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Walt Disney World Resort - Disney's Hollywood Studios, Part 3


Lightning, Mater and Me
Lightning, Mater and Me...

Streets of America

DHS Map The Streets of America is a Movie Set set. From one side, it looks like a street from urban New York complete with an Empire State building at one end. Or San Francisco complete with a hill at the end. From the other side, it's only smoke and mirrors, with the framework and facade exposed.

Also included here is the Muppetvision 3-D movie, where all your Muppets come to 3-D life... Or the Honey I Shrunk The Kids Movie Set Adventure, when you become a small being a in world of giant things... Or the Lights, Motors Action! Extreme Stunt Show, a automotive stunt show where lightweight cars perform amazing tricks. And, of course, the Backstage Tour, only a shadow of its former self, with it's visit to Catastrophe Canyon...

It also hosts the Osborne Lights every Christmas season. There are more pictures of Streets of America in it's holiday dress in the Christmas section.

Streets of America
0710SE_10110I251055 200209FNO_146C02211 200209FNO_148C02211 0710SE_10120I251055 201210WDW_1305X02123 201210WDW_1306X02123 201210WDW_1307X02123 200209FNO_147C02211 0710SE_10140I251057 200106ECT_216s331T10162 200106ECT_214s327T10162 200106ECT_215s328T10162 200106ECT_272s330T10162 200006WDW_058N30063 0710SE_10290I251133 0710SE_10300I251133 0710SE_10320I251133 201012WDW_605P11102 201012WDW_607P11102 201012WDW_608P11102
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Streets of America - New York Street

Streets of America, New York Street
200006WDW_057N30063 200106ECT_212s325T10162 200209FNO_150C02212 200209FNO_151C02212 201012WDW_611P11102 200106ECT_222s342T10175 0710SE_10240I251112 0710SE_10250I251113 0710SE_10270I251124 0710SE_10340I251134 0710SE_10360I251245 201105WDW_0207P10104 0710SE_10380I251246 201112WDW_1837P12121 201112WDW_1838P12121 201112WDW_1839P12121
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Muppetvision 3-D. Just as corny today as it was in 1989.

Streets of America - Muppetvision 3D

Muppetvision 3D opened in 1991, a year after Star Tours. So if we use Star Tours as the length of time in which an attraction should exist before being re-imagined, Muppetvision should have been done already.

Okay, not going to happen. It's reportedly the last project Henson worked on before his death. I wouldn't be surprised if this attraction remains unchanged until they close DHS... They cleaned up the film and digitized it a couple of years ago. Disney also bought the franchise in 2004. (A net full of jello, indeed.)

Muppetvision is like sitting in the audience of a Muppet Show show. Statler and Waldorf are even up in the balcony, doing what they pretty much defined, heckling the cast members.

Muppetvision 3D
0710SE_1008010090I251054 201210WDW_1313X02131 200106ECT_220s339T10174 0710SE_10100I251055 201210WDW_1310X02131 200006WDW_061N30063 200006WDW_062N30063 200006WDW_063N30063 201210WDW_1308X02131 201210WDW_1309X02131 201210WDW_1314X02131 201112WDW_1711P11191 201112WDW_1712P11191 200106ECT_219s332T10162 200209FNO_149C02211 0710SE_10130I251056 201112WDW_1713P11191 201112WDW_1717P11191
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Streets of America - Honey I Shrunk The Kids Movie Set Adventure

Honey I Shrunk The Kids Movie Set Adventure is a playground area for the smaller children, who probably haven't run around enough that day.

Youth is wasted on the young. Pardon me if you've heard me say that before.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids Movie Set Adventure
200106ECT_273s344T10175 200106ECT_274s346T10175 200209FNO_157C02212 200209FNO_152C02212 200209FNO_153C02212 200209FNO_154C02212 200209FNO_155C02212 200209FNO_156C02212
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Streets of America - Studio Backlot Tours

Studio Backlot Tours. Hmmm... Let me see if I can find something nice to say about SBT... If they were to scrap it, it'd free up a lot of space for something else!

Studio Backlot Tours was on the decline before Lights, Motors, Action! was imported to WDW, but the attraction was pretty much gutted to make way for the stadium.

Catastrophe Canyon is still shaking up the trams, but with the loss of the residential streets and most of the prop area to Lights, Motors, Action!, it's only a shadow of its former self.

Studio Backlot Tours
201210WDW_1283X02113 201210WDW_1284X02113 201210WDW_1285X02113 201210WDW_1286X02113 201210WDW_1287X02113 201210WDW_1288X02114 201210WDW_1289X02114 201210WDW_12901294X02115 201210WDW_1295X02115 201210WDW_1296X02115 201210WDW_1297X02120 201210WDW_1298X02120 201210WDW_1300X02120 201210WDW_1301X02120 200612FL_163D04154 200812FL_0573P16124 201210WDW_1304X02120 200504WDW_381C28141 200504WDW_382C28141 200812FL_0582P16125 200812FL_0583P16125 200812FL_0584P16125 200812FL_0585P16125 200812FL_0600P16135
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Streets of America - American Film Institue Showcase

American Film Institue Showcase
200007WDW_118N01200 200007WDW_119N01200 200007WDW_120N01200 200007WDW_121N01200 200007WDW_122N01200 200612FL_164C04155 200612FL_165C04155 200612FL_166C04160 200612FL_167C04160 200612FL_168C04160 200612FL_169C04160 200612FL_170C04160 200612FL_171C04160 201112WDW_1833P12120 201112WDW_1834P12120 201112WDW_1835P12120 201112WDW_1836P12120 201105WDW_0206P10104
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Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

Lights, Motors, Action! was an import from Disneyland Paris in 2005, as part of the Happiest Celebration On Earth, Disneyland's 50th anniversary.

It's a decent show. Makes you want to drive one of the machines around the set. I mean the machines have roll cages, right?

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show
0710SE_10230I251103 200812FL_05900597P16131 200612FL_140142C04125 200612FL_144C04125 200812FL_0586P16125 200812FL_0587P16125 200812FL_0589P16125 200504WDW_383C28142
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End Disney's Hollywood Studios - Part 3.

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