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Walt Disney World Resort - Epcot, Part 5

World Showcase, Part 2



France Pavilion
The France Pavilion. No, you can't get to the Eifel Tower.
Epcot Map France, like Canada, at least has a movie that can be called an "Attraction". That said, the best part of France might be the pastry shop.

The World Showcase Players once did a skit called Cyanose de Bergerac. In it they remark that they throw their children up in the air, because it's the only ride they have in France.

There are also a lot of character meet-and-greets here, mostly because there's been a lot of Disney movies set in France. Since Animators are famous for taking field trips to the locations of their films (for accuracy and ambiance, donchaknow), could it be a good portion of Disney Animation through the years wanted to go to France? But I digress...

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France (in the back)
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Serveur Amusant

Another one of those attractions that only appears on the Times Guide is a mime/acrobat team called Serveur Amusant. I swear they're performing every time I pass France.

It's actually a pretty good show, and it might change depending on the weather. And it would be better if the antagonist on the ground who does nothing (well, he does hand chairs up to the guy with real talent) would swallow that whistle. But I digress...

Serveur Amusant
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The Morocco Pavilion is sponsored by the King of Morocco.
Epcot Map Morocco opened in 1984, the 10th Pavilion in World Showcase. It is unique that the pavilion is sponsored, not by a company, but by the Kingdom of Morocco.

The King sent raw materials and personal artisans to carve the stonework and create the tile mosaics. Once you pass the arch, you're in Morocco. The themeing here might be some of the best in Epcot.

And while there really isn't an attraction here (other than the themeing), they do have (imho) excellent food here, in both counter service (Tangerine Cafe) and table service (Restaurant Marrakesh).

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Japan Pavilion
Spaceship Earth from Japan
Epcot Map Ah, Japan.

The West side of the pavilion is the business side, with the first floor of the U-shaped pavilion a store from front to back, selling all those weird things from a weird culture, the Japanese. Above that store are two table service restaurants.

The East side of the pavilion has the gardens, a quiet counter service place and was serene and peaceful, until they put in the drum show that can be heard all the way to the Boardwalk.

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End Epcot - Part 5.

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