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Walt Disney World Resort - Disney's Hollywood Studios, Part 1 of 8


Sorcerer's Hat
The Sorcerer's Hat, Disney's Hollywood Studio's park icon
Park maps are provided for relative location and area, not detail. Oh, original map ©Disney...
Disney-MGM Studios opened on May 1, 1989, a year before Universal Studios Florida. Coincidence? Not hardly. This is what happens when the CEO of one company sees future plans of his competition when he used to work for said competition.

The place called Sea World didn't pose much of a threat, but Universal presented Disney with their first real competition in Central Florida. (Interestingly, even when Disney opened Animal Kingdom, they didn't challenge any of the Sea World attractions. Animal behavior, yes, but not to the same creatures.)

To be fair, Movies was supposed to be a pavilion at Epcot, and was an active idea the Imagineers had laying around. But I'll bet that they have thousands of ideas laying around, and it was more than a convenient coincidence. :-)

So the first of the Eisner parks was Disney-MGM studios. Disney had licensed the MGM name to expand their catalog of shows for the new park, as well as for the backlot tour the Imagineers had planned. But a year before the park even opened, litigation ensued, and continued on for the next twenty years. Lawyers. Gotta hate 'em.

The culmination of this ended early in 2008. On January 6, 2008, Disney-MGM Studios closed for the night, and opened the next morning as Disney's Hollywood Studios. If you go to Disneyworld's web-site today, Disney-MGM has been wiped off the face of the planet. (And I can only find one reference to the old name in the park itself...)

I will use both the Disney-MGM name and the DHS name, depending on the context....

And actually, Disney's Hollywood Studios is in Burbank, California, but I digress.

Disney's Hollywood Studios is about Show-Biz. The making of show-biz, the people in show-biz, and the shows themselves, whether television, movies or stage...


DHS Map Like all Walt Disney World parks, outside of the Entrance are the bus stops, trams to the parking lots, and in Disney's Hollywood Studio's case, a boat dock from Epcot and the Crescent Lake Resorts. (Or you can walk instead of taking the boat.) There's also some sort of movie tie-in, and of course, your last minute souvenir cart...

201203WDW_1212P09101 0710SE_1120011240I251440 200006WDW_071N30093 201210WDW_1180X02092 201210WDW_1181X02092 201210WDW_1182X02092 201210WDW_1183X02092 201203WDW_1213P09102 201203WDW_1214P09102 201203WDW_1215P09102 201203WDW_1216P09102 201203WDW_1217P09102 200209FNO_132C02204 0710SE_11250I251447 201105WDW_0242P10123 201112WDW_0643P08094 201108WDW_596P20085 201108WDW_597P20085 201112WDW_1848P12123 201203WDW_1197P08185 201203WDW_1422P09155 201203WDW_1199P08190
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Hollywood Boulevard

DHS Map Hollywood Boulevard is sorta the Main Street USA of DHS. Just inside the entrance (known as the Crossroads of the World) is much the same as any of the parks, a Guest Services office, package pick-up, washrooms, park maps, lockers, wheelchair rentals, and places to buy things...

Further up the street, just as in Magic Kingdom, are Disney's gift shops. During the busier times of the year, you'll find the Streetmosphere performers, small groups of actors putting on shows for the guests...

Hollywood Boulevard
201210WDW_1396X02140 201210WDW_1404X02140 0710SE_11180I251438 0710SE_11190I251439 201108WDW_588P20082 201108WDW_589P20082 201108WDW_590P20082 200203FL_149F17153 201210WDW_1403X02140 201210WDW_1402X02140 201210WDW_1185X02093 201210WDW_1401X02140 201210WDW_1400X02140 200812FL_0908P18120 200912FL_0428P06164 0710SE_10820I251331 201210WDW_1398X02140 0710SE_10830I251331 201210WDW_1397X02140 0710SE_10840I251331 201012WDW_639P11110 0710SE_10810I251331 201210WDW_1184X02093 201210WDW_1187X02093 201210WDW_1399X02140 200812FL_0839P18093 201210WDW_1188X02093 200812FL_0907P18120 200812FL_0843P18093 201110WDW_619P01121 201108WDW_585586P20082 201203WDW_1419aW09152 0710SE_10540I251259 200812FL_0963P18131 200812FL_0965P18131 200203FL_132N17130 200912FL_05280529P07094 200209FNO_165C02220 200912FL_0530P07094 200209FNO_164C02220 0710SE_10780I251329 201110WDW_620P01121 201203WDW_1217fW09103 201203WDW_1217gWd09103
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Hollywood Boulevard - The Hollywood Brown Derby

The only table service restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard, is the Hollywood Brown Derby, where you can get a Cobb salad and a cup of coffee the size of your head. It is arguably the best table service restaurant in DHS. Of course the best food in the park are the turkey legs...

The Hollywood Brown Derby
201210WDW_1260X02111 201210WDW_1261X02111 200209FNO_234C02232 200209FNO_235C02232 200209FNO_236C02232 200209FNO_237C02232 200209FNO_238C02232 200209FNO_239C02233
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Great Movie Ride
The Great Movie Ride. Panoramic taken from the back of the hat...

Hollywood Boulevard - The Great Movie Ride

One of the original four attractions that opened on May 1, 1989, The Great Movie Ride was supposed to appear as its own pavilion in Future World in Epcot. It was Eisner that decided that Movies should get a grander vision than a pavilion, and was the impetus for creating Disney-MGM Studios. Well, that and Universal Studios Florida, but I digress...

The ride has been almost unchanged since it's opening. There have been several rumors to its overhaul and renewal. From what I understand, there were to be at least two ride paths through the attraction. One of the paths was to be open to riders of the attraction while the other path was to be updated for new movies, and the ride path alternated to keep the attraction fresh.

Didn't happen. Pity.

The ending movie seems to be updated every few years, however.

I have video of the Great Movie Ride on my Video Page. Since this video was shot, Disney finally put wireless mikes on the various cast members as the interact in the Gangster and Cowboys scenes. I'm really happy that Disney listens to my complaints and acts on 'em... :-)

In September 2012, I attended D23's 2012 Sip and Scream. I was also able to get the Super Scream level tickets, which included dinner in the Great Movie Ride. It was the ultimate way to see the attraction...

The Great Movie Ride
200612FL_233D04202 0710SE_10420I251256 201012WDW_612638P11110 0710SE_10500I251257 200812FL_08930896P18102 201210WDW_1335X02132 201012WDW_620P11103 201012WDW_621P11103 201012WDW_622P11103 201012WDW_623P11103 201210WDW_1333X02132 201210WDW_1334X02132 201112WDW_1764P12093 201112WDW_1765P12093 201112WDW_1766P12093 201112WDW_1770P12093 201112WDW_1771P12093 201112WDW_1773P12093 201112WDW_1772P12093 201112WDW_1774P12094 201112WDW_1776P12095 201203WDW_1376P09150 201012WDW_628P11104 201112WDW_1778P12095 201112WDW_1779P12095 201112WDW_1780P12095 201210WDW_1342X02134 201210WDW_1343X02134 201203WDW_1379P09150 201210WDW_1346X02134 201112WDW_1787P12095 201203WDW_1384P09150 201203WDW_1385P09150 201210WDW_1352X02134 201203WDW_1388P09150 201210WDW_1357X02134 201203WDW_1390P09151 201210WDW_1359X02134 201210WDW_1360X02134 201112WDW_1794P12095 201112WDW_1795P12095 201210WDW_1361X02134 201210WDW_1363X02134 201210WDW_1368X02134 201210WDW_1369X02134 201203WDW_1399P09151 201210WDW_1371X02134 201210WDW_1373X02135 201210WDW_1374X02135 201203WDW_1401P09151 201210WDW_1375X02135 201203WDW_1402P09151 201112WDW_1803P12100 201203WDW_1407P09151 201112WDW_1804P12100 201110WDW_601P01102 201210WDW_1384X02135 201210WDW_1385X02135 201112WDW_1807P12100 201210WDW_1386X02135 201012WDW_633P11105 201203WDW_1411P09151 201012WDW_634P11105 201112WDW_1808P12100 201210WDW_1388X02135 201203WDW_1413P09151 201203WDW_1414P09151 201210WDW_1390X02135 201210WDW_1391X02135 201012WDW_636P11105 201112WDW_1812P12100 201203WDW_1416P09151 201203WDW_1417P09151 201203WDW_1419P09151 201210WDW_1393X02135 201110WDW_609P01103 201108WDW_581P20081
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Earful Tower/Sorcerer's Hat

At the other end of Hollywood Boulevard, is the Icon of Disney's Hollywood Studios. It was changed in late 2001, from the Earful Tower, a copy of the water tower outside of Disney's Burbank studios, to Mickey's Sorcerer Hat, often times referred to as the Big Ass Hat.

It's much bemoaned because it blocks the view of the Great Movie Ride, one of the original rides in the park. But let's face it, the park needed an icon centrally located in the park (like all Disney Parks), and one different from the icon at another Disney location.

Earful Tower
200504WDW_379C28141 200612FL_162D04154 200812FL_0576P16124 201110WDW_611P01105
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The Sorcerer's Hat
200106ECT_211s321T10161 200106ECT_229s355T10191 200106ECT_231s358T10194 200209FNO_134C02205 200209FNO_161C02215 200209FNO_166C02220 200209FNO_168C02220 0710SE_10010I251044 0710SE_10430I251256 0710SE_10790I251330 201210WDW_1328X02132 201210WDW_1332X02132 200812FL_0841P18093 200812FL_0842P18093 200912FL_0495P07082 200912FL_0496P07082 200912FL_0426P06164 200912FL_0423P06164 200912FL_0424P06164 200912FL_0455P06182 200912FL_0460P06182 201110WDW_610P01105 201110WDW_617P01105 201203WDW_1217cW09102
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End Disney's Hollywood Studios - Part 1 of 8.

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