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Walt Disney World Resort - On-site Resorts - Port Orleans

Disney's Port Orleans - Riverside

Port Orleans Riverside
The Sassagoula Steamboat Company, Port Orleans - Riverside.
Port Orleans Riverside is another huge resort, with 2048 rooms. I was there in October 2003, ostensibly for the Food and Wine show at Epcot, and attend a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Learning my lesson from Caribbean Beach Resort, I asked for a standard room, close to the parking lot. And I got one. Less than 50 yards from my car. It was an excellent room.

This was my seventh trip to Disneyworld in four years, and I found myself treating Disneyworld with a different set of priorities. I no longer had to storm the parks to see everything I could see. I had a mental list of those attractions I want to see every time I'm there, but there are those I could walk by, too. I've also been all over Downtown Disney and the Boardwalk, and I figured I could cover all the resorts as I stayed at 'em. So a trip to Disney doesn't have to be an all consuming, have to be doing something all the time type of trip.

And as I've said a few times before, I really like the parks at night. So unless one of those things on the list of things to do is a new E-ticket ride (like Mission Space was, that trip) I'm up a little later, and I'm in no hurry to rush into the parks.

400px Map
Map of Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort. Click on the map for a larger view... Map ©Disney
I returned to Port Orleans - Riverside in December 2011, and stayed there for a week. Most of the images have been updated.

It should be noted Building 14 was being rennovated while I was there. If they're re-habbing buildings in order, Building 15 (the one I was in) would have been next, and the room pictures could very well be obsolete already. sigh...

This trip was also to be a sort-of-a-road-trip, since after leaving Port Orleans, I was headed to Universal Orlando, the long way. Thru Key West. But that's a Road Trip.

Port Orleans Riverside, Sassagoula Steamboat Co. - Registration and other interiors
201112WDW_0015P05144 201112WDW_00160022P05144 201112WDW_0024P05145 200310FL_002C23122 200310FL_047C24104 200310FL_048C24104 201112WDW_0243P05162 201112WDW_02490251P05162 201112WDW_0253P05162 201112WDW_02550264P05162 201112WDW_0231P05162 201112WDW_0235P05162 201112WDW_0234P05162 201112WDW_0237P05162 201112WDW_0240P05162 201112WDW_0241P05162 201112WDW_0239P05162 201112WDW_0269P05163 201112WDW_0270P05163 201112WDW_0271P05163 201112WDW_0296P05163 201112WDW_0274P05163 201112WDW_0277P05163 201112WDW_02790282P05163 201112WDW_02870289P05163 201112WDW_0291P05163 201112WDW_03600362P06212 201112WDW_0293P05163
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Port Orleans Riverside, Alligator Bayou - Building 34, Room 3415 interiors and resort exteriors (October 2003)
200310FL_058C24114 200310FL_119C26080 200310FL_022C23190 200310FL_023C23190 200310FL_024C23190 200310FL_025C23190 200310FL_026C23191 200310FL_028C23191 200310FL_029C23191 200310FL_030C24102 200310FL_031C24102 200310FL_032C24103 200310FL_033C24103 200310FL_034035C24103 200310FL_095C25121 200310FL_096C25123
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Port Orleans Riverside, Alligator Bayou - Building 15, Room 1544 interiors (December 2011)
201112WDW_0028P05150 201112WDW_00330039P05150 201112WDW_00400048P05150 201112WDW_00490054P05150 201112WDW_00550061P05150 201112WDW_0062P05151 201112WDW_0064P05151 201112WDW_0065P05151 201112WDW_0066P05151 201112WDW_0067P05151 201112WDW_0068P05151 201112WDW_0069P05151 201112WDW_0070P05151 201112WDW_0075P05151 201112WDW_0076P05151 201112WDW_0077P05151 201112WDW_0078P05151 201112WDW_0079P05151 201112WDW_0080P05151 201112WDW_0081P05151 201112WDW_0082P05151 201112WDW_0083P05151 201112WDW_0085P05151 201112WDW_0086P05151 201112WDW_0087P05151 201112WDW_0090P05151 201112WDW_0091P05151 201112WDW_0092P05151 201112WDW_0098P05152 201112WDW_0099P05152 201112WDW_0322P06124 201112WDW_03330335P06130 201112WDW_0315P06124 201112WDW_03510353P06133 201112WDW_0314P06111 201112WDW_01000103P05154
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Ol' Man Island
200310FL_126C26081 201112WDW_0151P05160 201112WDW_0153P05160 201112WDW_0154P05160 200310FL_128C26081 200310FL_138C26090 201112WDW_0185P05161 201112WDW_0186P05161 201112WDW_0188P05161 201112WDW_01780183P05161 200310FL_037C24103 201112WDW_01550161P05160 201112WDW_0162P05160 201112WDW_0163P05160 201112WDW_0164P05160 201112WDW_0165P05160 201112WDW_0166P05160 201112WDW_01670173P05160 201112WDW_0174P05160 201112WDW_0175P05160 201112WDW_0194P05161 201112WDW_01950200P05161 201112WDW_0201P05161 201112WDW_02020207P05161
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Sassagoula Steamboat Co. - Exteriors
201112WDW_0135P05155 201112WDW_0136P05155 201112WDW_0137P05155 201112WDW_0138P05155 201112WDW_0139P05155 201112WDW_0140P05160 201112WDW_0141P05160 201112WDW_0142P05160 201112WDW_0213P05161 201112WDW_01430150P05160 200310FL_053C24113 201112WDW_02080211P05161 201112WDW_0212P05161 201112WDW_0214P05161 201112WDW_0215P05161 201112WDW_0216P05162 201112WDW_0217P05162 201112WDW_0219P05162 201112WDW_0220P05162 201112WDW_0222P05162 201112WDW_0223P05162 201112WDW_02250227P05162 201112WDW_0229P05162 201112WDW_0230P05162 200310FL_136C26090 200310FL_132C26085 200310FL_134C26085 200310FL_135C26090 200310FL_049C24113 200310FL_137C26090 200310FL_050052C24113 201112WDW_0308P06105
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Port Orleans Riverside - Misc Exteriors
200310FL_154C27063 200310FL_155C27063 201112WDW_0684P09071 201112WDW_0685P09071 201112WDW_0106P05155 201112WDW_0107P05155 200310FL_142C26091 200310FL_057C24114 200310FL_123C26080 200310FL_036C24103 200310FL_056C24113 200310FL_094C25105 200310FL_124C26080 201112WDW_0105P05154 201112WDW_0108P05155 201112WDW_0110P05155 201112WDW_0121P05155 201112WDW_01220128P05155 201112WDW_01890192P05161 201112WDW_0193P05161 201112WDW_0306P06105 201112WDW_0309P06105 201112WDW_0310P06105 201112WDW_0311P06111 201112WDW_1728P11210 201112WDW_1729P11210
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In December 2011, Building 14 (the one next to mine) was under construction
201112WDW_0313P06111 201112WDW_0581P08072 201112WDW_0111P05155 201112WDW_0113P05155 201112WDW_0114P05155 201112WDW_01150120P05155
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End Port Orleans - Riverside.

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