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Walt Disney World Resort - On-site Resorts - Port Orleans

Disney's Port Orleans - French Quarter

Port Orleans French Quarter
French Quarter Square, Port Orleans - French Quarter.
Port Orleans French Quarter is litterally half the size of the other moderates with 1008 rooms, which might explain why I've had problems getting a room here. It is quite unlike the other moderates, as the French Quarter is supposed to be an urban setting, as opposed to the other 3 that are based on the spread out, laid back resort atmosphere.

I was there in December 2008 with a friend of mine, and enjoyed 85 degree weather while Chicago got sub-zero wind chills and 2 feet of snow. Ahhhh....

The resort is made of three story structures in seemingly random arrangements, perhaps to illustrate the haphazard nature of the planning in old New Orleans. I was on the first floor in room 3143, right off the parking lot. I'd estimate 100' from my car. Perfect.

How would I rate French Quarter among the other moderates? I'm not sure, since it's been years since I stayed at a place like Caribbean Beach, but I wouldn't hesitate to stay here again...

400px Map
Map of Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort. Click on the map for a larger view... (But it'll be the same map if you clicked on Riverside above!) Map ©Disney
French Quarter Square, Registration
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French Quarter, Room Interiors
200812FL_0446P15161 200812FL_0448P15161 200812FL_0449P15161 200812FL_0450P15161 200812FL_0451P15161 200812FL_0455P15161 200812FL_0458P15161 200812FL_0456P15161 200812FL_0459P15161 200812FL_0460P15161 200812FL_0462P15161 200812FL_0463P15161
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French Quarter, Exteriors
200812FL_0327P15101 200812FL_0328P15101 200812FL_0329P15101 200812FL_0330P15101 200812FL_0331P15101 200812FL_0332P15101 200812FL_0333P15101 200812FL_0334P15101 200812FL_0335P15101 200812FL_0337P15101 200812FL_0338P15101 200812FL_0339P15101 200812FL_0340P15101 200812FL_0341P15101 200812FL_0342P15101 200812FL_0343P15102 200812FL_0344P15102 200812FL_0345P15102 200812FL_0346P15102 200812FL_0347P15102 200812FL_0349P15102 200812FL_0350P15102 200812FL_0351P15102 200812FL_0353P15102 200812FL_0354P15102 200812FL_0355P15102 200812FL_12631267P19105 200812FL_1269P19105 200812FL_1251P18222
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End Port Orleans - French Quarter.

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