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All-Star Music Resort

All-Star Sports
Calypso Pool, All-Star Music Resort. I stayed there in December 2008.
I didn't originally plan to stay at All-Star Music. I had made reservations from December 15 through 19 at Port Orleans French Quarter. I was going to join a friend who lived in Tampa for a few days of catching up and revelry. Then I found out he'd be able to make it a day earlier.

Further study told me there was going to be a RADP group meet the day before that. (RADP is rec.arts.disney.parks, a usenet group I frequent.) I'd like to meet some of the people I type to, so I figured what the heck. Let's get there two days earlier than planned.

Unfortunately, there were no annual pass rates I could get for those two days. Unwilling to cough up $200/night at a moderate, I made another one of those dumb mistakes, and booked All-Star Music for two nights at $82/night.

I arrived on December 13, made the RADP meet, and checked in. My rooms was the second room from the *furthest* room from the parking lot, and the *furthest* room from the main building and bus stops. Should have coughed up the extra bucks. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Won't make that mistake again.

I think I didn't like Music, for all the reasons I didn't like Sports, down to the location of the room I got. Not even counting the fact that Pop Warner wouldn't be there.

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Map of Disney's All-Star Music Resort. Click on the map for a larger view...
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Registration / Melody Hall
200812FL_0165P14153 200812FL_0166P14153 200812FL_0163P14153 200812FL_0168P14153 200812FL_0160P14152 200812FL_0162P14153

All-Star Music Room Interiors
200812FL_0038P13163 200812FL_0039P13163 200812FL_0041P13163 200812FL_0043P13163 200812FL_0044P13163 200812FL_0045P13163 200812FL_0046P13164 200812FL_0048P13164 200812FL_0049P13164 200812FL_0050P13164 200812FL_0052P13164 200812FL_0053P13164 200812FL_0057P13165 200812FL_0058P13165 200812FL_0310P14190
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All-Star Music
200812FL_0080P14111 200812FL_0081P14111 200812FL_0082P14111 200812FL_0083P14111 200812FL_0084P14111 200812FL_0086P14111 200812FL_0087P14111 200812FL_0088P14111 200812FL_0089P14150 200812FL_0090P14150 200812FL_00910099P14150 200812FL_0100P14150 200812FL_0101P14150 200812FL_0103P14150 200812FL_0105P14150 200812FL_0106P14150 200812FL_0107P14150 200812FL_01080111P14150 200812FL_0112P14150 200812FL_0113P14150 200812FL_0114P14150 200812FL_0115P14150 200812FL_0116P14151 200812FL_0117P14151 200812FL_0118P14151 200812FL_0121P14151 200812FL_0122P14151 200812FL_0123P14151 200812FL_0124P14151 200812FL_0126P14151 200812FL_0128P14151 200812FL_0129P14151 200812FL_0131P14151 200812FL_0132P14152 200812FL_0133P14152 200812FL_01340137P14152 200812FL_01380147P14152 200812FL_0149P14152 200812FL_0150P14152 200812FL_0151P14152 200812FL_0156P14152 200812FL_0172P14154 200812FL_0173P14154 200812FL_0175P14154 200812FL_0176P14154 200812FL_0177P14154 200812FL_0179P14155 200812FL_01800188P14155 200812FL_0189P14155 200812FL_0190P14155 200812FL_0191P14155 200812FL_0193P14155 200812FL_0194P14155 200812FL_0196P14155
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All-Star Music at Night
200812FL_0322P14231 200812FL_0313P14225 200812FL_0318P14230 200812FL_0324P14231 200812FL_0326P14231
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End All-Star Resorts - Music.

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