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Walt Disney World Resort - Disney's Hollywood Studios, Part 6


Sunset Boulevard
Looking down Sunset Boulevard...

Sunset Boulevard

DHS Map Sunset Boulevard is the latest expansion (as opposed to Pixar Place which replaced part of Mickey Avenue) where Disney set out to satisfy the Thrill Ride seekers at Disney, with the addition of two of the most popular attractions at DHS.

Rock 'n Roller Coaster and Tower Of Terror are the two feature thrill rides in DHS. The indoor roller coaster and runaway elevator are perennial favorites in this part of the park. Along with those two is a version of the Beauty and the Beast stage show, supposedly the impetus for the Broadway show currently popular. The fourth attraction is down the street, and to the right, in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater.

Sunset Boulevard is also home to the best food court in DHS, where you can get a turkey leg. My trip to DHS isn't complete without a Turkey Leg here...

Sunset Boulevard
200812FL_09170926P18121 200812FL_0909P18121 200812FL_0910P18121 200812FL_0844P18093 0710SE_10850I251332 200812FL_0913P18121 0710SE_10880I251332 200812FL_0940P18122 0710SE_10860I251332 200812FL_0912P18121 200812FL_0911P18121 200812FL_0937P18122 200106ECT_232s359T10194 200106ECT_233s360T10194 0710SE_11160I251423 0710SE_11150I251423 200812FL_0914P18121 200106ECT_235s361T10194 200812FL_0915P18121 0710SE_10910I251333 0710SE_10950I251406 200812FL_0916P18121 200106ECT_237s367T10195 201112WDW_1816P12110 0710SE_11120I251421 201210WDW_1193X02095 0710SE_11110I251421 0710SE_11170I251436 200812FL_0927P18121 200812FL_0935P18122 200812FL_0936P18122 200812FL_0938P18122 201210WDW_1192X02095 200912FL_0436P06165 200912FL_0438P06165 200912FL_0445P06165 0710SE_1107011090I251417 201210WDW_1258X02110 201210WDW_1259X02110
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Sunset Boulevard - Beauty and the Beast

The Theater of the Stars holds daily showings of Beauty and the Beast. It is much like Voyage of the Little Mermaid on the other side of the park, where the costumed character's voices are pre-recorded, but Belle and Gaston are miked and provide live performances. Like Mermaid, it is a brutally shortened live version of Beauty and the Beast, and it is said this show was the impetus of putting the show on Broadway.

It's worth the effort to see it, at least once.

Beauty and the Beast
200812FL_0929P18121 200812FL_0930P18121 201210WDW_1218X02095 201210WDW_1219X02095 201210WDW_1220X02095 201210WDW_1223X02103 201210WDW_1225X02103 201210WDW_1226X02103 201210WDW_1228X02103 201210WDW_1230X02103 201210WDW_1231X02103 201210WDW_1233X02103 201210WDW_1236X02103 201210WDW_1237X02103 201210WDW_1238X02104 201210WDW_1239X02104 201210WDW_1242X02104 201210WDW_1243X02104 201210WDW_1245X02104 201210WDW_1246X02104 201210WDW_1247X02104 201210WDW_1251X02105 201210WDW_1252X02105 201210WDW_1253X02105 201210WDW_1254X02105 201210WDW_1255X02105 201210WDW_1256X02105 201210WDW_1257X02105
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Sunset Boulevard - Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

It's the ol' Alice in Wonderland story. You're Late!

You and 23 other Aerosmith fans are stuffed into a limo, and launched via linear induction motors to 60mph in 3 seconds so you can get to the concert in time. Three inversions and a number of twists and turns later (in complete darkness, the entire coaster is enclosed in buildings) while an Aerosmith tune screams in your ears, you arrive in time for the concert. But you never get to see the concert. Huh.

Thumbs up anyway!

If you Google this coaster and investigate a little, you'll find this Coaster has an outdoor twin, in case you were curious what the track layout looks like.

Rockin' Roller Coaster
201210WDW_1195X02095 200812FL_0933P18121 201210WDW_1214X02095 200209FNO_140C02210 201210WDW_1213X02095 0710SE_10970I251415 201210WDW_1211X02095 0710SE_1099011030I251415 201210WDW_11991210X02095 200812FL_0554P16112 200812FL_0556P16112 200812FL_0557P16113 200812FL_0559P16113 0710SE_11040I251416
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Tower of Terror
The Hollywood Tower of Terror. Think of the cleaning cost savings!

Sunset Boulevard - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

I had a lot of people lie to me that I'd like this ride.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
200209FNO_145C02210 200812FL_0552P16111 0710SE_10900I251333 0710SE_11100I251418 201210WDW_1191X02095 201210WDW_1215X02095 201112WDW_0587P08090 201112WDW_0588P08090 201112WDW_0589P08090 201112WDW_0590P08090 201112WDW_0591P08091 201112WDW_0592P08091 201112WDW_0593P08091 201112WDW_0595P08091 201112WDW_0596P08091 201112WDW_0598P08091 201112WDW_0600P08091 201112WDW_0602P08091 201112WDW_0603P08091 201112WDW_0604P08091 201112WDW_0605P08091 201112WDW_0606P08091 201112WDW_0608P08091 201112WDW_0610P08091 201112WDW_0612P08091 201112WDW_0614P08091 201112WDW_0616P08091 201112WDW_0617P08092 201112WDW_0619P08092 201112WDW_0620P08092 201112WDW_0622P08092 201112WDW_0624P08092 201112WDW_0627P08092 201112WDW_0629P08092 201112WDW_0630P08092 201112WDW_0632P08092 201112WDW_0633P08092 201112WDW_0634P08092 201112WDW_0635P08092 201112WDW_0637P08093 201112WDW_0639P08093 201112WDW_0640P08093 201112WDW_0641P08093 201112WDW_0642P08093
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Hollywood Hills Amphitheater

The Hollywood Hills Amphitheater holds one show, Disney's Hollywood Studios nighttime spectacular "Fantasmic!". Yes I have video. It's on my Video Page.

Hollywood Hills Amphitheater
200812FL_0931P18121 201210WDW_1216X02095 201210WDW_1217X02095 0710SE_11050I251417 200106ECT_240s371T10203 200209FNO_241248C03014 200209FNO_250252C03014
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End Disney's Hollywood Studios - Part 6.

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