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Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom, Part 6


Fantasyland is home to "it's a small world"
All together now! "It's a world of laughter, a world of tears..."


MK Map Walt said it best: "Fantasyland is dedicated to the young at heart and to those who believe that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true."

Which one are you?

And, for the first time in decades, Fantasyland will undergo a major facelift. Commonly referred to as Fantasyland 2, most everything from the other side of Pooh to the train tracks will be razed (that would be Mickey's Toontown Fair), and rebuilt themed to Disney's more recent (and recent is a relative term) princesses, such as Ariel and Belle...

Princesses are big business these days... So are pirates, but that's another attraction.

Though more and more of the attractions are modern, Fantasyland is still about classic Disney. Mickey's Philharmagic is Magic Kingdom's 3-D movie. It's Disney's Greatest Hits from Fantasia to Aladdin, not a single Pixar movie included. Pooh, Peter Pan, not to mention the home to Magic Kingdom's icon, Cinderella Castle are here.

Most of the current Fantasyland that exists will remain, though Snow White's Scary Adventure was axed in late May 2012 and will be re-themed. The Mine Car ride in Fantasyland 2 will become the new Snow White Attraction. D23 reported they were able to salvage over 50 items from the ride.

Dumbo has reproduced (Hmmm... How'd that happen...) and there are dual Dumbo rides in a new circus area in Fantasyland 2. It is reportedly in operation as of Summer 2012.

You can find some poor video of Peter Pan's Flight here. It's be a lot better if the lights were on and the vehicles moved at half the speed. Well, maybe not.

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Fantasyland - "it's a small world"

If you enter Fantasyland from Liberty Square, you end up staring at "it's a small world" all the way from the bathrooms.

Of all the attractions at Walt Disney World, I think the most remembered and iconic attraction might be "small world". Hated or not, I'll bet you know the words.

As originally planned, every country you sailed through would have the dolls singing that country's national anthem. The resulting ride had overlapping anthems, and it was terrible. Bob Sherman said it sounded like a million kids all singing different things. It was a cacophony.

So Walt brought The Boys (Sherman Brothers) back in. They were his go to guys every since they wrote Mary Poppins (which wouldn't be released until 1964 because of Mary Travis problems), and their help with the Tiki Room. He asked them if they could write one song that would cover everything? And they replied, "Well, we'll try."

It's said "it's a small world" is the most well known song in the world.

I highly recommend a DVD called "the boys:the sherman brothers' story". It's the story of the brother's that had a tremendous influence on Walt and his company.

I also had the pleasure of seeing Dick Sherman live at Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th. Follow that link for a description and pictures.

"it's a small world" is also the first ride that had the boat ride/load system. They found it had such a high throughput, that Pirates (that was being built in Disneyland) was converted from a walk-through to the boat system we know today.

"it's a small world"
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Beast's Castle
Fantasyland 2 will be the home of Beast's Castle

Fantasyland 2 Construction

The addition of Fantasyland 2 will be the first major improvement to Magic Kingdom in quite a while. While Toontown was sacrificed to make way, we will see the addition of Beast's Castle, the Circus area mentioned above, a Mine Train Ride, and an Little Mermaid ride.

When I was there in March 2012, Disney was staring to soft open the Circus. But not when I was in Magic Kingdom... sniff...

Fantasyland 2 Construction
201105WDW_1749P15202 201109WDW_353P29133 201109WDW_347P29133 201109WDW_349P29133 201109WDW_351P29133 201203WDW_0839P07121 201203WDW_0840P07121 201203WDW_0841P07121 201203WDW_0912P07133 201203WDW_0913P07133 201210WDW_0876X01111 201210WDW_0878X01111 201210WDW_0879X01111 201210WDW_0880X01111 201210WDW_0882X01111 201210WDW_0883X01111 201210WDW_0885X01111 201210WDW_0886X01112 201210WDW_0887X01112 201210WDW_0888X01112 201210WDW_0889X01112 201210WDW_08920898X01112
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Fantasyland - Storybook Circus

I have pictures from Storybook Circus and other areas of Fantasyland 2 from my September 2012 Trip Report.

Storybook Circus
201210WDW_0899X01112 201210WDW_09010905X01112 201210WDW_0906X01112 201210WDW_0907X01112 201210WDW_0908X01112 201210WDW_09100915X01112 201210WDW_0916X01113 201210WDW_0917X01113 201210WDW_0919X01113 201210WDW_0921X01113 201210WDW_0922X01113 201210WDW_0923X01113 201210WDW_0924X01113 201210WDW_0925X01113 201210WDW_0926X01113 201210WDW_0928X01113 201210WDW_0929X01113 201210WDW_0930X01113 201210WDW_0931X01113 201210WDW_0932X01113
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End Magic Kingdom - Part 6.

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