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Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom, Part 1


Magic Kingdom
The Entrance to Magic Kingdom. Let The Memories Begin!


MK Map
Park maps are provided for relative location and area, not detail. Oh, original map ©Disney...
Magic Kingdom. The Most Magical Place on Earth. The Place Where Dreams Come True.

A little pixie dust, a little bother, and you can live happily ever after. Well, at least until the Visa bill comes in. You happily witness the pillage of a village, converse with monsters and welcome a ghost that follows you home.

We want the redhead, and a great big beautiful tomorrow in your own happy place. We want to go to infinity and beyond, yet stay in a small world and end the day on the main street of a small town in Missouri.

This is the park Walt wanted to do right. A place where he could control everything. And I'm sure even Walt would have been surprised at just how well he succeeded. It may not be the place he was planning, but it does have the magic and spirit that built Disneyland.

In the grand scheme of Walt Disney's "Project X", his Florida Project would begin by building a theme park next to Bay Lake. Once the theme park was in operation, he would funnel the profits into his Experimental Prototype City Of Tomorrow. , , to house his 1964 New York World's Fair attractions, and to help fund his City of Tomorrow, EPCOT. There were supposed to be several other attractions at Magic Kingdom, but most got drastically changed after Walt's death. With Disney World on hold, the World's Fair attractions went to Disneyland. But the company already owned 43 square miles of property...

Walt Disney World (Roy had added "Walt" to the name to honor his brother) opened on October 1, 1971. At the time, it was the Magic Kingdom, the Polynesian hotel and the Contemporary hotel, all connected by monorail. (You can find out a little more history from my May 2011 trip, where I attended D23's WDW 40th anniversary event.) It hadn't changed when I first visited in 1977. Hop on the monorail to the Poly, have an adult beverage, monorail back. It was...fun. :-) But you can read about that in the general Disneyworld section.

Today, it is the most visited park in the world, with over 17 million visitors, and in 2012 will see its first major expansion in a decade. (Oct 2013 update. Most of the new Fantasyland is open, and construction on things like the new Snow White attraction is well underway...)

What Magic Kingdom is about, is Classic Disney. In a way, Magic Kingdom is still Walt Disney World to me. Everything else is just a bonus.

I stayed at the Contemporary Hotel in May 2011, since WDW's 40th anniversary event was being held at the convention center there. Since it was going to be my "Monorail Hotel" stay, I got a park view room. A wise decision. I would have to recommend staying at a monorail resort with a park view room to any Disney World fan. Just once...

View of Magic Kingdom from the Contemporary Hotel
201105WDW_0937P14064 201105WDW_09831046P14064 201105WDW_0919P13215 201105WDW_0922P13215
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Entrance to Magic Kingdom

Entrance Magic Kingdom
MK Map The entrance is usually a busy place (as if any place in the Magic Kingdom is not), since this is where all the different forms of transportation converge, bags are given a cursory once over, and it seems most guests just can't figure out the turnstiles.

I found the best transportation here is from the Wilderness Lodge/Fort Wilderness boats, that dock right in front of the Magic Kingdom.

201109WDW_377P29161 201109WDW_378P29161 0710SE_11900I251825 0710SE_11910I251827 201112WDW_0679P08191 201112WDW_0681P08192 201210WDW_0951X01122 201210WDW_0952X01122 201210WDW_0953X01122 201112WDW_0646P08150 201112WDW_0647P08150 201112WDW_0648P08150 201203WDW_0926P07135 201203WDW_0925P07134 201203WDW_0924P07134 201105WDW_0312P10144 201105WDW_0313P10144 201105WDW_0320P10144 201109WDW_375P29155 201109WDW_376P29155 201012WDW_446P10153 200007WDW_198N02155 200007WDW_197N02155 200209FNO_255C03151 201012WDW_216P08155 201210WDW_0754X01100 201210WDW_1063X01182 200405FL_20T07213 201112WDW_1583P11114 201203WDW_0919P07133 201203WDW_0920P07134 201203WDW_0921P07134 201203WDW_0922P07134 201203WDW_0923P07134
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Main Street U.S.A - Town Square

MK Map Main Street U.S.A, is supposed to be reminiscent of Walt's childhood home at the turn of the century (albeit the 20th century); Marceline, Missouri; forced perspective, blah, blah, blah.

What Main Street really is, is the entrance and exit to Magic Kingdom, and in a way, the credits for the park. All along the street, in plain view but rarely noticed by the guests, are the people who made Disney famous. Almost every second story window has a name, mostly in the guise of advertising, of the Imagineers, the cartoonists and the people who made Disneyworld happen. After all, Walt was a movie maker. All of his productions had to have credits...

It is also, of course, one long store from the train station to the hub, where one can eat and buy almost anything Magic Kingdom and Disney World...

Town Square is the start of Main Street, where you'll find Guest Services, a restaurant, package pickup, etc. It's your introduction to Disney World, and they make sure you know it.

Main Street U.S.A. - Town Square
200304FL_062069C29095 201210WDW_07550767X01101 200912FL_07760786P08154 0710SE_0970009870I242027 201210WDW_0768X01101 0710SE_04400I221459 0710SE_04410I221459 0710SE_05740I221705 0710SE_05710I221704 201210WDW_0948X01121 201210WDW_0792X01102 201210WDW_0793X01102 200209FNO_257C03152 201109WDW_288P29102 201109WDW_291P29102 201203WDW_0781P07110 201203WDW_0783P07110 201203WDW_0784P07110 201203WDW_0786P07110 201203WDW_0787P07110 201203WDW_0788P07110 201203WDW_0791P07110 201203WDW_0792P07110 201203WDW_0793P07110 201203WDW_0319P05143 201203WDW_0321P05143 201203WDW_0322P05143 201203WDW_0323P05143 201203WDW_0325P05143 200209FNO_261C03152 201210WDW_1163X01213 201210WDW_1164X01213 201210WDW_1166X01213 201210WDW_1168X01213
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Main Street U.S.A

It may sound odd, but for me, a visit to Magic Kingdom isn't complete without a walk up Main Street. In past visits, I've hopped the Railroad to Frontierland or Toontown, and it felt like the wrong way to enter the park.

So you might do a little more walking. It's not like you haven't walked enough that trip. On the other hand, if I'm leaving the park, I've got no aversion to saving a few... hundred steps.

Main Street U.S.A.
201210WDW_07830791X01102 201210WDW_11451162X01213 0710SE_04540I221507 201105WDW_0271P10132 201105WDW_0272P10132 200209FNO_262C03152 201203WDW_0894P07131 201203WDW_0895P07131 200504WDW_299C27172 201012WDW_219P08161 201012WDW_220P08161 201012WDW_221P08161 201012WDW_222P08161 201012WDW_223P08161 201012WDW_224P08161 200007WDW_167N02134 200007WDW_169N02134 200007WDW_170N02134 200106ECT_103s142N08152 200209FNO_260C03152 0710SE_0456004610I221508 0710SE_0564005690I221702 201108WDW_172200P17113 200203FL_088N16112 201203WDW_0317bW05142 201203WDW_0317P05142 0710SE_05630I221701 0710SE_04620I221510 0710SE_04670I221513 0710SE_04680I221513 0710SE_04630I221510 0710SE_04640I221510 200504WDW_301C27172 0710SE_06730I231632 200912FL_0801P08162 201109WDW_374P29152 0710SE_04660I221511 200812FL_06270636P16171 201112WDW_0677P08184 201109WDW_368P29145 201109WDW_369P29145 201109WDW_370P29145 201112WDW_1196P10072 201112WDW_1197P10072 201112WDW_1199P10072 201112WDW_1202P10072 201112WDW_1203P10072 201112WDW_1206P10072 201112WDW_1208P10072 201112WDW_1211P10072 201112WDW_1212P10072 0710SE_09880I242032 0710SE_09910I242033 201210WDW_1144X01213 201210WDW_1143X01213 200912FL_0331P05203 201112WDW_1108P09175 200006WDW_103N30203
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Main Street U.S.A - The Hub

The Hub is the central location of Magic Kingdom, from which 'spokes' branch off in every direction to the different lands. In the center of the hub is the bronze 'Partners', a statue of Walt and his alter-ego Mickey. Surrounding 'Partners', are smaller bronzes of the characters that made Walt the man he was. Or at least made The Disney Company what it was...

Main Street U.S.A. - The Hub
0710SE_04700I221514 0710SE_04710I221514 0710SE_04850I221517 200203FL_097N16113 0710SE_04720I221515 200203FL_093N16112 0710SE_04730I221515 0710SE_04740I221515 0710SE_04750I221516 200203FL_112N16115 0710SE_04760I221516 200203FL_104N16113 200203FL_106N16113 0710SE_04770I221516 0710SE_04780I221516 200203FL_109N16113 0710SE_04790I221516 200203FL_099N16113 0710SE_04800I221517 0710SE_04810I221517 0710SE_04820I221517 0710SE_04830I221517 200203FL_096N16113 200203FL_091N16112 200209FNO_070N01182 201012WDW_562P10223 200310FL_106C25182 0710SE_05620I221659
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End Magic Kingdom - Part 1 of 10.

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