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Walt Disney World Resort - Epcot, Part 8

World Showcase, Part 5 - Flower and Garden Festival


Festivals in Epcot

There are two "International Festivals" in Epcot, the spring Flower and Garden Festival, and the fall Food and Wine Festival. They're conveniently snuggled between the insanely crowded summer tourist season, and the quickly-becoming-insane Christmas season. They are more adult oriented programs (the "wine" might clue one in on that), but both festivals are add-ons to Epcot, and don't interfere with the working park at all.

The Flower and Garden Festival

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast topiaries in France
The annual (or should that be the perennial) springtime show at Epcot is the Flower and Garden Festival. Started in 1984, it spans some two and a half months, with a variety of events and exhibits all around the park.

The horticulture cast members at Disney World always do a remarkable job with the greenery at the parks and the on-site resorts, but go into overtime and really do out-do themselves, creating topiaries, flower and plant arrangements all around Epcot. Over the past few years, there's been some definite creep of the Flower and Garden from World Showcase into Future World. But that's not a bad thing...

(They also go into overdrive mode when it gets below freezing, which kills some of the plants at the parks and resorts. Having frozen my butt off one trip, I can definitely say that is a bad thing. Heh.)

Not only are there seminars and talks with professionals, but there's a Flower Power concert series with bands from the 60's and 70's. Topiaries decorate every pavilion. Even Germany's train set gets a makeover.

The Flower and Garden Festival
200504WDW_338C28110 200504WDW_334C28110 200504WDW_340C28110 200504WDW_349C28120 200504WDW_350C28120 200504WDW_351C28120 200504WDW_352C28120 200504WDW_353C28120 200106ECT_169s244T09113 200304FL_037N28194 200504WDW_387C28165 200504WDW_388C28170 200504WDW_394C28183
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2011 Flower and Garden Festival

I was at Walt Disney World in May 2011 for D23's 40th Walt Disney World anniversary event, which happened to coincide with the Flower and Garden Festival. It was the first time I was at the Flower and Garden Festival with a decent camera (or more accurately a digital camera that had finally evolved beyond film's capability), and once again proved that beyond the initial cost outlay for the camera, batteries and memory cards, taking 100 images is as cheap as taking one. Anyway, the next hundred or so images are from the 2011 show.

Entrance Topiaries - F&G 2011
201105WDW_0524P11125 201105WDW_0526P11125 201105WDW_0527P11125 201105WDW_0529P11125 201105WDW_0531P11125 201105WDW_0522P11125 201105WDW_0517P11114 201105WDW_0516P11114
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Bambi's Butterfly Garden

They've had a butterfly garden at the Flower and Garden Festival for years, but I don't remember them to be as elaborate as the one now in Future World, just around the corner from Club Cool. The Bambi characters were very well done, though I suspect they cheated a bit...

Bambi's Butterfly Garden - F&G 2011
201105WDW_0807P13084 201105WDW_0808P13084 201105WDW_0810P13084 201105WDW_0811P13084 201105WDW_0813P13084 201105WDW_0814P13084 201105WDW_0815P13084 201105WDW_0816P13084 201105WDW_0817P13084 201105WDW_0818P13085
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Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden

Fairies are big business these days. At least for Disney.

Tinkerbelle has graduated from that snotty, vengeful little sprite into a talking member of a direct-to-video fairy world. So, come visit the Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden, where there's even a Fairy Meet and Greet, except the fairies are as big as you are and can't fly. I am clearly not in the intended demographic.

Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden - F&G 2011
201105WDW_0500P11110 201105WDW_0501P11110 201105WDW_0502P11110 201105WDW_0504P11110 201105WDW_0505P11110 201105WDW_0506P11110 201105WDW_0507P11110 201105WDW_0508P11110 201105WDW_0509P11111 201105WDW_0819P13085 201105WDW_0820P13085 201105WDW_0821P13085 201105WDW_0822P13085
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Future World Topiaries

Disney has taken to planting a topiary wherever there's a patch of dirt during Flower and Garden, always to a theme. It was Pooh in 2011, the same year Winnie and the gang had a new movie. A coincidence, I'm sure...

Future World Topiaries - F&G 2011
201105WDW_0490P11105 201105WDW_0491P11105 201105WDW_0492P11110 201105WDW_0493P11110 201105WDW_0494P11110 201105WDW_0497P11110 201105WDW_0498P11110 201105WDW_0499P11110 201105WDW_0488P11105 201105WDW_0482P11105 201105WDW_0541P11193 201105WDW_0542P11193 201105WDW_0546P11193 201105WDW_0547P11193 201105WDW_0523P11125
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World Showcase Topiaries

It was generally agreed that Lady and the Tramp in Italy was the best in show...
Well, by the time I finished collating the pictures, I realized that I turned left instead of right when visiting the pavilions, so they're in the opposite order from how they were presented on the main World Showcase pages. Oh well. We'll start in the plaza, then turn left to Mexico and go around the lagoon clockwise...

World Showcase Topiaries
World Showcase Plaza, Mexico, China - F&G 2011
201105WDW_0484P11105 201105WDW_0485P11105 201105WDW_0486P11105 201105WDW_0405P11095 201105WDW_0406P11095 201105WDW_0830P13091 201105WDW_0407P11095 201105WDW_0412P11100 201105WDW_0413P11100 201105WDW_0414P11100 201105WDW_0416P11100 201105WDW_0417P11100 201105WDW_0418P11100 201105WDW_0833P13093 201105WDW_0419P11100 201105WDW_0420P11100

Outpost, Germany, Italy - F&G 2011
201105WDW_0421P11100 201105WDW_0422P11101 201105WDW_0423P11101 201105WDW_0424P11101 201105WDW_0425P11101 201105WDW_0426P11101 201105WDW_0427P11101 201105WDW_0428P11101 201105WDW_0429P11101 201105WDW_0430P11101 201105WDW_0431P11101 201105WDW_0434P11101 201105WDW_0435P11101 201105WDW_0436P11101 201105WDW_0437P11101 201105WDW_0438P11101 201105WDW_0439P11101 201105WDW_0440P11101 201105WDW_0441P11101 201105WDW_0445P11102 201105WDW_0446P11102

American Adventure, France, United Kingdom - F&G 2011
201105WDW_0447P11102 201105WDW_0448P11102 201105WDW_0449P11102 201105WDW_0450P11102 201105WDW_0451P11102 201105WDW_0452P11102 201105WDW_0453P11102 201105WDW_0455P11102 201105WDW_0456P11103 201105WDW_0458P11103 201105WDW_0460P11103 201105WDW_0461P11103 201105WDW_0463P11103 201105WDW_0464P11103 201105WDW_0465P11103 201105WDW_0466P11103 201105WDW_0467P11104 201105WDW_0469P11104 201105WDW_0470P11104 201105WDW_0471P11104 201105WDW_0472P11104 201105WDW_0473P11104 201105WDW_0474P11104 201105WDW_0475P11104 201105WDW_0476P11104 201105WDW_0478P11104 201105WDW_0479P11104 201105WDW_0480P11104
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2012 Flower and Garden Festival

Germany train set
Even Germany's train set gets a makeover...
And I was back in March 2012. Many of the exhibits were unchanged from 2011, so these are mainly of new exhibits.

Flower and Garden 2012
201203WDW_0985P08104 201203WDW_0987P08104 201203WDW_09910996P08104 201203WDW_0997P08104 201203WDW_0998P08104 201203WDW_1000P08114 201203WDW_1001P08114 201203WDW_1002P08114 201203WDW_1003P08114 201203WDW_1004P08114 201203WDW_1005P08114 201203WDW_1007P08114 201203WDW_1009P08114 201203WDW_1010P08114 201203WDW_1011P08114 201203WDW_1013P08114 201203WDW_1015P08114 201203WDW_1017P08114 201203WDW_1018P08114 201203WDW_1020P08115 201203WDW_1038P08132 201203WDW_1040P08132 201203WDW_1045P08134 201203WDW_1046cW08134 201203WDW_1056P08135 201203WDW_1057P08135 201203WDW_1058P08135 201203WDW_1059P08135 201203WDW_1062P08135 201203WDW_1068P08141 201203WDW_1070P08142 201203WDW_1071P08142 201203WDW_1072P08142 201203WDW_1073P08142 201203WDW_1077P08143 201203WDW_1120P08161 201203WDW_1121P08161 201203WDW_1122P08161 201203WDW_1123P08161
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End Epcot - Part 8.

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