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Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom, Part 5


Big Thunder Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain from The Liberty Belle on the Rivers of America.

Liberty Square

MK Map Liberty Square is themed to Early America, where 13 disparate colonies united against a common foe, and made America an independent country. What this has to do with the Haunted Mansion I don't know, but it does seem to fit the theme!

Liberty Square
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Liberty Square - Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern might be the best table service in Magic Kingdom. Of course, I've never tried the character meals, since I generally try to avoid character meals...

Anyway, we ate in the Thomas Jefferson room, perhaps my favorite founding father next to Ben Franklin. The food was good. I'd recommend the place. You'll have to make reservations, the place is usually full.

Liberty Tree Tavern
0710SE_05310I221639 201210WDW_0853X01111 201210WDW_0854X01111 201203WDW_0279P05124 201203WDW_0280P05124 201203WDW_0282P05124 201203WDW_0283P05124 201203WDW_0285P05125 201203WDW_0287P05125 201203WDW_0291P05125 201203WDW_0294P05132 201203WDW_0297P05132 201203WDW_0299P05132 201203WDW_0301P05132
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Liberty Square - Rivers of America

All right, so the theme of Liberty Square might be Early America, but the Liberty Belle Riverboat on the Rivers of America is a steam paddleboat. So we're at least into the early 1800's. It was the paddleboats of the day that went upstream just by burning a fuel source, that started the obsolescence of the horse. It also made roads like the Natchez Trace obsolete, except for those who lived along its path.

The Liberty Square Riverboat takes a lazy lap around the "River", and it gives you a right-nice tour of some of Tom Sawyer's Island and the back of Big Thunder Mountain. It's narrated by Sam Clemens. Who else?

Rivers of America
201210WDW_0858X01111 200209FNO_283C03155 201109WDW_294P29112 201109WDW_295P29112 201109WDW_297P29112 201109WDW_299P29113 201109WDW_300P29113 201109WDW_301P29113 201109WDW_303P29113 201109WDW_304P29113 201109WDW_305P29113 201109WDW_306P29113 201109WDW_307P29113 201109WDW_309P29113 201109WDW_310P29113 201109WDW_312P29113 201109WDW_313P29113 201109WDW_315P29113 201109WDW_317P29113 201109WDW_318P29113 201109WDW_319P29114 201109WDW_320P29114 201109WDW_322P29114 201109WDW_324P29114 201109WDW_325P29114 201109WDW_326P29114 201110WDW_849P02175
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Liberty Square - Columbia Harbour House

Arguably, the Columbia Harbour House has the best counter service in Magic Kingdom. 'Course, I like the fish/shrimp/fries basket... Heh. BTW, the second floor has some excellent seating, and it's usually much nicer than the first floor...

Columbia Harbour House
201210WDW_0860X01111 201210WDW_0861X01111 201210WDW_0865X01111 201112WDW_1215P10075 201112WDW_1216P10075 201112WDW_1213P10075
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Gracey Manor
Gracey Manor, on the way to returning the ghost that followed me home the last time I was here...

Liberty Square - Haunted Mansion

One of the original attractions at Magic Kingdom, Paul Frees hosts the 999 happy haunts, and is always looking for that someone special to fill the 1000 slots they have. I was with a friend of mine who's ex-marriage was going badly, and he kept volunteering, but he was still with me at the end of the ride...

There is some really bad video of the attraction here. Read the description on the video page, it'll explain how the video was mixed.

Now, if someone who's never been on Haunted Mansion goes on it, then isn't there 998 haunts left because one followed the newbie home? (I assume that veteran HM guests return the one they took home last time, and pick up a new one at the end, so it becomes a net gain of zero by the end of the day...)

There's also the problem of whether or not it's one ghost per doom buggy, or one ghost per person. Makes a difference.

Yeah, these are the types of things you think of when you drive 1200 miles to get there...

Haunted Mansion
0710SE_05330I221640 201109WDW_292P29112 201108WDW_226P17130 200209FNO_279C03155 201210WDW_0863X01111 0710SE_05300I221637 201112WDW_1234P10082 201105WDW_1498P15123 201105WDW_1499P15123 201112WDW_1233P10082 201203WDW_0835P07115 201203WDW_0836P07115 201210WDW_1068X01193
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Liberty Square - Haunted Mansion (Old Cemetary)

The old cemetery is mostly gone, since it was replaced with a new one in 2011. Leota is still there, and still takes a peek at the guests coming in... Have to know how to shill the mark, donchaknow.

Old cemetery
200007WDW_185N02143 200007WDW_186N02143 200007WDW_193N02143 200812FL_0651P16174 200812FL_0653P16174
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Liberty Square - Haunted Mansion (New Cemetary)

The new cemetery is an interactive queue. It's really part of the next-gen initiative Disney has, to keep the guests entertained even when waiting in line.

Since the queue is new, and there's all sorts of things to see and do, the line to Haunted Mansion can get quite long. Thankfully, there's a bypass to go from the queue right to the antechamber.

There are very cool things here. A musician's tomb, where he will happily play an instrument if you touch it, books that pop out of the book case, a chance to speak to the nearly departed (really, try it, they answer back), and more jovialities one would associate with a graveyard.

There's also whodunnit in the queue, involving all the new grave markers. Between the epitaphs and the statues, you're supposed to be able to solve the mystery of who killed all these people and how. I have yet to do this...

New cemetery
201108WDW_224P17123 201105WDW_0291P10140 201105WDW_0290P10140 201105WDW_0289P10140 201105WDW_0288P10140 201110WDW_828P02173 201110WDW_830P02173 201110WDW_831P02173 201105WDW_0292P10140 201105WDW_0293P10140 201112WDW_1217P10080 201110WDW_838P02173 201112WDW_12181222P10080 201112WDW_1223P10080 201110WDW_842P02173 201110WDW_843P02173 201105WDW_0303P10141 201105WDW_0304P10141 201105WDW_0305P10141 201112WDW_1224P10080 201112WDW_1225P10080 201112WDW_1226P10080 201110WDW_846P02174
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Liberty Square - Haunted Mansion

201112WDW_1586P11123 201105WDW_0308P10142 201105WDW_0309P10142 201110WDW_847P02175 201105WDW_0310P10142 201108WDW_223P17123 201112WDW_1227P10081 201112WDW_1228P10081 201112WDW_1229P10081 201112WDW_1230P10081 201112WDW_1231P10081 201112WDW_1232P10081 201112WDW_1584P11122 201112WDW_1585P11122 201105WDW_1500P15123
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End Magic Kingdom - Part 5.

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