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Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom, Part 2


Cinderella Castle
Cinderella Castle in the warm light just before sunset...

Cinderella Castle

MK Map Yes, I know Cinderella Castle is technically in Fantasyland, but you stare at it all the while you're walking up Main Street, so I'm putting it here.

Cinderella Castle (almost a real castle compared to Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland), is Magic Kingdom's icon. I'm sure you've seen it, so here's another 30+ pics of it.

More pictures of the Castle dressed up in its Christmas Dress, the Castle Ice Lights, can be found in the Christmas section of Magic Kingdom. The Video of the Lighting Ceremony can be found here.

Cinderella Castle
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Cinderella Castle - Breezeway

With the Castle Forecourt stage shows, I'm not even sure the average guest can get to the Castle Murals, or see the detail of the archways. You certainly can't during the shows, since the breezeway becomes staging for the outdoor show.

Castle Interior Breezeway
200007WDW_554N05180 201112WDW_1373P10093 201112WDW_1374P10093 201112WDW_1375P10093 201112WDW_1376P10093 201112WDW_1377P10093 201112WDW_1308P10091 201112WDW_1309P10091 201112WDW_1310P10091 201112WDW_1311P10091 201112WDW_1312P10091 201112WDW_1313P10091 201112WDW_1315P10091 201112WDW_1314P10091
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Cinderella Castle Dream Suite

The Cinderella Castle Dream Suite
The Cinderella Castle Dream Suite
The impetus for the Castle Suite, was a 2006/2007 promotional campaign in the theme parks, "A Year of a Million Dreams", during which time Disney would award a million prizes to the guests that visit. (I got a pin lanyard with two YoaMD pins in Downtown Disney. Wowzers.)

The grand prize, was a night in the Castle Suite. One winner every day. I would have preferred the suite over the lanyard, but at least I won something. :-) The promotion proved to be so popular, that they extended the promotion another year. So it became the Two Years of Two Million Dreams promotion. But I digress.

In December 2011, I attended D23's 2011 Magic and Merriment, event held at WDW. One of the attractions of the event, was a tour of the Castle Dream Suite.

We were given a history of the suite, and later, a 10 minute visit. The suite itself is smaller than a 1-bedroom DVC villa, but with no kitchen. How much time do you really need up there? Everything was labeled "Show Ready", so it's not like we could even sit on anything.

On the other hand, I did mention that watching a football game with a few brews in the parlor would be AWESOME!

I would check out the above link if you want more information on the Suite. There's a lot of information there...

Cinderella Castle Dream Suite - Concierge Room

The Concierge Room didn't exist until the Suite was built, and it's only purpose is to serve the guests in the Castle Suite. (It is staffed full time when the suite is occupied.) It looks like it was always there, though...

And while the room was built to only serve the suite, the elevator is not. When the elevator was first called, the door opened to three princesses who were going up to the Royal Table. After a couple of snafu's, we ended up taking the elevator with Aurora, Jasmine and an Ariel with legs...

Castle Suite Concierge Room
201112WDW_1317P10092 201112WDW_1318P10092 201112WDW_1319P10092 201112WDW_1321P10092 201112WDW_1323P10092 201112WDW_1324P10092 201112WDW_1325P10092 201112WDW_1326P10092 201112WDW_1327P10092 201112WDW_1328P10092 201112WDW_1329P10092 201112WDW_1330P10092 201112WDW_1372P10093 201112WDW_1331P10092
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Castle Elevator
201112WDW_1332P10092 201112WDW_1333P10092 201112WDW_1371P10093 201112WDW_1370P10093
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Cinderella Castle Dream Suite - Foyer

They Foyer was built mainly so you don't step out of the elevator and into the bedroom. It contains a lot of cool stuff...

Castle Foyer
201112WDW_1334P10093 201112WDW_1369P10093 201112WDW_1335P10093 201112WDW_1336P10093 201112WDW_1338P10093 201112WDW_1337P10093
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Cinderella Castle Dream Suite - Bed Chamber

One of the goals while building the suite was to make sure the guest always knew he/she was in the castle. Mission accomplished. It is opulent, and it's quite apparent where you are. But the thing that would bother me is Cindy watching me all night. See, when the TV is off, it turns into a portrait of Cinderella. It's not a painting, it's a TV. Does it glow at night? Hopefully, she goes away when you turn off the lights...

Castle Bed Chamber
201112WDW_13401342P10093 201112WDW_1343P10093 201112WDW_1344P10093 201112WDW_1367P10093 201112WDW_1368P10093 201112WDW_1345P10093 201112WDW_1346P10093 201112WDW_1347P10093 201112WDW_1348P10093 201112WDW_1356P10093
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Cinderella Castle Dream Suite - Parlor

This is actually a very small room, more than three or four would be a crowd. The mirrors on one wall makes it feel larger, and the six windows keep the room more cheery than the bedroom.

Castle Parlor
201112WDW_13491352P10093 201112WDW_1353P10093 201112WDW_1354P10093 201112WDW_1355P10093
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Cinderella Castle Dream Suite - Royal Commode

Ah, the Royal Commode. Just as much attention to detail and themeing here, with welcome anachronisms such as toilet paper and plumbing...

Castle Bathroom
201112WDW_1357P10093 201112WDW_1358P10093 201112WDW_1364P10093 201112WDW_1359P10093 201112WDW_1360P10093 201112WDW_1361P10093 201112WDW_1362P10093 201112WDW_1363P10093 201112WDW_1365P10093 201112WDW_1366P10093
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Well, as someone once said (and I haven't been able to find out who that someone is), it's all about location. Staying in the Castle Suite, in Magic Kingdom's icon, is one of the rarest perks available in the park, perhaps in all of WDW. It is, one of the few things (available to guests) that you can't buy your way into. It is used as a marketing venue, usually the Grand Prize of a contest. Disney has no plans to start selling the suite...
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End Magic Kingdom - Part 2.

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