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The New Addition... Figaro!

The New Addition
The new addition...
Way back in September, PiC and I were working on my yard (which never really got done, last year), and across the alley, under a parked car, was this black and white DSH. It would look at us, and it would let go a meow that you could hear a half-a-block away. Not once, not twice, but almost continuously. We named it Mouth. I thought Mouth was in heat. Boy, was I wrong.

There's another feral cat, who I call Harry, a Orange and White male DSH. He's a very friendly cat, who I used to see just about every day before I went on Vacation in December, during which time it snowed. He disappeared for a time. We see each other every once in a while now, and he still wants to be petted, even better if I have food. I was going to take this cat in after I got back from my vacation, but it just never worked out. He looks amazingly like my best bud Tawny, who I had to put to sleep in 2008...

Harry, the feral cat
Harry, the feral cat
Tawny, my best bud
Tawny, my best bud
The New Addtion in the basement
Well, at least I thought they looked alike.

The building behind mine has a small parking lot in the back (city ordinance, I think). I have a <expletive-deleted> neighbor who lives there, who backed up into my garage not once, but twice, putting a 5" diameter hole in the side of my garage. (I don't know who it was. When I put up my new garage, I'm putting cameras on it...)

So one day after I got back from my vacation, I find paw prints on my car. Something slept on my sunroof. Probably warmer. I soon came to find Mouth in my garage. Mouth must have found and crawled through the hole. Mouth is this tiny female (or so I thought at the time) who would meow back if I called it's name, and come out from whereever it was hiding. So I started feeding it and leaving water in my garage. It was very skittish, and after about a week, would come up to me wanting attention. I could pet it, but any sudden movement would scare it. Mouth got friendlier with time.

Fast forward to Jan 8. It's going down to 3degF on Jan 9, and I got concerned that I had a cat living in an unheated garage. So with prodding from PiC (and my mom), I picked up Mouth, put it in a carrier, and took it to my basement. Harry lost out, Mouth came in.

I let it out, and it immediately went and hid in a corner, under a table. Scared to death. Better than freezing to death. I left it a litter box and some food and water, and much to my relief, the next day, the litter box was used, and Mouth ate the food I had left. The day after that, I would call it's name, and it gave a little squeak and came out from it's hiding place(s).

After a week, it was chasing crumpled up paper balls, and just came out whenever I went downstairs wanting food and attention. (Unless PiC showed up, in which case it would hide for a half-a-day.) But it never meowed loud again. So we decided that Mouth was a bad name. (Like Mouth was a good name...)

I wanted to call him Inkpad. (Yes him. During his tenure in the basement, I found he had...uh...male equipment...) Why? 'Cause every footpad this cat has is black (including it's dew claws), surrounded by pink, with four white socks. So it looked like he stepped on an inkpad. Get it?

Don't you think his name should be Inkpad?
You can't believe the grief PiC and my mom gave me over Inkpad. Whose damned cat is this, anyway?

I was concerned Inkpad was going to become a basement cat, so I cleaned out an extra bedroom I have, made it cat proof, and once again, grabbed the poor thing and took him upstairs. He hid for a day in one of the boxes I set up so he could hide. It was apparent he'd never walked on carpet before. He'd walk lightly, testing each step to make sure it was safe. He then moved to another box, and has been using that box ever since as his bed.

We had set up a Vet appointment to have him checked out. Got wormed, his man parts cut out, and was inoculated for FIV, feline leukemia, etc. The vet thought he was about 10 months old. Once he passed his tests, he was going to became part of the household.

It's sad to say, that with the $40 credit for having your cat neutered, it's cheaper to have your cat's nuts cut off than cost of the physical. But I digress.

Even after the ordeal at the Vet, I could reach into his box and pet him. Never once, from the time I brought him in, did he ever scratch or bite. He would shake and shiver because he was scared, he would hiss, but never take any physical action against you. As I've said before, he doesn't have a mean bone in it's body. Unless he's playing. In which case you're toast.

PiC seems to think he's been a feral cat all his life. I just can't believe that. He's an abnormally friendly cat, and very gentle. Of course when I tell PiC that, she just tells me he's a "Keane" cat, that he's put his trust in me, but is scared of anyone else. So far that's true.

After he got the all-clear, I opened up half the house to him, and it wasn't until the day before my surgery that he actually got brave enough to walk out of the spare bedroom. Now he's following me everywhere. One of the big problems, is he's nocturnal. He's most awake at 2am. Guess what time I got up this morning?

So, I caved, his name is Figaro. As in Pinnochio. He doesn't have the full white face, nor the tip of his tail, but he is mischevious, and the complaints of his name has calmed a little.

(If you were looking for a contest, that was over in 14 minutes. :-))

Fig in his new digs Fig in his new digs Fig in his new digs Fig in his new digs

And finally, no Kitty, I don't want another kitty... :-)
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Update: I got yet another cat Louie, a companion for Figaro, from Peaceful Pastures in Tennessee. Just in case you're keeping track. Heh.

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