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Walt Disney World Resort - On-site Resorts - Port Orleans

Disney's Port Orleans - Overview

Port Orleans
Port Orleans - Riverside, a resort themed after the mansions and bayous of the deep south.
Postcard ©Disney
Disney's Port Orleans Resort is composed of two, formerly separate resorts, located in the Downtown Disney area. The original Port Orleans, is now known as Port Orleans - French Quarter (POFQ); and the original resort Dixie Landings, is now Port Orleans - Riverside (POR).

Understand that they are two different resorts operating under the umbrella name "Port Orleans". Port Orleans - French Quarter doesn't have a table service restaurant (You have to take a walk to Riverside for table service), but it has it's own registration desk (you cannot register for a room at Riverside from French Quarter), food court, arcade, gift shop and bar. It is, down to the theme, a completely different resort than Riverside.

But like Animal Kingdom Lodge and All-Stars, Disney considers both resorts, "Port Orleans"...

End Port Orleans - Overview.

(There is a discussion of resort types (and amenities to each) on the general Walt Disney World Resorts page. There is also a discussion on lodging which leads to room types on my Walt Disney World Overview page.)

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