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Walt Disney World Resort - On-site Resorts - Old Key West

Old Key West
Old Key West Lighthouse, and the Downtown Disney water taxi.
Old Key West opened in 1991, and was Disney's first foray into the Disney Vacation Club, and indeed was named "Disney's Vacation Club Resort" until 1996. In many ways, it shows.

Because they wanted to make DVC Villas a "home-away-from-home" and not a motel room, they created creative, angular rooms rather than rectangular boxes. While creative, 20 years later, there isn't enough continuous wall space to put a widescreen TV in the studio villas. (I am told this problem has been solved.) The resort claims the largest square footage of any of the DVC resorts, but much of this space seems lost due to the design.

400px Map
Map of Disney's Old Key West Resort. Click on the map for a larger view. (1000 x 800px, 200KB.) Map ©Disney
Bus traffic and routing is also a nightmare. Because the resort is squeezed between golf course fairways, and is split by a waterway (a branch off the Sassagoula River), buses are forced to take a circuitous route through the resort. We found if we missed a bus, we could walk from our bus stop to the bus stop at the main building and catch the bus we missed after a 10 minute wait...

I doubt I would stay here again if I had to stay in a studio...

There's a more detailed description of my stay here in my December 2010 Trip Report.

(There is a discussion of resort types (and amenities to each) on the general Walt Disney World Resorts page. There is also a discussion on lodging which leads to room types on my Walt Disney World Overview page.)

Old Key West, Entrance and Registration
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I was in building 27 in room 2726. Second floor. My room was a studio, but part of a 2-bedroom lockoff. (A lockoff is where a 1-bedroom villa and a studio can be connected though a locking doors. It's the door next to the table in the pictures below.) So rooms 2725 and 2726 were the only doors on the second floor landing where I was, but both would go to the same 2-bedroom villa should Disney want to configure it that way.

Building 27 and Room 2726
201012WDW_077P07143 201012WDW_078P07143 201012WDW_079P07143 201012WDW_080084P07143 201012WDW_076P07143 201012WDW_074P07143 201012WDW_075P07143 201012WDW_029P07115 201012WDW_030P07115 201012WDW_031P07115 201012WDW_032P07115 201012WDW_033P07115 201012WDW_034P07115 201012WDW_036P07115 201012WDW_037P07115 201012WDW_038P07115 201012WDW_039P07115 201012WDW_040P07115 201012WDW_041P07115 201012WDW_042P07115 201012WDW_043P07115 201012WDW_044P07115 201012WDW_045P07115 201012WDW_046P07115 201012WDW_047P07115 201012WDW_048P07115 201012WDW_049P07115 201012WDW_050P07115 201012WDW_051P07115 201012WDW_052P07115 201012WDW_053P07115 201012WDW_054P07115 201012WDW_057P07115 201012WDW_058P07115 201012WDW_059P07120 201012WDW_060P07120 201012WDW_061P07120 201012WDW_062P07120 201012WDW_063P07120 201012WDW_064P07120 201012WDW_065P07120 201012WDW_066P07120 201012WDW_067P07120 201012WDW_068P07120 201012WDW_069P07120 201012WDW_072P07120 201012WDW_369P10080 201012WDW_370P10080 201012WDW_373P10080 201012WDW_374P10080 201012WDW_375P10080 201012WDW_376P10080 201012WDW_377P10080 201012WDW_379P10080 201012WDW_380P10080 201012WDW_381P10080 201012WDW_383P10100
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For some reason, the Old Key West lobby/pool area feels a little cramped (maybe small is a better word) compared to the other resorts I've been to. Again, maybe it's because of where it's situated, between a waterway and a fairway.

Around Old Key West
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The table service restaurant at Old Key West is Olivia's. It was very good, though we only ate there for breakfast.

There is an outside snack bar, but otherwise no counter service restaurant. This doesn't seem to be unusual at DVC resorts.

201012WDW_717P12091 201012WDW_719P12091 201012WDW_288P09082 201012WDW_289P09082 201012WDW_285P09082 201012WDW_287P09082 201012WDW_290P09082 201012WDW_291P09082 201012WDW_292P09090
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Like all Sassagoula River resorts (Old Key West, Saratoga Springs and Port Orleans), there is boat service to Downtown Disney. It makes Downtown Disney more accessible, and you can have a couple of adult beverages and not have to drive a car or wait for a bus...

The boat to and from OKW and Downtown Disney
201012WDW_384P10101 201012WDW_385393P10101 201012WDW_394P10101 201012WDW_395P10102 201012WDW_396P10102 201012WDW_399P10103 201012WDW_400P10103 201012WDW_401P10103 201012WDW_402P10103 201012WDW_408P10122 201012WDW_410P10123 201012WDW_411P10123 201012WDW_412P10123 201012WDW_413P10123
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