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Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom, Part 10


Toy Soldiers
Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade.

Christmas in Magic Kingdom

Christmas is a special time all over WDW, but none more so than Magic Kingdom. While all the parks (and the resorts) all get dressed for Christmas, the holiday atmosphere seems to rise to another level in MK. Perhaps it's the Christmas Tree in Town Square. Maybe it's the Christmas parade. Maybe it's the decorations. But in late November through December, you'll *know* it's Christmas in Magic Kingdom.

The Christmas decorations go up, but Main Street isn't complete until after the Christmas Parade is taped for Network Television. Until that time, the garland and the Christmas Tree don't get installed, since it blocks the views from the TV cameras. The flag pole is even moved from the middle of Town Square, and re-planted in front of City Hall for filming (and while the tree is up).

They used to put the Christmas tree in the Rose Garden, but while the tree looks impressive in Town Square, not so much in the Rose Garden, where the open areas and the Castle made it lose a little stature. So the Magic Kingdom Christmas tree doesn't make it's appearance now until ABC has their yearly feature.

However once the parade is taped, it only takes Disney one night to make Main Street whole...

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

With the Christmas tree set up in Town Square and the decorations down Main Street, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party just makes the Christmas experience complete.

They have cookies, apple slices, apple juice and hot chocolate stations around the park, special shows (here's a clip from a group called Rusty Cutlass) and Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. (The same one they show on TV every year minus Mylie Cyrus and Justin Bieber.) The fireworks show is called Holiday Wishes, and it snows on Main Street. Even if it's 80 degrees out. All the characters are in their winter and Christmas garb. Even if it's 80 degrees out. The best part of the party? The weather back home probably sucks, and you're not there...

Christmas in Magic Kingdom
200912FL_0787P08154 200912FL_0788P08154 200912FL_0792P08155 200912FL_07940796P08155 200912FL_0797P08155 200912FL_0798P08155 201012WDW_218P08155 201112WDW_0649P08151 200612FL_274297302C05170 200612FL_279C05182 200612FL_280aO05182 200612FL_281C05182 200612FL_326C05211 200612FL_328aO05211 200612FL_328C05211 200612FL_329aO05211 200912FL_0867P08201 200912FL_0870P08201 200912FL_0873P08201 200612FL_286C05195 200612FL_324C05205 200912FL_0808P08190 201112WDW_1195P09201
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Castle, pre-lights
200612FL_289D05195 200612FL_309C05201 200612FL_313C05201 200612FL_315C05201
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The Castle Ice Lights
The Castle Ice Lights

Cinderella Castle Ice Lights

In 2008, the Imagineers decided that Cindy's Castle should get plussed a little, and ended up hanging 200,000 LEDs and 200 strobes lights on the Castle. It's all hung from around 30 custom castle-brick-colored nets. (There's a picture of the netting further down this page.) Electricity used per night to power the lights? About three home-dryer cycles.

They have a lighting ceremony every evening, an explaination of why there's ice on the castle. You can find video of that here.

Castle Ice Lights
200812FL_0668P16210 200812FL_0681P16211 200912FL_0332P05204 200912FL_0852P08200 200912FL_0858P08201 201012WDW_464P10201 201012WDW_485P10201 201012WDW_494P10210 201012WDW_503P10210
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Further up on Main Street
200812FL_0679P16211 200812FL_0691P16211 200912FL_0925P08223 200912FL_0939P08224 200912FL_0943P08224
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Reflections in front of Crystal Palace
200912FL_0884P08202 201012WDW_459P10201 201012WDW_476P10201 201012WDW_479P10201 200912FL_0849P08200 201012WDW_453P10200
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Main Street at Christmas
200812FL_0695P16212 200812FL_0700P16212 200912FL_0917P08223 201012WDW_512P10210 201012WDW_516P10210
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In 2011, I attended D23's Magic and Merriment and actually got to take pictures backstage! Well, a couple of them, anyway...

2011 D23 Magic and Merriment backstage photos
201112WDW_1422P10122 201112WDW_1423P10122 201112WDW_1431P10131 201112WDW_1426P10130a 201112WDW_1426P10130
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Holiday Wishes is the Wishes variation shown during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Video of Holiday Wishes can be found on my video page.

Holiday Wishes
200912FL_0888P08203 200912FL_0890P08203 200912FL_0891P08203 200912FL_0893P08203 200912FL_0895P08203 200912FL_0897P08204 200912FL_0898P08204 200912FL_0899P08204 200912FL_0905P08204
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Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade (2008)

Video of the 2009 and 2010 Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade can be found on my video page. Arguably, the 2010 version in front of the castle is the better version...

2008 Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade
200812FL_0716P16223 200812FL_0718P16224 200812FL_0719P16224 200812FL_0721P16224 200812FL_0722P16224 200812FL_0723P16224 200812FL_0725P16224 200812FL_0727P16224 200812FL_0728P16224 200812FL_0731P16224 200812FL_0732P16224 200812FL_0733P16224 200812FL_0734P16224 200812FL_0736P16224 200812FL_0737P16224 200812FL_0739P16224 200812FL_0741P16224 200812FL_0742P16224 200812FL_0743P16224 200812FL_0747P16224 200812FL_0749P16224 200812FL_0752P16224 200812FL_0755P16224 200812FL_0756P16224 200812FL_0758P16224 200812FL_0762P16225 200812FL_0763P16225 200812FL_0764P16225 200812FL_0766P16225 200812FL_0768P16225 200812FL_0769P16225 200812FL_0770P16225 200812FL_0773P16225 200812FL_0774P16225 200812FL_0777P16225 200812FL_0778P16225 200812FL_0779P16225 200812FL_0780P16225 200812FL_0782P16225 200812FL_0784P16225 200812FL_0785P16225 200812FL_0786P16225 200812FL_0787P16225 200812FL_0788P16225 200812FL_0789P16225 200812FL_0791P16225 200812FL_0794P16225 200812FL_0795P16225 200812FL_0796P16225 200812FL_0797P16225 200812FL_0798P16230 200812FL_0799P16230
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Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade (2009)

2009 Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade
200912FL_0810P08192 200912FL_0812P08192 200912FL_0813P08192 200912FL_0814P08193 200912FL_0815P08193 200912FL_0816P08193 200912FL_0819P08193 200912FL_0820P08193 200912FL_0842D08195 200912FL_0821P08193 200912FL_0822P08193 200912FL_0823P08193 200912FL_0826P08193 200912FL_0827P08194 200912FL_0843D08195 200912FL_0830P08194 200912FL_0832P08194 200912FL_0833P08194 200912FL_0834P08194 200912FL_0835P08194 200912FL_0836P08194 200912FL_0837P08194 200912FL_0838P08194 200912FL_0839P08194 200912FL_0841P08195 200912FL_0845P08195 200912FL_0847P08195 200912FL_0848P08195
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Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade (2010)

2010 Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade
201012WDW_521P10214 201012WDW_523P10214 201012WDW_527P10215 201012WDW_528P10215 201012WDW_529P10215 201012WDW_530P10215 201012WDW_531P10215 201012WDW_546D10220 201012WDW_533P10215 201012WDW_547D10220 201012WDW_534P10215 201012WDW_535P10215 201012WDW_536P10215 201012WDW_537P10215 201012WDW_538P10215 201012WDW_540P10220 201012WDW_541P10220 201012WDW_543P10220 201012WDW_548D10220 201012WDW_545P10220
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Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade (2011)

2011 Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade
201112WDW_1115P09192 201112WDW_1117P09192 201112WDW_1118P09192 201112WDW_1120P09192 201112WDW_1121P09192 201112WDW_1122P09192 201112WDW_1123P09192 201112WDW_1124P09192 201112WDW_1126P09192 201112WDW_1127P09192 201112WDW_1130P09192 201112WDW_1131P09192 201112WDW_1133P09192 201112WDW_1134P09192 201112WDW_1135P09192 201112WDW_1136P09192 201112WDW_1139P09192 201112WDW_1140P09192 201112WDW_1144P09192 201112WDW_1145P09192 201112WDW_1147P09192 201112WDW_1148P09192 201112WDW_1150P09192 201112WDW_1151P09192 201112WDW_1153P09193 201112WDW_1156P09193 201112WDW_1157P09193 201112WDW_1158P09193 201112WDW_1159P09193 201112WDW_1160P09193 201112WDW_1161P09193 201112WDW_1163P09193 201112WDW_1164P09193 201112WDW_1166P09193 201112WDW_1167P09193 201112WDW_1169P09193 201112WDW_1170P09193 201112WDW_1171P09193 201112WDW_1172P09193 201112WDW_1174P09193 201112WDW_1175P09193 201112WDW_1176P09193 201112WDW_1177P09193 201112WDW_1178P09193 201112WDW_1179P09193 201112WDW_1180P09193 201112WDW_1181P09193 201112WDW_1182P09193 201112WDW_1183P09193 201112WDW_1184P09193 201112WDW_1185P09193 201112WDW_1186P09193 201112WDW_1187P09193 201112WDW_1188P09193 201112WDW_1189P09193 201112WDW_1190P09193 201112WDW_1191P09193 201112WDW_1192P09193 201112WDW_1193P09193
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Final thoughts on Magic Kingdom

I applaud Disney for finally adding an expansion to a park that's been over-crowded for a decade. Toontown did have a temporary feel to it, and I'm not sure it'll be missed. But however well princesses were selling when they designed the area, it's not enough to just cater to the princess crowd.

And while I agree that most of the park remains untouchable (such as Adventureland), Tomorrowland is a mess, and could use some freshening. The stage shows recently attempted there have failed miserably. There are rumors that if Carosel of Progress' motors fail, the attraction is doomed.

The only thing I could suggest, would be to replace Stitch, and convert the land that the Speedway is using to something else. Something that doesn't use a two-stroke gasoline motor.

Arguably, the best thing that could happen to the park in Tomorrowland is Marvel, but Disney doesn't have the rights to use it's own properties in the Orlando theme park area. Oh well...

That all said, I do admit some of my most memorable moments at Disney World, is the slow stroll down Main Street as they close the park down, when everyone has a tired smile on their face, looking forward to a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow...
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End Magic Kingdom - Part 10 of 10.

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