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Disney's All-Star Sports Resort

All-Star Sports
Mount Mickey, All-Star Sports Resort. I stayed there in December 2006.
My first stay at All-Star Sports occurred when I couldn't get six consecutive days at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I could get the last five days at Disneyworld booked at AKL, but not the first day I'd be down there.

My only other alternative (using an annual pass rate) was Caribbean Beach Resort, at $139. But further exploration, found a standard rack rate at All-Star Sports for $89. I've stayed at CBR before, but not at AS...All-Star Sports, so... Sold! It's only for one night, and it's the only night I'll be on my own. (A friend was flying down from Chicago, and would join me the next day.)

So here's how the lead up to my stay in All-Star Sports went...

I leave Chicago six hours before I wanted to (after only two hours of sleep,) to avoid a major winter storm about to hit Chicago. (The storm ended up dumping 14" of snow on Chicago, and if I *hadn't* left when I did, I wouldn't have been able to leave at all. I would have been delayed at least a half-day, maybe more.) I left in sleet and snow, where you couldn't see the lane markers; and 45 minutes later I was southbound on I-65 in Indiana, south of the cold front, and in plain, ol' rain. But a mean cross-wind. But I'll take a heavy cross wind to ice, sleet and snow, any day.

I'm finally out of the front an hour out of Nashville, but still a little chilly. I turn right on I-75, and end the day in Macon, Georgia. I'm in a Comfort Inn (right next to a real smoke-house BBQ joint,) which coincidentally costs me $89 (AAA rate) same as I'm paying for All-Star. Only this place has a king size bed, 'fridge and a microwave. And the barbeque pork at the place next door was *outstanding*. I'm asleep early...

And that means I'm up early. I'm on the road by 5am, and by 10:30am, I'm in Ocala getting gas before I get on the Florida Turnpike. It's 80 degrees, and I have to change into shorts and a t-shirt. In December. I have to call some people at home to let them know my dilemma. I get no sympathy. (Actually, I hate people like me.)

At noon or so, I'm heading East on I-4 toward Disneyworld, and it occurs to me that I have *no* idea where AS...All-Star Sports is. Oh well, no problem, I'll just follow the signs.

400px Map
Map of Disney's All-Star Sports Resort. Click on the map for a larger view... Map ©Disney
So I follow the signs, and when I find myself back on I-4, I figure I missed a sign. Try number two finds me at All-Star Sports. There's a sign there that mentions Pop Warner. Oh God. I can't be that unlucky, can I? (I didn't even think to look when I reserved the room...)

Yes, I can be that unlucky. And because of that, I'm in one of the farthest rooms from the parking lot, and the lobby/food court/bus stop. (They need a bus stop in the back of these resorts, value resorts or not.) Lobby and registration is pretty plain, bright lights with contrasty colors. This isn't a lobby that wants to welcome you, this is a lobby that you want to get in and out of as soon as possible. I'm not getting a good feeling about this.

200612FL_081C02123 200612FL_085C02123
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My room is ready, and it has a nice view of a swamp. I suppose a swamp is better than a parking lot. At least this place has an elevator. As soon as I open the door, there's a Mickey towel is on the bed. Iiiiii'm baaaaack...

But the room leaves a little to be desired. It's small, the walls are almost bare, the table almost non-existent... I'd have to say this is minimalist Disney. It's like someone stole all the furniture out of the room, and this was the temporary stuff they put here until the real furniture arrives. I am reminded of the room at the Comfort Inn last night, which was much better furnished. And it had that delicous pork next door... But I digress.

Frankly, this is not a room I'd want to spend a lot of time in. But then too, your typical Disneyworld guest that comes to a value resort is probably be in the parks most of the day, and probably doesn't spend a lot of time in their room...

Room Interiors
200612FL_008C02114 200612FL_009C02114 200612FL_011C02114 200612FL_012C02114 200612FL_014C02114
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Anyway, after downing a Diet Coke (a perk when you drive, you get to drink real Diet Coke from a can, rather than that funny tasting fountain diet coke, but I digress, again,) it's time to check out the Resort, grab something to eat and go tape Wishes in HD. (I had a new wide angle lens adapter, that let me shoot the whole show in frame. This was a test shoot, the real one would be later in the week.)

Resort Exteriors
200612FL_024C02115 200612FL_021C02115 200612FL_020C02115 200612FL_022C02115 200612FL_018C02115 200612FL_017C02115 200612FL_015C02115 200612FL_025029C02121 200612FL_030036C02121 200612FL_037041C02121 200612FL_042C02121 200612FL_049C02121 200612FL_043047C02121 200612FL_048C02121 200612FL_050C02121 200612FL_051C02121 200612FL_052057C02121 200612FL_058063C02122 200612FL_064C02122 200612FL_066C02122 200612FL_067C02122 200612FL_077C02122 200612FL_068C02122 200612FL_069C02122 200612FL_070C02122 200612FL_071076C02122
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Would I stay at AS...All-Star Sports again? Probably not, unless *nothing* else was available. The place seemed...maybe not less than Disney, but the smaller rooms, more crowded resort, and the overall themeing left me less than impressed.

I have to admit, that if you're on a budget, chea...inexpensive Disney is probably better than no Disney at all. And you still get the perks of being a Disney resort guest.
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