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Walt Disney World Resort - On-site Resorts - Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs
Coronado Springs Resort in the morning... I stayed at CSR in April 2005 and August 2011.
Disney's Coronado Springs Resort (aka CSR) is themed after the old southwest and Mexico, from the stucco buildings to the step pyramid by the main pool. (Though Disney did move the Lost City of Cibola, the name of the main pool area here, to South Dakota in National Treasure 2...)

There's 1915 rooms at this resort covering 125 acres, the majority of which is parking and the large central lake, Lago Dorado. The main registration/food court area is known as "El Centro", with an attached convention center and three groups of room areas surrounding the lake. The three room groups are Casitas (buildings 1-5), Ranchos (buildings 6 & 7), and Cabanas (buildings 8 & 9).

Each building is really a standalone building, and in places like Casitas, it's hit or miss whether the upper floors of each building connect. So if you're going to the food court, for instance, you're probably better off going down to the ground floor before trying to get across the resort. The biggest advantage of Casitas, is you can get from any Casitas building to El Centro in the rain without getting wet, if you know the way. The worst rooms are probably in Ranchos, which is on the other side of the lake and pool. You would definitely be using the buses (or drive) to get to El Centro unless the burger and other fare at the feature pool quick service is good enough for food...

400px Map
Map of Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. Click on the map for a larger view... Click here for the old CSR map... Maps ©Disney
Talking about buses, they've changed the system. The internal bus that just stopped at all the CSR bus stops no longer exists. Instead, the first stop for all theme park buses is Bus Stop 2 (then 3 and 4) and the last stop in CSR is at Bus Stop 1 (El Centro). So all theme park buses will take you to El Centro. The first stop for the Downtown Disney bus is Bus Stop 1, so the Downtown Disney bus would be the return bus to all of the CSR room bus stops.

There are now five food venues at Coronado Springs, six if you count alcohol as a food. One is a quick service by by the feature pool (the Laguna pool bar); Cafe Rix, which is a quick service in El Centro, but has bakery goods, and replaces the packaged food area that used to be by Pepper Market; Rix Lounge, which is actually the bar in El Centro, but you can order food there too; Pepper Market, which is sorta half counter service, half table service; and Maya Grill, the table service restaurant.

I ate at all four of the food venues in El Centro, and had consistently good food throughout.

It probably is my favorite moderate, though my experience with Caribbean Beach Resort was just before a major rehab. (Disney was going to shut down all of Caribbean Beach the day after I checked out. No one was at the resort. At night all the windows were dark except for one or two on the way back to your room. You passed no one on the walks. Spooky.)

I first stayed in this resort in April 2005, and it rained. You could see Expedition Everest being built, if that fits your timeframe better.

I stayed here again in August 2011, and it rained. Even harder, I think, if that's possible, than my previous stay.

So even if it's my favorite moderate, if I ever stay here again and it rains, I'm never going to stay here again. :-)

(There is a discussion of resort types (and amenities to each) on the general Walt Disney World Resorts page. There is also a discussion on lodging which leads to room types on my Walt Disney World Overview page.)

Coronado Springs Entrance:
201108WDW_170P17092 201108WDW_600P20090
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Registration / El Centro
200504WDW_137C25091 201108WDW_098P16135 201108WDW_093P16135 201108WDW_095P16135 201108WDW_099P16135 201108WDW_100P16135 200504WDW_124C25082 201108WDW_101P16135 200504WDW_125C25082 201108WDW_119P16135 201108WDW_120P16140 201108WDW_131133P16140 201108WDW_137139P16140 201108WDW_140P16140 201108WDW_144P16140 201108WDW_106P16135 201108WDW_107P16135 201108WDW_109P16135 201108WDW_113P16135 201108WDW_116P16135 201108WDW_146P16140 201108WDW_149P16142
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This guy is gone, replaced by a seating area for Cafe Rix...
200504WDW_129C25083 200504WDW_130C25083
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Rix Lounge
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Pepper Market might take some explaining. It is half counter service, half table service, with half the normal amount of gratuity thrown in.

Upon entering, each person is given a card, and you are seated like a table service restaurant. They take your drink orders, and even have menus, if you need one. Your sorta wait staff will refill drinks and bus the table.

You then take your card, and go to the food area of Pepper Market, where there are different food "stations", such as grilled food, burgers, pasta, pizza, baked goodies, etc. So you go around collecting your food like a counter service. When you collect an item of food, they stamp your card with what you got.

Upon exiting, they tally up what you ate at the register, where they add a 10% gratuity.

I do have to say the food is a notch above the other moderate counter service places, and probably better than most deluxes.

I'd also add it's probably the convention crowd (which is right next to Pepper Market) that drives a system like this. It is designed to handle a lot of people.

If all you want is a burger or pizza or snack without the fanfare, then you want to go to Cafe Rix...

Pepper Market
200504WDW_135C25083 200504WDW_131C25083 200504WDW_133C25083 201108WDW_804P20190 201108WDW_805P20190 201108WDW_806P20190 201108WDW_807P20190 201108WDW_808P20190 201108WDW_809P20190 201108WDW_810P20190 201108WDW_816P20194 201108WDW_817P20194 201108WDW_820P20194
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Maya Grill
201108WDW_772P20142 201108WDW_530P19182
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El Centro and Casitas Exteriors
201108WDW_368P18123 201108WDW_369P18123 201108WDW_370P18131 200504WDW_122C25082 200504WDW_151C26144 200504WDW_152C26144 200504WDW_156158C26152 200504WDW_161C26152 201108WDW_771P20142 201108WDW_773P20143 201108WDW_774P20143 201108WDW_775P20184
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These pictures are probably outdated, due to upgrading the TV's to widescreen units and hiding the now standard refrigerator, so the furniture is probably different in a double bed room. These pics are from 2005. Room 2341 (Casitas 2)
200504WDW_163C26184 200504WDW_164C26184 200504WDW_295C27135 200504WDW_296C27135 200504WDW_294C27135
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This was a "standard" room. (It was also the second to last room from the farthest room from the elevator, but I digress.) I am not sure if it was an upgrade, or that it was for making me walk to the next to the last room farthest from the elevator. These pictures are from my 2011 stay.

Room 4466 (Casitas 4)
201108WDW_084088P16123 201108WDW_039P16122 201108WDW_011014P16121 201108WDW_064067P16122 201108WDW_052055P16122 201108WDW_056059P16122 201108WDW_070P16122 201108WDW_060P16122 201108WDW_015P16121 201108WDW_010P16121 201108WDW_062P16122 201108WDW_022P16121 201108WDW_018P16121 201108WDW_042P16122 201108WDW_043P16122 201108WDW_019P16121 201108WDW_023P16121 201108WDW_035P16122 201108WDW_044P16122 201108WDW_045P16122 201108WDW_028P16121 201108WDW_027P16121 201108WDW_047P16122 201108WDW_030P16121 201108WDW_031P16121 201108WDW_026P16121 201108WDW_033P16121 201108WDW_029P16121 201108WDW_024P16121 201108WDW_046P16122 201108WDW_075P16123 201108WDW_076P16123 201108WDW_078P16123 201108WDW_073P16122 201108WDW_090P16131 201108WDW_071P16122
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Casitas Complex
200504WDW_142C25092 200504WDW_001008C24114 200504WDW_019021C24145 200504WDW_065068C25075 200504WDW_022C24145 200504WDW_138C25092 200504WDW_139C25092 200504WDW_140C25092 200504WDW_154C26144 200504WDW_141C25092 201108WDW_250P18072 201108WDW_377P18132 201108WDW_378P18132 201108WDW_248P18072 200504WDW_143C25093 201108WDW_379P18132 201108WDW_251P18072 201108WDW_376P18132 201108WDW_374P18132 201108WDW_373P18132 201108WDW_372P18132 201108WDW_371P18132 200504WDW_018C24145 200504WDW_323C27201 200504WDW_069072C25080 200504WDW_023025C24145 200504WDW_026028C24145 200504WDW_029C24145 200504WDW_145C26090 201108WDW_391P18200 201108WDW_601P20091 201108WDW_393P18200 201108WDW_394P18200 201108WDW_395P18201 201108WDW_396P18201
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Resort Exteriors
200504WDW_032043C24150 200504WDW_076079C25080 200504WDW_044050C24150 200504WDW_051062C24150 200504WDW_031C24145 200504WDW_081C25080 200504WDW_082C25081 200504WDW_084C25081 200504WDW_085101C25081 200504WDW_102C25081 200504WDW_103106C25081 200504WDW_107C25081 200504WDW_108110C25082 200504WDW_111114C25082 200504WDW_115C25082 200504WDW_116121C25082 201108WDW_548P20062 201108WDW_776790P20184 201108WDW_791794P20184 201108WDW_795801P20185
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Coronado Springs at Night
200504WDW_306C27200 200504WDW_307C27200 200504WDW_311C27200 200504WDW_316C27200 200504WDW_317C27200 200504WDW_324326C27201 201108WDW_152P16205 201108WDW_541P19200 201108WDW_542P19200 201108WDW_546P19200 201108WDW_826P20194 201108WDW_830833P20194 201108WDW_835P20195 201108WDW_836838P20195 201108WDW_841P20195 201108WDW_842P20195 201108WDW_843P20195 201108WDW_845852P20195 201108WDW_853P20195 201108WDW_855862P20200 201108WDW_863871P20200 201108WDW_872P20200 201108WDW_879P20201 201108WDW_884P20201 201108WDW_889894P20201 201108WDW_902909P20202 201108WDW_920923P20203 201108WDW_924929P20203 201108WDW_930P20203 201108WDW_931P20203 201108WDW_936P20203
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So, yes, I'd recommend Coronado Springs. I'd also recommend paying for a preferred room. If I stay here again, that'd be my choice. The far rooms from El Centro really are *far*, and lake view rooms are overrated at moderates because of the outside corridors.

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