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Walt Disney World Resort - On-site Resorts - Contemporary Resort

Contemporary Resort
The Contemporary Resort from the Seven Seas Lagoon
I first stayed in the Contemporary Hotel in 1977. So, how much do *you* remember from 1977? I thought so...

There was a long hiatus between 1977 and 2000, even longer between 1977 and 2011. But D23 was presenting Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th, and the convention was being held at the Contemporary Convention Center. So, as I usually do these days, I stayed where the convention was at.

Initially, I reserved a Garden Wing room, but after a few days consideration, I moved to a Park View Tower Room. What a good decision. I would recommend any Walt Disney World fan to stay at a resort that has a Magic Kingdom Park View at least once. Of course, having a monorail pass through the lobby of the hotel, is just too cool.

The Contemporary is one of the two original hotels at Disney World. It was built and originally owned by US Steel, and leased back to Disney. It wasn't a very happy arrangement, and Disney bought the hotels from US Steel, and never reentered an arrangement like that again.

It's modular construction leads to the mis-belief that Disney's able to just remove a module and replace it with another. It's not possible. But you can read and see more about the history of the hotel in my Trip Report.

(There is a discussion of resort types (and amenities to each) on the general Walt Disney World Resorts page. There is also a discussion on lodging which leads to room types on my Walt Disney World Overview page.)

400px Map
Map of Disney's Contemporary Resort. Click on the map for a larger view... Map ©Disney

The Contemporary Resort from the Seven Seas Lagoon
201105WDW_0263P10131 201105WDW_0264P10131 201105WDW_0265P10131 201105WDW_0266P10131 201105WDW_0267P10131 201105WDW_0326P10145 201105WDW_0327P10145 201105WDW_0330P10145 201105WDW_0331P10145
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The Contemporary Resort, Room 4332 interiors
201105WDW_0845P13132 201105WDW_0847P13132 201105WDW_0848P13132 201105WDW_0849P13132 201105WDW_0850P13132 201105WDW_0851P13132 201105WDW_0852P13132 201105WDW_0853P13132 201105WDW_0854P13132 201105WDW_0856P13132 201105WDW_0857P13132 201105WDW_0858P13132 201105WDW_0859P13132 201105WDW_0860P13132 201105WDW_0861P13133 201105WDW_0862P13133 201105WDW_0863P13133 201105WDW_0864P13133 201105WDW_0866P13133 201105WDW_0867P13133 201105WDW_0868P13133 201105WDW_0871P13133 201105WDW_0873P13133 201105WDW_0874P13133 201105WDW_0875P13133 201105WDW_0876P13133 201105WDW_0877P13133 201105WDW_0878P13133 201105WDW_0879P13133 201105WDW_0882P13133 201105WDW_08830885P13133
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View from the room
201105WDW_0936P14064 201105WDW_0937P14064 201105WDW_09410980P14064 201105WDW_09831046P14064 201105WDW_0919P13215 201105WDW_0921P13215 201105WDW_0922P13215
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The Contemporary Resort, Resort Exteriors
201105WDW_0886P13150 201105WDW_0887P13150 201105WDW_0888P13150 201105WDW_0889P13150 201105WDW_0890P13150 201105WDW_0892P13150 201105WDW_0893P13150 201105WDW_0894P13150 201105WDW_0896P13150 201105WDW_0898P13150 201105WDW_0899P13150 201105WDW_0900P13150 201105WDW_0901P13150 201105WDW_0912P13214 201105WDW_0913P13214
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Contemporary Hotel 4th floor atrium:
201105WDW_12211228P14115 201105WDW_0902P13153 201105WDW_0903P13154 201105WDW_1352P14175 201105WDW_1354P14175 201105WDW_1355P14175 201105WDW_13561358P14175 201105WDW_13591361P14180 201105WDW_1362P14180 201105WDW_1364P14180 201105WDW_13671371P14180 201105WDW_13721376P14180 201105WDW_1379P14183 201105WDW_1750P16063 201105WDW_1754P16063
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The Wave:
201105WDW_1382P14180 201105WDW_1383P14181 201105WDW_1386P14181 201105WDW_1387P14181
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