/October and March 2012 Trip Reports.)

Kidani Village: Entrance, Lobby, Registration, Bus Stops
200912FL_0376P06115 201203WDW_0776P07102 201203WDW_0777P07102 200912FL_05930600P07123 200912FL_0601P07123 200912FL_06020606P07123 200912FL_0608P07123 200912FL_0609P07123 200912FL_0610P07123 200912FL_0611P07123 201203WDW_0927P07143 201203WDW_0775P07102 201203WDW_0928P07143 201203WDW_0929P07143 201203WDW_09310933P07143 201203WDW_0762P07102 201203WDW_0764P07102 201203WDW_0774P07102 201203WDW_0773P07102 201203WDW_07650772P07102 201203WDW_0778P07102 201203WDW_0180P05093 201203WDW_0178P05093 201203WDW_0179P05093 201203WDW_1204P09093 201203WDW_12051211P09094 201203WDW_0181P05093 201203WDW_0780P07102 201203WDW_1202P09093 201203WDW_1203P09093 201203WDW_0779P07102 200912FL_0714P07185 200912FL_0717P07190 200912FL_0719P07190 200912FL_0721P07190 200912FL_0298P05170 200912FL_0303P05170 200912FL_0725P07190 200912FL_0310P05170 200912FL_0314P05170 200912FL_0319P05171 200912FL_0044P04111
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Kidani Village - Interiors: Sanaa, Hotel Interiors and Parking
200912FL_0665P07140 200912FL_0659P07132 200912FL_0662P07132 200912FL_0663P07132 200912FL_0664P07132 201203WDW_0969P07173 201203WDW_0971P07173 201203WDW_0974P07174 201203WDW_0975P07174 201203WDW_0978P07174 200912FL_0666P07140 201203WDW_0962P07144 200912FL_0668P07140 200912FL_0320P05171 200912FL_0321P05171 200912FL_0322P05171 200912FL_0323P05171 200912FL_0324P05171 200912FL_0975P09123 200912FL_0976P09123 200912FL_0977P09123 200912FL_0978P09123 200912FL_0979P09123 200912FL_0980P09123 200912FL_0981P09123 200912FL_09820988P09123 200912FL_0989P09123 200912FL_0991P09123 200912FL_0992P09123 200912FL_0993P09123 200912FL_0112P04152 200912FL_0114P04152 200912FL_0115P04152 200912FL_0116P04152 200912FL_0117P04152 200912FL_0325P05171 200912FL_0326P05171 201203WDW_0389P05190 200912FL_0742P07191 201203WDW_0159P04161 201203WDW_0053P04134 201203WDW_0160P04161 201203WDW_0161P04161 201203WDW_0177P05093 201203WDW_0399P06101 201203WDW_0760P07101 201203WDW_0758P07101 201203WDW_0759P07101 200912FL_1171P10085 200912FL_1172P10085 200912FL_1176P10085 200912FL_1181P10085 200912FL_0378P06115 200912FL_1182P10085
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Kidani Village - Room Interiors: Studio Villa, Room 7530
200912FL_0118P04152 200912FL_0057P04144 200912FL_0053P04144 200912FL_0062P04144 200912FL_0101P04150 200912FL_0058P04144 200912FL_0103P04150 200912FL_0052P04144 200912FL_0056P04144 200912FL_0075P04145 200912FL_0138P04152 200912FL_0051P04144 200912FL_0097P04150 200912FL_0142P04152 200912FL_0068P04145 200912FL_0055P04144 200912FL_0069P04145 200912FL_0054P04144 200912FL_0141P04152 200912FL_0066P04145 200912FL_0067P04145 200912FL_0073P04145 200912FL_0099P04150 200912FL_0109P04150 200912FL_0082P04145 200912FL_0083P04145 200912FL_0084P04145 200912FL_0081P04145 200912FL_0079P04145 200912FL_0086P04145 200912FL_0089P04145 200912FL_0092P04145 200912FL_0369P06095 200912FL_0370P06095 200912FL_0088P04145 200912FL_0371P06095 200912FL_0136P04152 200912FL_0137P04152 200912FL_0212P05090 200912FL_0219P05090 200912FL_0355P05232
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Kidani Village - Sunset Savanna: Pictures from Room 7530, South Wing, 5th floor
200912FL_0107P04150 200912FL_1161P10063 200912FL_1165P10063 200912FL_1168P10063 200912FL_0745P08060 200912FL_03790386P06120 200912FL_06700675P07142 200912FL_06760681P07142 200912FL_1010P09131 200912FL_0133P04152 200912FL_0367P06095 200912FL_0395P06121 200912FL_0396P06132 200912FL_0397P06132 200912FL_0398P06132 200912FL_0669P07142 200912FL_0682D07154 200912FL_0995P09130 200912FL_1007P09130 200912FL_1008P09130 200912FL_1012P09140 200912FL_1013P09140 200912FL_1014P09140
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Kidani Village - Room Interiors: 2-Bedroom Villa, Room 4277, Main room
201203WDW_0100P04141 201203WDW_0098P04141 201203WDW_0099P04141 201203WDW_00550062P04140 201203WDW_01010104P04141 201203WDW_01050114P04141 201203WDW_01150120P04142 201203WDW_0121P04142 201203WDW_0122P04142 201203WDW_0748P06181 201203WDW_0749P06182 201203WDW_0750P06182 201203WDW_0751P06182 201203WDW_0753P06182 201203WDW_0754P06182 201203WDW_0755P06182 201203WDW_0756P06182 201203WDW_0757P06182 201203WDW_0390P06091
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Kidani Village - Room Interiors: 2-Bedroom Villa, Room 4277, Main Bedroom
201203WDW_0138P04142 201203WDW_0747P06181 201203WDW_01390144P04142 201203WDW_0145P04142 201203WDW_01460153P04142 201203WDW_0154P04143 201203WDW_0157P04143 201203WDW_0155P04143 201203WDW_0156P04143 201203WDW_01230129P04142 201203WDW_01300135P04142 201203WDW_0136P04142 201203WDW_0137P04142 201203WDW_07280746P06181
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Kidani Village - Room Interiors: 2-Bedroom Villa, Room 4277, Second Bedroom (handicap accessible)
201203WDW_0097P04141 201203WDW_00630069P04140 201203WDW_00700074P04140 201203WDW_0075P04140 201203WDW_0076P04140 201203WDW_0077P04140 201203WDW_0078P04140 201203WDW_0084P04141 201203WDW_0085P04141 201203WDW_0087P04141 201203WDW_0090P04141 201203WDW_0095P04141 201203WDW_0096P04141
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Kidani Village - Sunset Savanna: Pictures from room 4277, North Wing, 3rd floor
201203WDW_00790083P04140 201203WDW_03910396P06091 201203WDW_0711P06175 201203WDW_0712P06175 201203WDW_0713P06175 201203WDW_0714P06175 201203WDW_0715P06175 201203WDW_0716P06175 201203WDW_0717P06175 201203WDW_07180725P06175 201203WDW_1423P10103
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Kidani Village - Sunset Savanna viewing area (in back of Lobby)
201203WDW_0934P07144 201203WDW_0936P07144 200912FL_0655P07130 200912FL_0657P07131 201203WDW_0955P07144 201203WDW_0956P07144 201203WDW_0963P07171 201203WDW_0964P07171 200912FL_0658P07131 201203WDW_0957P07144 201203WDW_0959P07144 201203WDW_0961P07144 201203WDW_0937P07144 201203WDW_09410943P07144 201203WDW_0960P07144 201203WDW_0965P07171 201203WDW_0967P07172 201203WDW_0966P07171 200912FL_0730P07190 200912FL_0734P07190 200912FL_0735P07190 200912FL_0738P07190 201203WDW_09440954P07144
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Kidani Village - Samawati Spring Pool Area
200912FL_0613P07123 200912FL_0649P07125 200912FL_0614P07123 200912FL_0615P07124 200912FL_0616P07124 200912FL_0618P07124 200912FL_06190623P07124 200912FL_0624P07124 200912FL_0625P07124 200912FL_0971P09122 200912FL_06260632P07124 200912FL_0690P07184 200912FL_0691P07184 200912FL_06930699P07184 200912FL_0634P07124 200912FL_0635P07124 200912FL_0636P07124 200912FL_0637P07124 200912FL_0652P07125 200912FL_0647P07125 200912FL_0648P07125 200912FL_0650P07125 200912FL_0973P09122 200912FL_0653P07125 200912FL_0654P07125 200912FL_0702P07185 200912FL_0705P07185 200912FL_0707P07185 200912FL_0708P07185 200912FL_0712P07185 201203WDW_0981P07215
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Kidani Village - Pembe Savanna Viewing Area
200912FL_0639P07124 200912FL_0640P07124 200912FL_06410645P07124 200912FL_0646P07124
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End Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village.

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