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Walt Disney World Resort - Disney's Hollywood Studios, Part 5


Animation Courtyard
The Disney Studios Archway to Animation Courtyard...

Mickey Avenue

DHS Map Mickey Avenue is only a fraction its former self, since Pixar Place is now the other half. At one point, Mickey Avenue stretched all the way to Studio Backlot Tours. With Pixar Place sneaking in, SBT was co-opted by Streets of America, and Mickey Avenue now only holds one attraction, One Man's Dream. No food venue, no gift shop, no souvenir stand...

Back when Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was a popular show on TV, WDW brought it to Disney-MGM Studios just like they did American Idol.

I saw the show once, which was one more time than I had seen the television show.

It was closed in 2006, to make way for Toy Store Midway Mania.

There was also a short lived attraction that was dedicated to Narnia, then Narnia 2, but then Disney dropped the franchise, Waldon went to Fox, and the attraction was never heard from again...

Mickey Ave
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One Man's Dream

I dunno. If there was a required attraction at Walt Disney World, it should be One Man's Dream.

Opening in 2001 for the 100 Years of Magic Celebration, it gave guests access to some of the artifacts and prototypes hidden away in the Disney Archives. In 2009, soon after the formation of D23, Disney's official fan club, the attraction was refurbished and reopened sponsored by the club and its archives, and now contains over 400 artifacts of the history and legacy of Walt Disney and the Disney Parks.

In a way, Walt has become a victim of his own success. His legacy is now a multi-national, multi-media corporation, with far reaching subsidiaries such as ABC television, ESPN, Pixar and Marvel. A long way from someplace that a Dad could take his Daughters.

Kudos to Disney (and D23) for honoring the man who started the company that we know today. It may not be the company Walt envisioned, but I think he'd be amazed at what his company has become today.

One Man's Dream
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Animation Courtyard

DHS Map I sometimes wonder if the archway to Animation Courtyard wasn't supposed to be Disney-MGM's Icon. The way it frames Sorcerer Mickey on the Animation Building is perfect.

Animation Courtyard
200209FNO_163C02215 0710SE_10530I251259 201210WDW_1263X02111 201210WDW_1265X02111 0710SE_10550I251259 201203WDW_1217dW09103 0710SE_1070010750I251327 201203WDW_1255P09111 0710SE_10760I251328 0710SE_10770I251328
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Animation Courtyard
The Seaweed is always greener...

Animation Courtyard - Voyage of the Little Mermaid

'The Voyage of the Little Mermaid', a brutally shortened version of the Little Mermaid. Part animation, part puppet and part live action, it's a 20 minute look into one of Disney's best animated features from the 90's... There's video of it here.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid
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Animation Courtyard - The Magic of Disney Animation

Animation Courtyard is also home to The Magic Of Disney Animation, which introduces you to Disney's Animation from concept to the actual production of an animated feature. It was before computer animation, but I'm not sure the process is that different. The show is getting along in age, to the point there are now two queues, one for the animation show, and one that goes directly to the character meet-'n-greet post show.

Still, it's an interesting walk-through. The show is pretty good the first couple of times you see it, and they're always updating things like maquettes of current animated features, as well as some of the Oscars won by Disney Animation.

The Magic of Disney Animation
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End Disney's Hollywood Studios - Part 5.

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