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Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom, Part 3


The Entrance to Adventureland


MK Map Adventureland is the setting for Disney's movies and attractions that are associated with the exotic and adventurous. That's why Pecos Bill's is in Frontierland. Represented are the immortal classics, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Enchanted Tiki Room. A Dumbo clone themed after Aladdin seems to have snuck in, and there's always a line for it. Well, except for the occasional camel spitting on you, it's harmless enough and does fit the theme of Adventureland...

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Adventureland - Magic Carpets of Alladin

Magic Carpets of Alladin is a Dumbo type ride which some considered inappropriate for Adventureland, but it's themed correctly, and it's the only attraction loosely based on the popular film in the park.

Appropriate or not, it always has a line. A ride is a ride, I guess.

Magic Carpets of Alladin
0710SE_05560I221655 0710SE_05550I221654 200106ECT_112s158N08172 200106ECT_115s161N08172 200812FL_0644P16174
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Adventureland - The Enchanted Tiki Room

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room is back. The New Management was tossed out on their... beak... back in 2010 when there was a small control room fire.

When Walt first created the Tiki Room and showed it to his friends, no one could quite figure it out. He had created a room that came alive, but it had no story to tell.

So he invites Robert and Richard Sherman to come see it. The show is over, the brothers, confused, turned to Walt to ask what the show was about.

"You're going to write a song to explain what it's all about!" And they did. And it still exists today, along with "it's a small world" and It's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow...

And the Sherman Brothers still don't have a window on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. Something wrong with that.

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room
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Stalemate! Pirates of the Caribbean

Adventureland - Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates was supposed to be a walk through attraction, until Disney saw the unprecidented throughput numbers on "small world" at the 1964 World's Fair. Since it's opening, numerous changes have been made to make it more politically correct, but to this day everyone's still waiting for the redhead to go on sale...

The only theme park attraction that really made it as a movie (as opposed to a movie being turned into a theme park attraction), Pirates had some major updates in 2007 with the release of Pirates 2, to include the likes of Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Davy Jones in a special appearance on a fog screen. With the release of Pirates 3, Blackbeard was added to the opening scene, trading places with Cap'n Jones.

(Now you can argue Haunted Mansion had moderate success (and a reboot is being made), but then there's Country Bears...)

This was the last attraction Walt worked on before his death. I think he'd still approve of the ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean
200612FL_283C05192 201110WDW_851P02182 201110WDW_852P02182 201203WDW_0795P07111 200812FL_0637P16172 200812FL_0640P16172 200304FL_090C29110 0710SE_05460I221651 0710SE_05470I221651 201203WDW_0796P07112 201203WDW_0797P07112 201210WDW_1088X01202 201203WDW_0799P07112 201203WDW_0800P07112 201203WDW_0801P07112 201210WDW_1089X01202 201203WDW_0804P07112 201210WDW_1096X01202 201203WDW_0815P07113 201203WDW_0817P07113 201203WDW_0819P07113 201203WDW_0824P07113 201203WDW_0825P07113 201203WDW_0828P07113 200912FL_0803P08172 201012WDW_225P08163 201012WDW_226P08163 201012WDW_227P08163 201112WDW_1408P10102
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Leaving Adventureland toward Frontierland
201110WDW_850P02181 201112WDW_1406P10102 201112WDW_1407P10102 0710SE_05440I221650
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End Magic Kingdom - Part 3.

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