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Walt Disney World Resort - On-site Resorts - Art of Animation Resort

AoA sign
I stayed in a Little Mermaid room at Art of Animation in September 2012, two weeks after the official opening of the Little Mermaid Section.
Note: The pictures here and in my Sept/Oct 2012 Trip Report are identical. The trip report has more of a personal view of Art of Animation (mostly in part 2, but is really scattered through the report), this page has more of an analytical view.

As of my writing this (October 2012), Disney's Art of Animation Value Resort is the newest resort on Disney World property. It is the sort-of-a sister resort to Pop Century.

In the late 90's, Disney was planning on adding about 5500 more value rooms to their growing number of on-site hotels, with two new resorts. Pop Century, the Classic Years, and Pop Century, the Legendary Years. It was to be similar to the All-Stars, except they would cram almost the same number of rooms into two resorts instead of three. (8 more rooms per floor per building, with four floor buildings instead of the three at All-Stars.)

But then came September 11, 2001, and tourism stopped. Pop Century, the Classic Years, was to have opened in 2001. Its opening was postponed twice, and eventually opened on December 14, 2003.

All construction ceased on the Legendary Years, and for years, sat empty and unfinished in plain sight across Hourglass Lake.

But in January 2010, work started on the site again. In May 2010, Disney announced the creation of a new resort, the Art of Animation, which would still be based around a value hotel, but feature Family Suites. They would be much like a 1-Bedroom villa, but without the kitchen, with two bathrooms and the ability to sleep 6. (Right. More likely four. Let me also add, that if you have four people in a regular value room, y'all better like each other exceptionally well.)

They would take the prior construction of the Legendary Years, and use it as the foundation for the new resort. Art of Animation would take four already-well established themes as its source: Cars, Finding Nemo, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid. Because of the amount of construction already done on buildings 7, 8 and 9, they would open as normal value rooms, but buildings 1-6 and 10 would be converted to family suites.

Art of Animation concept art, presented at D23's Destination D:WDW 40th
201105WDW_1461P15104 201105WDW_1462P15104 201105WDW_1463P15104 201105WDW_1464P15104 201105WDW_1465P15104 201105WDW_1466P15104 201105WDW_1467P15104 201105WDW_1468P15104 201105WDW_1469P15104 201105WDW_1470P15104 201105WDW_1471P15104 201105WDW_1472P15104 201105WDW_1473P15104 201105WDW_1474P15105 201105WDW_1475P15105 201105WDW_1476P15105 201105WDW_1477P15105 201105WDW_1478P15105 201105WDW_1479P15105 201105WDW_1480P15105
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400px Map
Map of Disney's Art of Animation Resort. Click on the map for a larger view... Map ©Disney
(There is a discussion of resort types (and amenities to each) on the general Walt Disney World Resorts page. There is also a discussion on lodging which leads to room types on my Walt Disney World Overview page.)

Art of Animation opened in two phases. The 1120 Family Suites in the 7 buildings that surround Animation Hall opened in May 2012. The 864 Little Mermaid rooms (in 3 buildings) on September 15, 2012. I would stay there September 29 for a week...

Room numbers are four digits, and breaks down as follows:


where B is the building number (building 10 starts with a 0),
F is the floor. 1-4 are in Pop Century, 5-8 (where 5 is the first floor, 6 is the second, etc.) is in Art of Animation.
NN is the room number on that floor.

One of my rooms was Room 9618. Building 9, second floor in Art of Animation, room 18. Note that all of Pop Century and Art of Animation share the same room number space, probably an artifact from the original plans, concept and software.

There are several other shared features. If you look at an overhead map (one is below), the main resort building and buildings 1-6 and 10 are identical between the two resorts, just turned 180 degrees from each other. Buildings 7,8 and 9 are a different matter, however, which we will get to later.

The breakdown of the Resort itself is as follows:

Art of Animation, Animation Hall

The Main Complex is known as Animation Hall. It holds Registration, Ink and Paint (the resort gift shop), Pixel Play Arcade (the resort game room) and Landscape of Flavors (the counter service and only restaurant on property). The bus stops are just outside the front entrance.

My main complaint about the All-Stars registration has been fixed here. Registration, guest services, etc, are in a very large comfortable area, missing the contrasty and loud colors that adorn Sports and Music. The backlit concept art brightens the area, and the indirect lighting makes for a more friendly atmosphere.

Art of Animation, Animation Hall
201209WDW_0723X30174 201209WDW_0724X30174 201209WDW_0441X29165 201209WDW_02550261X28173 201209WDW_0254X28173 201209WDW_0266X28174 201209WDW_0264X28173 201209WDW_0265X28173 201209WDW_0376X29075 201209WDW_0043X28145 201209WDW_0047X28145 201209WDW_0048X28145 201209WDW_0050X28145 201209WDW_0298X28174 201209WDW_02860297X28174 201209WDW_0300X28174 201209WDW_0299X28174 201209WDW_0267X28174 201209WDW_0253X28173 201209WDW_0382X29094 201209WDW_0384X29094 201209WDW_0385X29094 201209WDW_0428X29130 201209WDW_04290432X29130 201209WDW_0433X29130 201209WDW_0443X29205 201210WDW_20592097X04164 201209WDW_0225X28171
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Landscape of Flavors

Landscape of Flavors is the solitary restaurant choice at Art of Animation. It has very good looking menu choices on paper, and we actually looked forward to eating there.

However, it lost something in execution between looking at the menu on a web site, and actually being served those items.

First, however, let me say that Landscape of Flavors is very well themed. It is loosely grouped into four main seating areas (each area themed to the main themes of the resort), the food court area, with three beverage islands.

There are a few problems with the restaurant.

The restaurant is loud. Granted, you could have a thousand guests in the restaurant at any one time, but Disney should have installed more sound absorbing material.

The food court is divided into five "stations", each station serving a particular kind of food, depending on whether breakfast, lunch or dinner was being served. If you're going to get something from two different stations, you really do need two people to do it. Since the lines move so slowly, the food received from one station will be cold by the time you get food from the second station.

Anyway, you can read many of my specific complaints on my AoA page from my trip report. There are other reports of my food court experiences in the trip report, like my dinner adventure where I had to wait for them to overcook my fish...

Landscape of Flavors Food Court
201209WDW_0377X29080 201209WDW_0378X29080 201210WDW_1606X03073 201210WDW_1607X03073 201210WDW_1608X03073 201209WDW_0744X30184 201209WDW_0745X30184 201210WDW_1609X03074 201209WDW_0746X30184 201209WDW_0379X29083 201210WDW_1890X03162 201210WDW_1891X03162
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AoA Map
Overhead map of Art of Animation (left of Hourglass lake) and Pop Century (on the right). The Lobby/Food Court is in orange, the bus stops in green. Buildings 7, 8 and 9 in blue, which are the Little Mermaid Rooms at AoA. The red dot is where our rooms were.

Little Mermaid Rooms

I stayed in the Little Mermaid section (Buildings 7,8,9) and had a few problems.

The only net connection available is via wifi. Well no, you aren't paying $9.95/day for it, it does come with the room. But there are times it was pretty slow...

Cell phone reception was non-existent in the rooms. If you needed to make a call, you had to leave the room. Even if you had to send a text message, you had to hold the phone right next to the window or it would fail. That's unacceptable these days.

The really bad part of being in the Mermaid section, was the walk to/from Animation Hall and the room. If you look at the map on the right, buildings 7, 8 and 9 curve toward the bus stops at Pop Century. At Art of Animation, they follow the lake, which takes them a considerable amount of distance away. So if you stay at a value room at Art of Animation, you will have a considerable walk from the room to the bus stops or food court. There are no close value rooms, only suites.

Before you say I'm whining, whether you follow the parking lot (shortest route to the bus stops) or through Lion King (shortest route to the food court) there are long stretches of unprotected walkway, where you get broiled in the hot Florida sun, or soaked in the drenching Florida rain. If you have a car, you will learn to use it.

If Art of Animation has anything going for it, it's the themeing. It is far more immersive than the All-Star resorts. Since the family suite buildings have indoor corridors, the building faces can become part of the theme, rather than having outdoor corridors and railings with themeing thrown onto them like the other value buildings. (Note the Mermaid section is pretty much a typical value type environment, but with much more attention to detail in the pool/courtyard area.)

The key cards are RFID, and only need to be touched to the lock on the doors to get a green light. I found if you keep it on an outside pocket of your wallet, you could just touch your wallet to the door lock to unlock the door.

The themes themselves extend into the rooms. Everything in my room was Little Mermaid/Under the Sea, from the bed coverings to the Ariel shower curtain. (Move the shower curtain aside to reveal her grotto...)

There are widescreen HDTV's with a dedicated I/O panel (HDMI, VGA and composite). In the same TV stand is a refrigerator, leaving space for three not-too-big drawers.

Also of note, coffee makers are not standard amenities at value rooms. I brought my own.

Room 9618 (handicap) and Room 9619 Little Mermaid Room Interiors

Room 9618
201209WDW_0058X28155 201209WDW_0059X28155 201209WDW_00600065X28160 201209WDW_00660072X28160 201209WDW_0073X28160 201209WDW_0074X28160 201209WDW_0075X28160 201209WDW_0076X28160 201209WDW_0077X28160 201209WDW_00810087X28160 201209WDW_0078X28160 201209WDW_0079X28160 201209WDW_0080X28160
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Room 9619
201209WDW_00880096X28161 201209WDW_0097X28161 201209WDW_00980105X28161 201209WDW_01060111X28161 201209WDW_01120116X28161 201209WDW_0117X28161 201209WDW_0126X28161 201209WDW_0127X28161 201209WDW_0132X28161 201209WDW_0133X28161 201209WDW_0135X28161 201209WDW_0137X28161 201209WDW_0138X28161 201209WDW_0139X28161 201209WDW_0140X28162 201209WDW_0142X28162 201209WDW_0144X28162 201209WDW_0147X28162 201209WDW_0150X28162 201209WDW_0425X29125 201209WDW_0426X29125 201209WDW_0442X29194 201209WDW_0118X28161 201209WDW_0121X28161 201209WDW_0124X28161 201209WDW_0125X28161 201209WDW_0123X28161 201209WDW_0151X28162 201209WDW_0153X28162 201209WDW_0156X28162 201209WDW_0158X28162 201209WDW_0374X29055 201210WDW_0747X01073
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Resort Exteriors

Little Mermaid Exteriors
201210WDW_0956X01130 201210WDW_0961X01130 201210WDW_0960X01130 201209WDW_0375X29074 201209WDW_0159X28162 201209WDW_0160X28162 201209WDW_0165X28162 201209WDW_01670170X28162 201209WDW_0171X28162 201209WDW_0421X29123 201209WDW_0423X29123 201209WDW_0224X28171 201209WDW_0223X28171 201209WDW_0220X28171 201209WDW_0217X28165 201209WDW_0218X28165 201209WDW_0194X28164 201209WDW_0199X28164 201209WDW_0200X28164 201209WDW_0196X28164 201209WDW_0197X28164 201209WDW_0193X28164 201209WDW_0203X28164 201209WDW_0174X28163 201209WDW_0210X28164 201209WDW_0213X28164 201209WDW_0214X28164 201209WDW_0216X28165 201209WDW_0211X28164 201209WDW_01750184X28164 201209WDW_01850190X28164 201209WDW_02040209X28164 201209WDW_0444X30061 201209WDW_0447X30061 201209WDW_0448X30061
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Lion King Exteriors
201210WDW_0954X01130 201209WDW_0427X29130 201209WDW_0228X28171 201209WDW_0226X28171 201209WDW_0227X28171 201209WDW_0229X28171 201209WDW_0231X28172 201209WDW_0233X28172 201209WDW_0234X28172 201209WDW_0235X28172 201209WDW_0237X28172 201209WDW_0238X28172 201209WDW_0239X28172 201209WDW_0241X28172 201209WDW_0244X28172 201209WDW_0240X28172 201209WDW_0246X28172 201209WDW_0248X28172 201209WDW_0250X28172 201209WDW_0449X30061
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Finding Nemo Exteriors
201209WDW_0349X28181 201210WDW_2083X04165 201210WDW_2068X04165 201210WDW_2070X04165 201209WDW_0351X28181 201209WDW_0361X28181 201209WDW_0353X28181 201209WDW_0354X28181 201209WDW_0355X28181 201209WDW_0357X28181 201209WDW_0356X28181 201209WDW_0358X28181 201209WDW_0365X28182 201209WDW_0360X28181 201209WDW_0359X28181 201209WDW_0363X28181 201209WDW_0364X28181 201209WDW_0368X28182 201209WDW_0369X28182 201209WDW_0371X28182 201209WDW_0372X28182 201209WDW_0373X28182 201209WDW_0367X28182
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Cars Exteriors
201210WDW_2082X04165 201209WDW_0303X28175 201209WDW_0304X28175 201209WDW_0306X28175 201209WDW_0307X28175 201209WDW_0308X28175 201209WDW_0743X30181 201209WDW_0350X28181 201209WDW_0310X28175 201209WDW_0311X28175 201209WDW_0312X28175 201209WDW_0321X28175 201209WDW_0323X28175 201209WDW_0324X28175 201209WDW_0325X28175 201209WDW_0326X28180 201209WDW_0328X28180 201210WDW_2099X04170 201209WDW_0315X28175 201209WDW_0317X28175 201209WDW_0318X28175 201209WDW_0319X28175 201210WDW_2105X04170 201209WDW_0330X28180 201209WDW_0332X28180 201209WDW_0333X28180 201210WDW_2106X04170 201209WDW_0313X28175 201209WDW_0320X28175 201209WDW_0329X28180 201209WDW_0729X30181 201209WDW_0730X30181 201209WDW_07310742X30181 201210WDW_2098X04165 201210WDW_2102X04170 201210WDW_2100X04170 201210WDW_2101X04170 201209WDW_0340X28180 201209WDW_0342X28180 201209WDW_0338X28180 201209WDW_0343X28180 201209WDW_0339X28180 201209WDW_0728X30181 201209WDW_0337X28180
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There are a lot of problems at this resort, more so than any other Disney resort I've stayed at. Of course, Art of Animation was a brand new resort when I stayed there, so I'd cut them a little slack until the staff gets into the routine and Disney starts working out the unexpected or behind schedule problems. The landscaping wasn't even finished when I was there. (There was a large section bare dirt in front of building 9 when I arrived, but it was covered by sod the next day. Still, this part of the resort had already been open two weeks.)

The guest population of Art of Animation did, after all, almost double two weeks prior to my arrival. So there's a lot of new staff, and a new area of the resort that hasn't been inhabited before.

Still this isn't a new operation for Disney. Pop Century is an almost identical resort, which I assume runs more smoothly than Art of Animation.

And I still hate the walk from Animation Hall to the Mermaid section...
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