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Walt Disney World Resort - On-site Resorts - All-Star Resorts

Disney's All-Star Resorts - Overview

Toy Story
All-Star Movies is arguably the best of the three resorts.

My first introduction to All-Star Resorts was when a bus driver that was supposed to be delivering us to Animal Kingdom Lodge forgot where he was going and went into the All-Star Resorts complex, and had to go to Sports before he could turn around. But I digress...

All-Star Resorts was Disney's first foray into the "Value" arena of hotels, and are priced around the same as a mid-level hotel such as a Comfort Inn or Best Western. The rooms at the Value resorts, however, are minimal; small, with few amenities. Not even a coffee maker. However, the number of rooms (and possible guests) at the resort is stunning. 1920 rooms at each of the three resorts, or 5760 rooms total, or about 20% of the number of rooms available at Disney World. (The actual number of rooms is slightly lower due to the "Family Suites", which essentially combine two single rooms into a suite.)

Under the umbrella name "All-Star Resorts" are three seperate resorts themed to Sports, Music and Movies. (Uncoincidentally, all Disney Movies.) Each is composed of 10, 3-story, independently standing "T" shaped building structures grouped in twos, with each group having a different "sub-theme". (For instance the five groups at All-Star Music is Calypso, Rock, Jazz, Country and Broadway.) While different areas of the moderate resorts pretty much look alike, each sub-theme at Values screams the exterior themeing to the point of garishness. I admit it does make it much easier to remember where your room is.

There is also an 11th building, which holds the check-in area, food court (there is no table service at a value resort), game room, souvenier store, Guest Services, etc.

While each resort is identical in terms of capacity and amenities, the layout of the buildings are custom to each resort. The resort with the best layout is Movies, where buildings surround three sides of the food court/bus stop area; and the worst Music, due to the linear fashion the resort, where the farthest buildings from the food and buses, really are far.

And while all three resorts are "All-Star Resorts", the only thing they have in common is the parking lots between them. And sometimes the buses depending on demand. Each has their own registration areas and room number space, food court, pools, bus areas, etc, making each resort a truly independent resort.

room interior
Typical room interior. Minus my suitcase, of course.
The rooms are only 80% the size of the moderates, and I find the missing space noticable. The room is supposed to hold four people, but you'd better really like the other three people...

I have only stayed in a value room with two people at most, and still find space is tight. Of course, I bring more stuff with me because I drive. Even so, with four people in a room, I'm not even sure where you'd put all your luggage.

(There is a discussion of resort types (and amenities to each) on the general Walt Disney World Resorts page. There is also a discussion on lodging which leads to room types on my Walt Disney World Overview page.)

I've stayed at All-Stars twice. Once at Sports and once at Music. Each time I got a room that was one room from being the furthest from the parking lots and the food court/bus stops. Now, if that just sounds like I'm complaining, well, your right. I'm complaining.

In conclusion, though I don't care for this particular resort, I would still stay here before going off-site. In fairness, I'm not sure my complaints about the resort would matter that much to anyone who's going to be in the parks 14 hours a day, and only use the room to sleep and shower. There's also the fact that many times you'll get some pretty good deals at the Value hotels. I have yet to stay at Pop Century, but I've stayed at a Value room at Art of Animation for a full week, which I also felt was lacking. Given the placement of the value rooms within the Art of Animation complex, I would recommend a preferred All-Star Resorts room over Art of Animation value room.
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