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All-Star Movies Resort

All-Star Sports
Fantasia Pool, All-Star Movies Resort. I haven't stayed here, but the pictures are from a visit in December 2008.
I never stayed at All-Star Movies, so I don't have a map. But Movies is right across the parking lot from Music, so a I took the opportunity when I was at Music to photograph Movies.

I will say that Movies is probably the best themed of the three All-Star Resorts, being the last All-Star to be planned and built. I'm not sure it's enough to entice me to stay there, unless I need to be a completionist, just to say I've stayed at all three.

Yes, sometimes I'm that dumb. I'll let you know.

Registration / Cinema Hall
200812FL_0248P14161 200812FL_0251P14161 200812FL_0243P14161 200812FL_0247P14161
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All-Star Movies
200812FL_0197P14160 200812FL_0198P14160 200812FL_0199P14160 200812FL_0200P14160 200812FL_0202P14160 200812FL_0203P14160 200812FL_0305P14164 200812FL_0307P14164 200812FL_0308P14165 200812FL_02050214P14160 200812FL_0215P14160 200812FL_0216P14160 200812FL_0217P14160 200812FL_0218P14160 200812FL_0219P14160 200812FL_0220P14160 200812FL_0221P14160 200812FL_0222P14160 200812FL_0224P14160 200812FL_0226P14160 200812FL_0228P14160 200812FL_0229P14161 200812FL_0302P14164 200812FL_0303P14164 200812FL_0304P14164 200812FL_0231P14161 200812FL_0232P14161 200812FL_0233P14161 200812FL_0235P14161 200812FL_0237P14161 200812FL_0239P14161 200812FL_0241P14161 200812FL_0242P14161 200812FL_0252P14162 200812FL_0253P14162 200812FL_0254P14162 200812FL_0255P14162 200812FL_02560260P14162 200812FL_0261P14162 200812FL_0262P14162 200812FL_0265P14162 200812FL_0267P14162 200812FL_0270P14162 200812FL_0271P14162 200812FL_0272P14162 200812FL_0273P14162 200812FL_0274P14163 200812FL_0275P14163 200812FL_0276P14163 200812FL_0277P14163 200812FL_0278P14163 200812FL_0279P14163 200812FL_0281P14163 200812FL_0282P14163 200812FL_0283P14163 200812FL_0284P14163 200812FL_0285P14163 200812FL_0286P14163 200812FL_0287P14163 200812FL_0288P14163 200812FL_0289P14163 200812FL_0291P14163 200812FL_0292P14164 200812FL_0293P14164 200812FL_0294P14164 200812FL_0295P14164 200812FL_0296P14164 200812FL_0299P14164
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In conclusion, though I don't care for this particular resort, I would still stay here before going off-site. Many times you'll get some pretty good deals. I have yet to stay in Pop Century, but it might be a better altrenative than All-Stars.

End All-Star Resorts - Movies.

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