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Walt Disney World Resort - Epcot, Part 7

World Showcase, Part 4



The China Pavilion
Epcot Map China has one of the two Circlevision 360 movies left at Disney World (Canada has the other), hosted by a long dead poet named Li Bai, who apparently lived some 1300 years ago. It also has a couple of food venues, and some really great themeing. Imagineering seemed especially proud that it features stairways that don't go anywhere.

It is also home to one of the more profound signs on property, "Hearing something 100 times is not as good as seeing it once." Of course it means seeing it in person. Do you think photography was around when the proverb was written? (It might have been. I can't seem to find a reference. Some say it's Chinese, some say it's Japanese, no one will commit to a date or era...) But in any event, it is certainly true.

The Pavilion is exquisitely themed, from the entry arch to the gardens to the detail on the buildings...

China Pavilion
0710SE_0361003660I221250 201210WDW_18171824X03130 201105WDW_0415P11100 201210WDW_1816X03130 200504WDW_393C28183 200504WDW_392C28183 201108WDW_718P20125 0710SE_03670I221252 201203WDW_1039P08132 201203WDW_1042P08132 200007WDW_503N05105 201203WDW_1048P08135 201105WDW_0831P13093 201203WDW_1043P08132 201203WDW_1044P08132 0710SE_03690I221254 0710SE_03710I221254 0710SE_03720I221254 0710SE_03730I221256 200106ECT_170s246T09114 200106ECT_171s247T09114 200106ECT_172s248T09114 201112WDW_0479P07121 201112WDW_1001P09142 201112WDW_1002P09142 200812FL_0818P17201 200812FL_0822P17201 200812FL_1201P18194 200812FL_1204P18194 201112WDW_1004P09142 201112WDW_1005P09142 201112WDW_1006P09142 201112WDW_1007P09142 201112WDW_1009P09142 201112WDW_1010P09142 201112WDW_1011P09142 201112WDW_1012P09142 201112WDW_1014P09143 201112WDW_1000P09142 201108WDW_719P20125 200612FL_118C04103 201108WDW_717P20125
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The pre-internet troll.
Epcot Map "It all started with a bathroom..."

No, I'm not trolling you. Before there was a Norway Pavilion, there was a bathroom. When Disney finally got a sponsor and the Norway Pavilion was built, it was built around the bathroom.

The Pavilion itself was built directly attached to the bathroom, with a Viking ship next to it. (The ship has since closed, due to stupid guests who thought it was a playground, and several injuries occurred.)

Norway was the last addition to World Showcase, opening in 1988. I've never eaten here, and now that they've turned the main table service restaurant into a Princess meal, I probably won't. (Unless the dirty old man in me wants to see young things in skin tight outfits. But I digress...)

They have some interesting stuff in the gift shops, though. Check the price on the sweaters.

Norway Pavilion
201210WDW_18251831X03130 201112WDW_0999P09142 201108WDW_720P20125 200504WDW_395C28183 0710SE_03740I221258 0710SE_03790I221301 200504WDW_396C28183 200612FL_111C04102 201108WDW_734735P20131 201108WDW_736P20131 201108WDW_737P20131 200106ECT_175s253T09122 201105WDW_0408P11095 201108WDW_733P20131 0710SE_03750I221259 0710SE_03760I221259 0710SE_03780I221300 201105WDW_0409P11095 200612FL_114C04103 201105WDW_0410P11095 201210WDW_1834X03130 200007WDW_143N02123 200106ECT_173s251T09121 200106ECT_174s252T09121 201108WDW_732P20131 201108WDW_740P20131 200612FL_113C04102 201108WDW_739P20131 201108WDW_741P20131 201108WDW_742P20131 201108WDW_743P20131 200612FL_115C04103 200612FL_116C04103 200612FL_117C04103 201210WDW_1837X03131 200612FL_103110C04102 200812FL_1188P18193 200812FL_1197P18193 200812FL_1199P18194
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Norway - Maelstrom

Norway actually has a boat ride, Maelstrom. It's a back and forth, which means at times you'll be riding backwards. And you'll meet some trolls. And I don't mean Internet forum sock-puppets.

There's a movie at the end of it. If you've never seen it, it's worth a watch, and you'll understand why so many guests head from the boat ride exit to the movie exit without stopping. Be forewarned, though, I believe the chairs in the movie are famous for catching and holding onto long hair...

(Also be aware, that they've rethemed Maelstrom to a Frozen theme. You know, the movie?)

201108WDW_722P20125 201108WDW_724P20125 201108WDW_730P20130 201108WDW_729P20130
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Norway - Hospitality Suite

Jenny and I attended D23's Magic and Merriment in 2012, and had access to the hospitality suite on the second floor above the Maelstrom queue. In contrast to the detailed themeing of the public parts of the pavilion, the hospitality suite was an ultra-modern sectional space big enough for dinners and gatherings from small to large...

Out of the far North window, you could see you're right next to the waterfall where the boats in Maelstrom reverses and descends back to ground level.

Norway Hospitality Suite
201112WDW_09910994P09140 201112WDW_0971P09135 201112WDW_0972P09135 201112WDW_09730977P09135 201112WDW_09780985P09140 201112WDW_0989P09140 201112WDW_0990P09140 201112WDW_0995P09140 201112WDW_0996P09140 201112WDW_0986P09140 201112WDW_0987P09140 201112WDW_0988P09140 201112WDW_0997P09140 201112WDW_0998P09140
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Yes, Mexico has a step pyramid and a volcano that regularly erupts inside, but none of the diners seem to mind, or even notice...
Epcot Map One of the fun things about Mexico, is you walk through a plaza into the stylized step pyramid (which you can't climb), and once you enter the show building, you're outside again in a plaza at dusk with a step pyramid in the distance (yes, a pyramid inside of the pyramid) and a volcano that occasionally erupts. (It's sad to the ambivalence of the guests to an erupting volcano, but I digress.) Let me add this is another pavilion where you have to climb stairs to enter the pavilion, only to have to descend stairs to enter the main part of the building...

The plaza itself has a fountain and all sorts of trinkets for sale. There is a store on one side that sell more upscale merchandise, and an upscale tequila bar on the other. (Which might be another fun thing about Mexico.)

In the back is an okay table service restaurant, the San Angel Inn. It's always crowded, whether there are a lot of guests there or not. The only way they could fit more tables in, would be to stack them on top of one another.

Mexico also has a boat ride, one of the two rides in World Showcase. It was updated a few years ago to the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros, (who are Jose Carioca, Panchito, and the lovable speech impaired, short tempered, pantless, Donald Duck.) While it stars The Three Caballeros, it's still known as "it's a small mexico". It does have some cool fake fireworks, though.

Now, not to be picky, but The Three Caballeros were born out of Walt's goodwill tour of South America in 1941, and didn't even visit Mexico. But considering the countries around World Showcase, it's probably close enough.

Mexico Pavilion
201209WDW_0516X30110 200106ECT_176s231T09111 200106ECT_177s399T11175 0710SE_03810I221303 0710SE_03820I221304 0710SE_0384003860I221305 0710SE_03870I221306 201108WDW_754P20133 0710SE_03880I221307 201012WDW_351P09182 201012WDW_352356P09182 201203WDW_1022P08123 201203WDW_1023P08123 201203WDW_1027P08123 201108WDW_744P20132 201108WDW_746P20132 201108WDW_747P20132 201108WDW_748P20132 201108WDW_749P20132 201108WDW_750P20132 201108WDW_751P20132 201203WDW_1028P08130 201203WDW_1030P08130 201203WDW_1031P08130 201203WDW_1033P08131 201210WDW_1838X03131 201108WDW_755P20133 201210WDW_1839X03131 201210WDW_1844X03131 201210WDW_1846X03131 201210WDW_1847X03131 201210WDW_1848X03131 0710SE_03890I221342 200812FL_1181P18191
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Mexico - La Hacienda de San Angel

To ease the congestion at the San Angel Inn, the same people that operate San Angel Inn opened another table service restaurant across the street next to the lagoon. It's only open for dinner, and during the day it's mostly a counter service operation.

A group of us ate dinner there the year it opened. It was okay. It wasn't the Americanized Mexican cuisine you'll mostly find at San Angel, but more authentic South-Of-The-Border dishes. My palette says there are better options available around the World, your mileage may vary...

La Hacienda de San Angel
201012WDW_357P09191 201012WDW_359P09192 201012WDW_360P09192 201012WDW_361P09192 201012WDW_362P09192 201012WDW_363P09192 201012WDW_364P09194 201012WDW_365P09194 201012WDW_367P09195 200504WDW_344348C28111 200812FL_11581180P18191
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End Epcot - Part 7.

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