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Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom, Part 8


Main Street Electrical Parade
Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade

The Main Street Electrical Parade

There's actual video of the Main Street Electrical Parade (as well as SpectroMagic) in the video section. These pics were just some incidental camcorder pics I took.

The Main Street Electrical Parade, June 2000
200006WDW_091N30202 200006WDW_093N30202 200006WDW_094N30202 200006WDW_095N30202 200006WDW_096N30203 200006WDW_097N30203 200006WDW_100N30203
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The Main Street Electrical Parade (2010)

The need for construction staging at California Adventure (for the recently opened Cars Land, not to mention a new night show, World of Color), took the DCA Electrical Parade Unit out of DCA and put into Magic Kingdom.

It was part of the Summer Nightastic promotion. At the promotion's end, Disney announced the parade was going to stay indefinitely. Good move!

The new Electrical Parade unit has LED's as it's light source. They're all white LED's, it's the cap that gives it color. There are six different colors, each color has a light and dark variety, plus white, for 13 colors.

The lights are grouped in sets of seven, and each set of seven alternate with another set. So if an LED fails, an entire group of seven lights will go out, but since it's every other light, it's less noticeable.

Interestingly, the tech they use for the color caps fade in sunlight, so all the floats are kept indoors or under roof panels during the day.

There's a lot more information on the parade units from the D23's 2011 Magic and Merriment event I attended.

The first time I saw the Parade after it returned to Magic Kingdom was in December 2010. Let me say it was cold. (censored) cold. Tink was jumping all around, not because she was Tink, but because she was trying to get warm. Not a good night to have a skimpy costume...

PiC shot this parade, while I videotaped it.

The Main Street Electrical Parade, Dec 2010
201012WDW_244P08182 201012WDW_245P08182 201012WDW_246P08182 201012WDW_247P08182 201012WDW_248P08182 201012WDW_251P08182 201012WDW_252P08182 201012WDW_253P08182 201012WDW_255P08182 201012WDW_256P08182 201012WDW_257P08182 201012WDW_260P08183 201012WDW_261P08183 201012WDW_262P08183 201012WDW_264P08183 201012WDW_265P08183 201012WDW_266P08183 201012WDW_267P08183 201012WDW_268P08183 201012WDW_269P08183 201012WDW_270P08183 201012WDW_271P08183 201012WDW_272P08183 201012WDW_273P08183 201012WDW_275P08183 201012WDW_276P08183 201012WDW_277P08184 201012WDW_278P08184 201012WDW_281D08184
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The Main Street Electrical Parade (2011)

The weather for the second time I saw the new parade, was perfect. High-80's, intense sun during the day, but a pleasant night.

I shot this parade. Hand held. I love my G12...

The Main Street Electrical Parade, May 2011
201105WDW_0733P12201 201105WDW_0735P12202 201105WDW_0737P12202 201105WDW_0738P12202 201105WDW_0739P12202 201105WDW_0740P12202 201105WDW_0741P12202 201105WDW_0742P12202 201105WDW_0744P12202 201105WDW_0745P12202 201105WDW_0746P12202 201105WDW_0748P12202 201105WDW_0750P12202 201105WDW_0751P12202 201105WDW_0754P12202 201105WDW_0755P12202 201105WDW_0756P12202 201105WDW_0757P12202 201105WDW_0759P12202 201105WDW_0760P12202 201105WDW_0761P12202 201105WDW_0762P12202 201105WDW_0763P12202 201105WDW_0764P12202 201105WDW_0765P12202 201105WDW_0766P12202 201105WDW_0769P12202 201105WDW_0771P12202 201105WDW_0772P12203 201105WDW_0773P12203 201105WDW_0774P12203 201105WDW_0777P12203 201105WDW_0778P12203 201105WDW_0780P12203 201105WDW_0782P12203 201105WDW_0784P12203 201105WDW_0785P12203 201105WDW_0786P12203 201105WDW_0787P12203 201105WDW_0788P12203 201105WDW_0790P12203 201105WDW_0791P12203 201105WDW_0795P12203 201105WDW_0796P12203 201105WDW_0797P12203
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The finale of Wishes during the Christmas Season


Wishes Nighttime Spectacular is available in the video section, including its Halloween and Christmas variations. It's a show that rivals Illuminations in every way, but shares none of the elements between the shows. This is Disney Imagineering at its best...

My camcorder allows me to capture up to 3-6MP images while taping. These are those captures.

Wishes and various captures during taping
200310FL_112C25203 200310FL_114C25203 200310FL_118C25204 200612FL_089D02201 200612FL_091D02201 200612FL_276D05172 200612FL_278D05172 201012WDW_282D08191 201012WDW_283D08191 201012WDW_284D08191
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These were taken from the Tomorrowland Terrace. The counter service was actually open (until just before Wishes), so we munched on chicken fingers waiting for the show... The camera is on a tripod.

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular, Oct 2007
0710SE_09120I242001 0710SE_09130I242002 0710SE_09140I242002 0710SE_09150I242002 0710SE_09160I242003 0710SE_09170I242003 0710SE_09180I242003 0710SE_09200I242004 0710SE_09210I242004 0710SE_09220I242004 0710SE_09230I242004 0710SE_09240I242004 0710SE_09250I242005 0710SE_09260I242006 0710SE_09280I242006 0710SE_09290I242007 0710SE_09300I242007 0710SE_09310I242008 0710SE_09350I242009 0710SE_09360I242010 0710SE_09370I242010 0710SE_09380I242010 0710SE_09400I242011 0710SE_09410I242011 0710SE_09420I242012 0710SE_09430I242012 0710SE_09440I242012 0710SE_09450I242012 0710SE_09460I242012 0710SE_09470I242012 0710SE_09480I242012 0710SE_09490I242012 0710SE_09500I242012 0710SE_09510I242012 0710SE_09520I242012 0710SE_09530I242012 0710SE_09540I242012 0710SE_09570I242013 0710SE_09610I242014
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The hub during Wishes
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End Magic Kingdom - Part 8.

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