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Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom, Part 9


Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean relit for the Halloween Party.

Hard Ticket Events at Magic Kingdom

Well yes, you can probably find Halloween and Christmas pictures throughout the pictures of Magic Kingdom, but these are being separated out 'cause they're pretty specific. They are interesting times to visit Magic Kingdom...

Disney generally has three "hard ticket" (read "Extra Expense") events every year; their Pirates and Princess Party, the Halloween Party and the Christmas Party. Included in the price is admission to the park after (usually) 4pm, so it would be a good day to lie around the resort in the morning, and rest up for the party that night, and not have to use a MYW day.

Haven't been to one of their Pirates and Princess parties, but I have to their other two. Generally there is a special fireworks show based on Wishes, but specific to the party; and a special parade. The Parade is run twice, and all the attractions generally empty out during those times. I've been to events where most rides are walk-ons, and others where lines have been abnormally long. Your mileage may vary.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (commonly referred to as MNSSHP for obvious reasons) is Disney's Celebration of the most pagan of holidays, Halloween.

The park is already dressed up for the season, but out comes balloons, giant (inflated) characters, and much of the lighting is changed. The Fireworks Show is named HalloWishes and the parade is the Mickey's Boo To You Halloween Parade. (Both are available on my video page.)

Disney gives you a bag, and sets up Trick or Treat stations all over Magic Kingdom, where you can collect all sorts of candy goodies. The best stuff is usually given out at the end of attractions...

Characters are dressed up in costume, (yes, cast members in costumes in costume), and extra photo areas are set up around the park. More and more of the guests are coming in costumes, from the store bought to the imaginative.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party / Entrance, Town Square
0710SE_04090I221426 200310FL_059C24181 200310FL_061C24181 201110WDW_798P02171 0710SE_05750I221706 0710SE_06720I231624 201210WDW_0949X01121 201210WDW_0950X01121 200310FL_062C24182 201110WDW_802P02171 201110WDW_801P02171 0710SE_04440I221501 0710SE_04460I221505 201110WDW_807P02172 201110WDW_806P02172 201110WDW_800P02171 201110WDW_803P02171 201110WDW_804P02171 201110WDW_808P02172 0710SE_04450I221502 200310FL_064C24182 201110WDW_809P02172 200310FL_063C24182
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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party / Main Street & The Hub
201110WDW_811P02172 201110WDW_812P02172 201110WDW_813P02172 201110WDW_814P02172 201110WDW_816P02172 201110WDW_817P02172 201110WDW_818P02172 0710SE_04880I221519 201110WDW_820P02172 0710SE_04860I221518 0710SE_04910I221520 0710SE_04920I221520 201110WDW_819P02172 201110WDW_825P02173 201110WDW_826P02173
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Let the Party begin!
The Halloween Party really begins after sunset, when they relight the park and put the decorations up...

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party / Evening, Night
200310FL_067C24183 0710SE_06760I231737 0710SE_06770I231737 0710SE_06910I231752 0710SE_06950I231756 0710SE_06940I231755 0710SE_06960I231802 0710SE_06920I231754 200310FL_066C24182 0710SE_07100I232050 0710SE_07090I232050 0710SE_07080I232049 0710SE_07450I232225 0710SE_07460I232225 0710SE_06990I232020 0710SE_07000I232022 0710SE_07020I232025 0710SE_07040I232025 0710SE_07120I232056
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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party / Night
200310FL_068C24191 200310FL_069C24191 200310FL_070C24191 0710SE_06970I231910 200310FL_071C24200 200310FL_073C24201 0710SE_07440I232202 200310FL_091C24224 200310FL_092N24230 200310FL_081C24213 200310FL_082C24214 200310FL_083N24221
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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party / Hallowishes
201110WDW_936P02201 0710SE_07050D232043 0710SE_07060D232043 201110WDW_937P02204 201110WDW_938P02204 201110WDW_939P02204 201110WDW_942P02204 0710SE_07070D232043 201110WDW_943P02204 201110WDW_944P02204 201110WDW_948P02204 201110WDW_953P02214
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Boo To You Halloween Parade (2003)

The Boo To You parade has one of those underlying melodies that bounce around in your head for a while, so be forewarned... My favorite group has to be the grave diggers.

Boo To You Halloween Parade (2003)
200310FL_084C24222 200310FL_085C24222 200310FL_086C24222 200310FL_087C24222 200310FL_088C24222 200310FL_089C24223 200310FL_090C24223
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Boo To You Halloween Parade (2007)

Boo To You Halloween Parade (2007)
0710SE_07130I232114 0710SE_07140I232115 0710SE_07170I232137 0710SE_07180I232138 0710SE_07190I232139 0710SE_07210I232141 0710SE_07220I232141 0710SE_07230I232141 0710SE_07240I232142 0710SE_07250I232143 0710SE_07260I232143 0710SE_07270I232143 0710SE_07280I232144 0710SE_07290I232144 0710SE_07300I232144 0710SE_07320I232146 0710SE_07330I232147 0710SE_07340I232147 0710SE_07350I232147 0710SE_07360I232148 0710SE_07370I232148 0710SE_07380I232149 0710SE_07390I232149 0710SE_07400I232150 0710SE_07410I232151 0710SE_07430I232151
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Boo To You Halloween Parade (2011)

Boo To You Halloween Parade (2011)
201110WDW_864P02191 201110WDW_865P02191 201110WDW_866P02191 201110WDW_867P02191 201110WDW_869P02191 201110WDW_871P02191 201110WDW_872P02191 201110WDW_873P02191 201110WDW_874P02191 201110WDW_875P02191 201110WDW_878P02192 201110WDW_879P02192 201110WDW_880P02192 201110WDW_882P02192 201110WDW_883P02192 201110WDW_885P02192 201110WDW_886P02192 201110WDW_887P02192 201110WDW_888P02192 201110WDW_889P02192 201110WDW_890P02192 201110WDW_891P02192 201110WDW_892P02192 201110WDW_893P02192 201110WDW_895P02192 201110WDW_896P02192 201110WDW_897P02192 201110WDW_898P02192 201110WDW_899P02192 201110WDW_900P02192 201110WDW_901P02192 201110WDW_902P02192 201110WDW_925P02194 201110WDW_903P02192 201110WDW_904P02192 201110WDW_905P02192 201110WDW_906P02192 201110WDW_907P02192 201110WDW_908P02192 201110WDW_909P02192 201110WDW_910P02192 201110WDW_928P02194 201110WDW_913P02192 201110WDW_929P02194 201110WDW_915P02192 201110WDW_916P02192 201110WDW_917P02193 201110WDW_930P02194 201110WDW_931P02194 201110WDW_918P02193 201110WDW_920P02193 201110WDW_921P02193 201110WDW_922P02193 201110WDW_923P02193 201110WDW_924P02193 201110WDW_926P02194
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End Magic Kingdom - Part 9.

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