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Walt Disney World Resort - Crescent Lake Area


The lighthouse at the Yacht and Beach Club boat dock...
In World Showcase in Epcot, there's a canal that's generally known as the English Channel, because it separates the United Kingdom from France. Just like the real one. There's an entrance gate there, known as the International Gateway.

You can catch a boat there that will take you all the way to Disney's Hollywood Studios. About half-way down this canal, is an area that widens to a considerable size, known as Crescent Lake. Around this lake is a nightclub venue, as well as some of the places known as the Epcot Resorts.

There are five resorts here. The Boardwalk, Beach Club, Yacht Club, and two non-Disney hotels, the Swan and Dolphin. I haven't stayed at any of them yet, but I have been in the area...

The Boardwalk is a Disney Vacation Club Resort, but it's also the name of the nightclub venue that's themed after the oceanfront boardwalks of old. However, instead of an ocean, there's a lake with high levels of magnesium from Fantasmic! and Illuminations fireworks. I only mention this because there are a lot of tasty looking fish swimming around the docks that'll eat anything...

Disney's Boardwalk
0710SE_11260I251509 200304FL_141C29143 200304FL_158C29144 200304FL_159C29144 200812FL_00020007P13131 200812FL_0010P13131 200304FL_125134C29142 200812FL_0001P13131 0710SE_1159011650I251519 201203WDW_1139P08162 201203WDW_1142P08163 200304FL_135140C29142 201203WDW_1143P08163 201203WDW_1144P08163 0710SE_11510I251515 200812FL_0009P13131 0710SE_11540I251516 0710SE_11550I251517 0710SE_11560I251517 200812FL_0008P13131 0710SE_11570I251517 0710SE_11580I251518 0710SE_1136011490I251513 201203WDW_1145P08163 201203WDW_1146P08163 201203WDW_1147P08163 0710SE_11350I251512 0710SE_11270I251510 0710SE_1128011310I251510 201203WDW_1182P08183 201203WDW_11831189P08183 201203WDW_1191P08183 201203WDW_1192P08183 201203WDW_1193P08184 201203WDW_1194P08184 201203WDW_1195P08184
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Big River
0710SE_11520I251515 201112WDW_1618P11141 201112WDW_1619P11141 201112WDW_1620P11142 201112WDW_1621P11142
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Yacht / Beach Club side of Crescent Lake
201203WDW_1150P08164 201203WDW_1151P08164 201203WDW_1153P08164 201203WDW_1154P08164 201203WDW_1155P08164 201203WDW_1156P08164 201203WDW_1158P08164 201203WDW_1159P08164 201203WDW_1160P08164
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Beach Club / Cape May
201203WDW_1161P08181 201203WDW_1162P08181 201203WDW_1164P08181 201203WDW_1165P08181 201203WDW_1166P08181 201203WDW_1168P08181 201203WDW_1169P08181 201203WDW_1170P08181 201203WDW_1171P08181 201203WDW_1172P08181 201203WDW_1175P08182 201203WDW_1176P08182 201203WDW_1177P08182 201203WDW_1179P08182
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In December 2009 BYPT Jenny and her current helper Jennette, PiC and I were going to Beach Club for dinner at Cape May. Every bus we needed to take was there when we wanted it, and we got there waaay faster than I thought we would.

So I spent the time waiting for Cape May to open taking pictures of the Christmas displays.

Beach Club / 2009 Christmas Display
200912FL_1029P09161 200912FL_1034P09162 200912FL_1024P09161 200912FL_1026P09161 200912FL_1027P09161 200912FL_1023P09161 200912FL_1036P09162 200912FL_1052P09163 200912FL_1037P09162 200912FL_1038P09162 200912FL_1047P09163 200912FL_1044P09163 200912FL_1048P09163 200912FL_1049P09163 200912FL_1050P09163 200912FL_1053P09163 200912FL_1020P09161 200912FL_1017P09160 200912FL_1018P09160 200912FL_1028P09161 200912FL_1031P09161 200912FL_1039P09162
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In December 2011, we were passing through Yacht Club to get to Epcot, and stopped to photograph Yacht Club's Christmas Display.

Yacht Club / 2011 Christmas Display
201112WDW_1609P11133 201112WDW_1588P11133 201112WDW_1617P11134 201112WDW_1589P11133 201112WDW_1590P11133 201112WDW_1616P11134 201112WDW_1610P11133 201112WDW_1592P11133 201112WDW_1594P11133 201112WDW_1591P11133 201112WDW_1613P11133 201112WDW_1614P11134 201112WDW_1611P11133 201112WDW_1593P11133 201112WDW_1601P11133 201112WDW_1595P11133 201112WDW_1596P11133 201112WDW_1597P11133 201112WDW_1598P11133 201112WDW_1600P11133 201112WDW_1602P11133 201112WDW_1603P11133 201112WDW_1605P11133 201112WDW_1606P11133 201112WDW_1607P11133 201112WDW_1608P11133
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After dinner at Cape May in December 2009, we went out behind the resort and took some night pictures of Crescent Lake...

Crescent Lake at night
200912FL_1127P09184 200912FL_1129P09184 200912FL_1135P09184 200912FL_11231126P09184 200912FL_11011108P09183 200912FL_11451156P09200 200912FL_10681082P09182
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