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Walt Disney World Resort - On-site Resorts - Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. I stayed here in 2007 and 2011...

I try to stay at a different resort every time I'm at Disneyworld, and my October 2007 was no exception. It didn't hurt that there was a $100 dining card as a perk to Annual Pass holders. That rule was broken a couple of times in 2011, including a stay here when I was a pseudo DVC member, and rented points from a friend.

Saratoga Springs is themed to...Saratoga Springs, New York! Shame on me, I didn't even know a Saratoga Springs existed. My apologies. Anyway, I didn't care. I've yet to be at a Disney resort that didn't beg to be photographed, or explored. It's a picturesque resort, just a little big.

There are certain commonalities between resorts, no matter which one you're at. They all have a gift shop (this *is* Disney) some groceries; a video arcade; a food court (the non-value resorts also have table service restaurants); swimming pools (A main pool, and the non-values also have quiet pools, more local to your room.), a laundry, a Disney Vacation Club Information booth...

(There is a discussion of resort types (and amenities to each) on the general Walt Disney World Resorts page. There is also a discussion on lodging which leads to room types on my Walt Disney World Overview page.)

400px Map
Map of Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. Click on the map for a larger view. (1250 x 950px, 327KB.) The old SSR map can be found here. Maps ©Disney
But the differences between the resorts is the themeing. The problem that I had here, was the unfamiliarity of Saratoga Springs, NY. So instead of feeling like an artist's lair or well known horse region it felt like a more opulent Caribbean Beach (without the beaches) or Port Orleans (without the swamps, but with 'gator themeing!)

SSR is indeed a DVC resort, so all the rooms here are villas. I had a studio in 2007 which comes with a 10 cup coffee maker, microwave, and a larger 'fridge. In September 2011 I had a dedicated 2-bedroom villa (with an accessible bedroom), which came with a full kitchen, two bathrooms, a washer and dryer and a whirlpool tub.

The place is huge. In 2007 we had a nice walk across a bridge and by the pool to get to the main complex, so it wasn't so bad. In 2011, we were in the springs, and right next to the main pool, so the walk was even shorter. But there are some rooms on property that are so far away I would be tempted to drive...

Entrance / Registration
0710SE_02430I211543 201109WDW_285P29094 201109WDW_287P29094 0710SE_06190I231150 0710SE_0621006230I231151 0710SE_06160I231148 0710SE_06130I231148 201109WDW_423P29183 201109WDW_426P29183 0710SE_06180I231149 0710SE_06240I231152 0710SE_06250I231152 201110WDW_772P02163 0710SE_06290I231153 201110WDW_775P02163 0710SE_06300I231154 201110WDW_773P02163 201110WDW_776P02163 201110WDW_778P02163 201110WDW_780P02163 201110WDW_782P02163 201110WDW_786P02164 201110WDW_789P02164 201110WDW_790P02164 201110WDW_794P02164 201110WDW_796P02164 0710SE_06310I231154 0710SE_02670I220825 0710SE_06320I231155 201109WDW_003P27134 201109WDW_004P27134 201109WDW_006P27134 0710SE_06330I231156 0710SE_06340I231157 0710SE_06350I231158 0710SE_06360I231201 0710SE_06120I231147
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Feature Pool Area
0710SE_06370I231202 0710SE_06380I231203 201109WDW_381386P29181 201109WDW_387391P29181 201109WDW_408414P29182 201109WDW_415P29182 201109WDW_418P29182 201109WDW_419P29182 201109WDW_420P29182
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Resort Exteriors
0710SE_0245002610I220816 0710SE_02620I220819 0710SE_02630I220819 0710SE_02640I220819 0710SE_02650I220821 0710SE_0268002740I220848 0710SE_06110I231143 0710SE_06390I231204 0710SE_0640006470I231206 0710SE_06480I231207 0710SE_06490I231209 0710SE_06500I231210 0710SE_06510I231210 0710SE_0656006570I231211 201109WDW_071077P27182 201109WDW_078P27182 201109WDW_080P27182
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I should add here that they remodeled/refurbished the quiet pool here, but I never got a chance to go back there and look at it. The Paddock, Oct 2007
0710SE_0602006070I231139 0710SE_06080I231140 0710SE_06090I231140 0710SE_06100I231141 0710SE_06580I231212 0710SE_06590I231214 0710SE_06600I231214 0710SE_06610I231215 0710SE_06620I231502 0710SE_06640I231503 0710SE_0994009980I250857
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The Springs, Sept/Oct 2011
201109WDW_278284P29093 201110WDW_730P02084 201110WDW_587P01084 201109WDW_065P27181 201109WDW_066P27181 201110WDW_961P03064 201109WDW_050053P27181 201109WDW_059064P27181 201109WDW_427P29185 201110WDW_582P01053
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The Springs, Room 3710
201109WDW_429P29185 201109WDW_022P27142 201109WDW_024P27142 201109WDW_026P27142 201109WDW_027P27142 201109WDW_019P27142 201109WDW_018P27142 201109WDW_037040P27142 201109WDW_017P27142 201109WDW_016P27141 201109WDW_028P27142 201109WDW_020P27142 201109WDW_021P27142 201109WDW_032P27142 201109WDW_041P27142 201109WDW_013015P27141 201109WDW_025P27142 201109WDW_029P27142 201109WDW_030P27142 201109WDW_031P27142 201109WDW_023P27142 201109WDW_034036P27142 201109WDW_033P27142 201109WDW_094P27184 201109WDW_046P27181 201109WDW_048P27181 201109WDW_068P27182 201109WDW_069P27182 201109WDW_070P27182 201109WDW_089P27183 201109WDW_085P27183
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Sunset / Night
0710SE_05760I221744 0710SE_0577005850I221744 0710SE_05860I221747 0710SE_05870I221747 201109WDW_380P29181 201109WDW_392397P29181 201109WDW_398402P29181 201109WDW_404P29182 0710SE_05880I221835 0710SE_05890I221837 0710SE_05900I221840 0710SE_05910I221841 0710SE_05920I221842 0710SE_05930I221843 0710SE_05950I221844 0710SE_05960I221845 0710SE_05970I221846
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Panoramics from West Side, Downtown Disney
200310FL_021C23150 0710SE_1199012090I260956
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