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Walt Disney World Resort - Disney's Hollywood Studios, Part 4


Pixar Place
Pixar Place

Pixar Place

DHS Map Pixar Place is the newest area in DHS, and while appropriately named, only has a single attraction, and a Pixar Meet and Greet area. (And, of course, a place to buy food and Toy Story stuff...)

This place might be called Pixar Place, but it's really Toy Story Street. While other Pixar characters (including the afternoon parade) are of other Pixar features, the only franchise here is Toy Story.

Pixar Place
200912FL_0498P07082 200912FL_0518P07091 200912FL_0592P07114 200812FL_0562P16121 200912FL_0587P07114 200912FL_0589P07114 201105WDW_0216P10113 200912FL_0588P07114 201105WDW_0217P10113 200912FL_0517P07091 201012WDW_597P11090 201012WDW_598P11090
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Pixar Place - Meet the Toys

Meet the Toys is Woody and Buzz's meet and greet area. While waiting in line, you can amuse yourself by putting yourself in various Toy Story scenes...

Meet the Toys
201012WDW_582P11085 200812FL_0515P16092 200912FL_0546P07095 200912FL_0547P07095 200912FL_0549P07095 200912FL_0550P07095 200912FL_0551P07095 200912FL_0554P07100 200912FL_0555P07100 200912FL_0556P07100 200912FL_0557P07100 200912FL_0560P07100 200912FL_0561P07100 200912FL_0562P07100 200812FL_0561P16115
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Pixar Place - Toy Story Midway Mania

That single attraction in Pixar Place, is Toy Story Midway Mania, the latest 3-D interactive shoot-'em-ups with your favorite Toy Story characters. It's 5-stars well themed, and the attraction itself is first rate. Even if the cars get held up, you just keep shooting, so there's really never a downtime from the start to the finish.

It's probably my favorite attraction at DHS...

Toy Story Midway Mania
201012WDW_583589P11085_final 200912FL_0590P07114 200912FL_0574P07110 200912FL_0575P07110 200912FL_0580P07112 201210WDW_1276X02112 200812FL_0572P16121 200912FL_05410543P07094 201112WDW_1732P12083 200812FL_0516P16092 200812FL_0517P16092
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Pixar Place - Toy Story Midway Mania Queue

Potato Head
And you're still a hockey puck.
Toy Story Midway Mania, Queue Room
200912FL_0502P07083 200912FL_0504P07084 200912FL_0503P07084 200912FL_0506P07084 200812FL_0862P18094 200812FL_0518P16092 200812FL_0520P16093 200812FL_0522P16093 200812FL_0523P16093 200812FL_0857P18094 200812FL_0858P18094 200812FL_0859P18094 200812FL_0526P16093 200812FL_0527P16093 200812FL_0863P18094 200812FL_0528P16093 200812FL_0865P18094 200812FL_0529P16093 200812FL_0530P16093 200812FL_0869P18095 200812FL_0870P18095 200812FL_0872P18095 200812FL_0533P16094 200912FL_0565P07104 200812FL_0534P16094 200812FL_0535P16094 200812FL_0868P18094 200912FL_0563P07104 201105WDW_0208P10110 201105WDW_02110212P10110 201112WDW_1733P12084
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Pixar Place - Toy Story Midway Mania Load Room

Toy Story Midway Mania, Load Room
200912FL_0573P07110 200912FL_0582P07112 200812FL_0536P16095 200812FL_0537P16095 200812FL_0880P18100 200812FL_0888P18100 200812FL_0881P18100 201112WDW_1845P12122 200812FL_0882P18100 200812FL_0885P18100 201112WDW_1846P12122 201112WDW_1847P12122 201105WDW_0214P10112 201105WDW_0215P10112 200912FL_0586P07113
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End Disney's Hollywood Studios - Part 4.

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