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Video not yet included in this index:
September 2012: Video from my G1X, which has become my full time still and video camera. Clips from Beauty and the Beast, Festival of the Lion King, Haunted Mansion can be found here.

Well, the logical extension of digital photography is digital video. You're just taking 30 pictures per second. That's essentially 1800 pictures per minute. But it's more complicated than that.

I'm trying to put up two versions of each video, a low bitrate (low quality) version and a higher bitrate (okay quality, 2 to 3 times the size of the low quality) version. By default (clicking on a title or image,) you will get the high-bitrate video. Click on "low" or the low bitrate caption under an image to get the lower quality video. (Some video now has small (360px x 240px) low bitrate versions for mobile devices. They're tailored for my Sony S545 Walkman, but they should work on other hardware as well, it's just a wmv file.)

All video prior to 2011 were on Sony videocams. All of the pre-2003 video was taken with my beloved TRV900. Post 2003 video was either a TRV20 or HC1000. The widescreen video is down converted from 1080i, taken on a HC3 or HC7. All were edited in some version of Adobe Premier, but were (mostly) re-rendered to wmv by Premier CS3 or CS5.

All 2011 video was taken on my Canon G12, then downconverted from 720p and re-rendered in Premier CS5.

All are in wmv format, and please let me know if you're having any problems seeing them. Right click on a link and "Save target as..." (or "Save link as...") to download the video to your computer if you continue to have trouble streaming the video. Or if you just want a copy. (If you're getting the mobile version, make sure your device can play wmv's, then save the video to disk before trying to download it to your player.)

Have fun!

(A final note, there will eventually be other clips than the ones taken at a Disney theme park...)

Disneyland California:
Remember Dreams Come True
Remember Dreams Come True Fireworks
139MB, Length: 17:17, Bitrate: 1mb/s
51.5MB, Length: 17:17, Bitrate: 384kb/s
"Once upon a time, there was a Magic Kingdom made of hopes and childhood fantasies. A timeless place where every land was filled with wonder. A place where everyone who entered it's gates would be given the gift of the young at heart; the power to wish upon a star, and unlock it's magic..."

I stopped in Disneyland during my 2005 West Vacation. I was disappointed that there weren't going to be any nighttime shows while I was there. (See Disneyland for my sob story.) So suddenly someone important shows up (no, not me), and I get a fireworks show. It's the only time I've seen the show, and the entire show was handheld, so it's pretty crappy video.

The soundtrack for the Remember Dreams Come True Fireworks Spectacular(low) is on the 50th Anniversary Park Music CD, and was overlaid on the video.

There are many elements from Wishes in Remember, but while Wishes is Classic Disney, Remember is a tour of Disneyland.
Asimo Robot Demo
104MB, Length: 14:38, Bitrate: 1mb/s
50.1MB, Length: 14:38, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"I see you've caught me studying up on what will soon be the newest member of our family, Asimo..."

Alright, so Disneyland scrapped the Carosel of Progress and put in Innoventions in it's place. Just one more thing that makes Walt Disney World the place it is, where we have *both* the Carousel of Progress *and* Innoventions...

But Disneyworld doesn't have this demo. It was recorded in 2005. I doubt we would have seen it at all if a CM didn't shove tickets in our hands.

It's a very impressive demo, especially for 2005. Yes, I know it looks like real bad CGI today, but Asimo(low) is an actual, free-standing robot...
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Walt Disney World:
My 2002 WDW Intro video
WDW Introduction
45.9MB, Length: 3:51, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
14.5MB, Length: 3:51, Bitrate: 512kb/s
This was the introduction (low) to my 2003 Home Video. How do you introduce Disneyworld in less than 4 minutes? Use video clips less than a second long. :-)

I've always been a fan of Randy Newman's work in all of the Pixar movies he's been involved with. There was that fast three minute tune in Bug's Life when Flik is introduced, and it was perfect for the application. And it was an excellent way to learn how to use the editor...
Animal Kingdom Lodge
Animal Kingdom Lodge
116MB, Length: 9:44, Bitrate: 1.5m/s
36.6MB, Length: 9:44, Bitrate: 512kb/s
This is a short video of my stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge (low) I included with my 2003 WDW Home Video.

Were I to redo it today, it'd look quite different. Of course, I was still learning my video editor back then. I'm not any better at taking video, but I'm much better at editing. :-)

Visit my Animal Kingdom Lodge. page for more photos and information.
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Animal Kingdom:
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Kilimanjaro Safaris
159MB, Length: 22:25, Bitrate: 1024kb/s
76.8MB, Length: 22:25, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"Jambo Everyone!"

Kilimanjaro Safaris (low) is Animal Kingdom's premier attraction. You board a safaris truck, and tour a 100 acre African Savanna, Disney style.

The video is over saturated, over contrasty, and will be re-done in HD one day... But not today.

Oh this version still has the gun at the end. Deal with it.

See more of Africa in Animal Kingdom here.
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Disney's Hollywood Studios:
Great Movie Ride
Great Movie Ride
164MB, Length: 22:28, Bitrate: 1024kb/s
82.2MB, Length: 22:28, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"Ready when you are C.B.!"

The Great Movie Ride (low) was one of the original attractions at Disney Hollywood (nee Disney-MGM) Studios when it opened in 1989, so it's a little dated, but a classic Disney attraction none the less.

This version is cut together from two tapings, so you aren't imagining things if you notice jumping from near the front of train one, car one to the rear of train two, car two, or cast members suddenly changing from male to female. Also note that this version of the video is impossible to see at Disneyworld, since it shows both the Gangster and the Cowboy version.

Sound quality is pretty bad in places. They should mike the CM's when they're not in the vehicles. (As of 2012 or so, they do! Disney must be reading! Heh.)

Great Movie Ride photos are here. I had dinner in Great Movie Ride during D23's 2012 Super Scream if you want to see some detailed pictures of the sets.
Voyage of the Little Mermaid
Voyage of the Little Mermaid
115MB, Length: 16:16, Bitrate: 1024kb/s
55.7MB, Length: 16:16, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"The Seaweed is always greener, in somebody else's lake..."

Voyage of the Little Mermaid (low) is a brutally shortened, live version of The Little Mermaid.

Part puppet, part animation and part live action, it's a unique show at Disney's Hollywood Studios, regardless if the title on the video says Disney-MGM Studios...

Ariel's chunked up a bit, but that's not necessarily a bad thing... And she still get's her legs. Awwwww...

(There's a 1500kb/s version, which removes more of the artifacting, but it's 178MB, so you better *really* like the show if you download this version...)

Voyage of the Little Mermaid exterior photos are here.
221MB, Length: 27:33, Bitrate: 1024kb/s
103MB, Length: 27:33, Bitrate: 512kb/s
Mobile: 171MB, Bitrate: 875kb/s
"...A journey beyond your wildest imagination..."

Fantasmic! (low) (mobile) This is the big one. All 27.5 minutes of it. It's cut together from three different shows.

Interestingly, this is the only show where the live soundtrack didn't match exactly to the CD. My guess is it was originally recorded to tape, accounting for the minute timing differences. The live and recorded soundtracks are too alike to be different recordings.

Still, I overcame these obstacles and overlaid the audio. It all came out pretty good...

Photos of the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater are here.
Osborne 2006 - 1
Osborne Lights
41.5MB, Length: 3:33, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
13.1MB, Length: 3:33, Bitrate: 500kb/s
The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights (low) was actually started by the Osborne Family in Arkansas, and was kicked out of the neighborhood by the court, and landed in Disney's Hollywood (nee Disney-MGM) Studios.

The impressive Christmastime display has grown considerably in it's new home, and it *is* a Spectacle, with a capital 'S'. The selection of music they have is excellent, and Disney even provides the snow.

All the Osborne Light videos are widescreen, even though the thumbnails don't show it. This set is cut together from two different shows and was shot in Dec. 2006, and it's to the tune of "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12-24)".

There are still images of the Osborne Lights here.
Osborne 2006 - 2
Osborne Lights
39.7MB, Length: 3:23, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
12.4MB, Length: 3:23, Bitrate: 500kb/s
This is another Osborne Family Lights (low) set, taken from the other side of Streets of America. It's to the tune of "A Mad Russian's Christmas".

And in case you're curious, between the musical sets, all the lights remain lit. It's not a constant discotheque type atmosphere.
Osborne 2008 - 1
Osborne Lights
36.8MB, Length: 3:09, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
11.6MB, Length: 3:09, Bitrate: 500kb/s
I was back in December 2008, and the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights (low) was on my list of things to do again.

I think this was a case of Disney trying to improve something that didn't need improving. The 2006 version I saw was more of a surrealistic experience, using not only color, but different intensities of light.

The new version in 2008 seemed more like a...billboard or a Jumbotron...than a light show. Their switching equipment is much improved, but it all seems just too busy at times.

This set is to the tune of "Feliz Navidad".
Osborne 2008 - 2
Osborne Lights
24.9MB, Length: 2:08, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
7.82MB, Length: 2:08, Bitrate: 500kb/s
Another set of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights (low) taken in 2008, to the tune of "Jingle Babs".

Maybe I just prefer heavy metal...
Osborne 2008 - 3
Osborne Lights
38.9MB, Length: 3:19, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
12.2MB, Length: 3:19, Bitrate: 500kb/s
And another Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights (low). If you liked the other 2008 sets, you'll like this one.
2006 & 2008 Osborne Comparison
Osborne Lights
28.9MB, Length: 3:29, Bitrate: 1.2mb/s
This is an interesting comparison between 2006 and 2008 version of "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12-24)". The basic program is the same, but much has been updated to the new light scheme.

Yes, there is a 2.5 second gap at 1:54. That's why it's not it's own video, but since this was only a comparison...
2011 Osborne Lights
105MB, Length: 9:11, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
35.3MB, Length: 9:11, Bitrate: 512kb/s
The 2011 version of The Osborne Family Spectacle Of Dancing Lights (low) removed several objections I had about the show in it's most recent iterations. They have more control over the lights, and have learned darkness is an okay part of the show.

Problem was, there were large sections of the displays that weren't working. It was raining on and off, so maybe there was a electrical problem, or they just blew a controller.

This video contains three dancing sets.
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Epcot (Future World):
Fountain of Nations
Fountain of Nations
25.3MB, Length: 3:08, Bitrate: 1mb/s
The Innoventions Fountain (or Fountain of Nations, or whatever it's called) really is an attraction in itself. Guests just pass it by, but it's worth a stop to watch a sequence or two.

The first part of the video is a little shaky, I'm lowering the leg of the monopod. But it gets better. Audio isn't very good since it's live, but there you are...

There isn't a low bandwidth version of this video.
Cranium Command
Cranium Command
141MB, Length: 17:32, Bitrate: 1mb/s
60.1MB, Length: 17:32, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"Hey you goldbricks! This ain't a spectator sport! Where do you think you are, DISNEYWORLD?"

Join Buzzy as he controls his oh-so-familiar organs and glands as he takes control of a 12 year old boy and his hormones.

Cranium Command (low) was one of the major attractions in the now defunct Wonders of Life Pavilion in Epcot, a thinly disguised attraction that was supposed to teach you about the various part of the brain, and what they controlled.

Of course, you'll never see the inside of your head the same way again. :-)
Test Track
Test Track
103MB, Length: 12:48, Bitrate: 1mb/s
48.2MB, Length: 12:48, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"Hi Everybody, welcome to the Test Track..."

This video of Test Track (low), an attraction at Epcot since 1999, takes you from the time you enter the door to the souvenir store at the end.

The video is hand held, and the ride isn't exactly smooth, so don't watch it if you get motion sickness... :-)

Still photos of Test Track can be found here.
Food Rocks
Food Rocks
109MB, Length: 13:35, Bitrate: 1mb/s
51.1MB, Length: 13:35, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"Hello EPCOT Center, and welcome to the all-star benefit for good nutrition!"

Have you ever wondered what was replaced by that immensely popular attraction at the Land Pavilion called Soarin'? Food Rocks (low), with your host, Fud Wrapper! Probably not one of Disney's best, but you can't win them all...
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Epcot (World Showcase):
World Showcase Players - Cyranose de Bergerac
World Showcase Players - Cyranose de Bergerac
126MB, Length: 15:38, Bitrate: 1mb/s
58.9MB, Length: 15:38, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"We're going to do this great show called Cyranose de Bergerac. Who's heard of it? Okay, put it out of your mind, 'cause we're going to butcher it."

Cyranose de Bergerac (low) was one of Epcot's World Showcase Player skits. I haven't seen it done for a few years now, so here it is!
Nova Era
Nova Era, Italy, 2000
201MB, Length: 19:41, Bitrate: 1.2mb/s
67.4MB, Length: 19:41, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"Ladies and Gentlemen. Please welcome Nova Era..."

Nova Era (low) was probably my favorite live entertainment at Epcot, until they had a falling out with Disney in the early 2000's...

Must of been hell playing in those costumes in July in Florida, though. :-)

They're a group of talented musicians that brought a fresh twist to not only their original, but classical pieces of music. They're still based in Orlando, Florida, and have 5 CD's and a DVD to their credit.

Go to www.novaeramusic.com for more information.

A couple of still photos can be found here.
The Voices of Liberty, 4th of July Edition
Voices of Liberty, Fourth of July Edition
142MB, Length: 12:23, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
53.8MB, Length: 19:41, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"Ladies and Gentlemen, The Voices of Liberty..."

The Voices of Liberty (low) is a cappella group that sings under the dome in American Adventure. They're one of my favorite acts in all of Disney World, and never fail to put on a moving and inspirational show.

This was an edit for the Fourth of July. This set includes:
God Bless The U.S.A.
America The Beautiful
My Country 'Tis Of Thee
This Land Is Your Land
The Star Spangled Banner
Tapestry of Nations
Tapestry of Nations
240MB, Length: 29:48, Bitrate: 1mb/s
89MB, Length: 29:48, Bitrate: 384kb/s
"Join us, as we celebrate the circle of life, the family of humankind, the Tapestry of Nations..."

Tapestry of Nations (low) was Epcot's parade for the Millennium Celebration. Oversize puppets danced to a majestic score, the drummers drummed a rhythmic beat, and the parade was led by an imposing Sage of Time.

Then they ruined the parade for the 100 Years of Magic celebration, and mercifully killed it off. But the original is one of my favorites, and here it is!

This video was cut from four different parades in three different places. So one segment might be from Canada, one segment from Germany, some during the day, some at dusk...
IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
202MB, Length: 17:22, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
59.5MB, Length: 17:22, Bitrate: 512kb/s
Mobile: 97.3MB, Bitrate: 875kb/s
"We are gathered here tonight, around the fire..."

This version of Illuminations (low) (mobile) was (mostly) taped in 2008, and features a widescreen version of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, taped in HDV, as well as the re-engineered Earth Globe, which presents a very much better LED light array. Add into the mix a wide angle adapter for the camcorder, and you have an almost new show! :-)

As an added bonus, I've kept the Christmas fireworks intact. If you only want to see one version, this is it...
IllumiNations 2000
IllumiNations 2000
105MB, Length: 13:05, Bitrate: 1mb/s
49.2MB, Length: 13:05, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"And though each of us has our own individual stories to tell, a true adventure emerges, when we bring them all together, as one."

IllumiNations 2000 (low) is the show that started me on the audio replacement kick. The Show was *great* live in Epcot, but Gavin Greenaway's amazing soundtrack just didn't cut it after blasting it in my car a few dozen times. When I combined the two, it was an amazing result. This is Imagineering at their best.

The video is from three different shows, cut together.

It's not as good as the one above, but I'm keeping it here in case someone is looking for it...
2011 Candlelight Processional
67.6MB, Length: 5:53, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
22.6MB, Length: 5:53, Bitrate: 512kb/s
This is a couple of clips from the 2011 Candlelight Processional (low).

Photos can be found here.
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Magic Kingdom:
Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion
160MB, Length: 13:59, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
61.6MB, Length: 13:59, Bitrate: 512kb/s
Mobile: 68.1MB, Length: 13:59, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
"When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightning sounds echo through the halls, Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still..."

Probably Magic Kingdom's most iconic dark ride, Haunted Mansion (low) (mobile) is definately one of my favorites.

Be forewarned that due to it's dark nature, I had to really push the levels, so there's some annoying noise though most of the video. The audio in the doombuggies is crap, so most of the audio has been replaced. There's some addtional Paul Frees dialog, but I promise all the attraction dialog is there, right where it should be.

The odd audio mix is Disney, where they put Frees' vocal on one track, and the sound effects on the other. Most of the 2007 enhancements are in, but rooms like the Escher room is too dark to show well.

Like Fantasmic!, there's a timing sync problem between the attration audio and the CD audio, so much of the time the background noise is completely muted. I suppose I could have completely remixed the audio, but that wasn't the point of this exercise. This was really a test of my new video machine.

Haunted Mansion Cemetary photos can be found here.
Peter Pans Flight
Peter Pan's Flight
36.5MB, Length: 3:19, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
11.4MB, Length: 3:19, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"A little Pixie dust, and off we go!"

One of the original dark rides, Peter Pan's Flight (low) always has long lines, the vehicles travel too fast, and the ride is too short.

Of course, like most dark rides at Disneyworld (or Disneyland, for that matter) if you don't know the story, you'll be lost. This ride isn't about telling the story of Peter Pan and the gang, but putting you into the story that you've known since childhood. I can't help you if you've never had a childhood...

A couple of exterior photos can be found in Fantasyland...
Carousel of Progress
Carousel of Progress
242MB, Length: 21:05, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
81.1MB, Length: 21:05, Bitrate: 512kb/s
Mobile: 102MB, Length: 21:05
"There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, And Tomorrows's just a dream away!"

Originally conceived for the 1964 World's Fair in New York, Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress (low) (mobile) has moved from New York to Disneyland to Disneyworld, reopening in it's current incarnation in 1994. It's one of Walt's original ideas, with a little help from the Sherman Brothers, and it represents to me one of the last vestiges of Walt that remains in the parks. I actually remember this attraction from my trip to Disneyland in 1969, so it must have left some impression on me...
2000 Main Street Electrical Parade
Main Street Electrical Parade
152MB, Length: 18:58, Bitrate: 1mb/s
56.5MB, Length: 18:58, Bitrate: 384kb/s
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boy and Girls, the Magic Kingdom proudly presents our spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination, in thousands of sparkling lights and electic-syntho-magnetic musical sounds..."

The Main Street Electrical Parade (low) is (was) my favorite parade at Disneyworld. Then in 2001 they packed it all up and shipped it off to places unknown...

This is the old, pre-2001 version. The 2010 version is right below.

Usually when you're in the middle of the parade route, the audio starts 10 minutes before the parade gets to you, and lasts for 5 minutes after the parade passes. I've fixed that here, and in SpectroMagic too... :-)
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2010 Main Street Electrical Parade
Main Street Electrical Parade
249MB, Length: 21:43, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
83.6MB, Length: 21:43, Bitrate: 512kb/s
Mobile: 104MB, Length: 21:43

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boy and Girls, the Magic Kingdom proudly presents our spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination, in thousands of sparkling lights and electic-syntho-magnetic musical sounds..."

In 2010, World of Color, a new fountain show in Disney's California Adventure and the construction of the recently opened Cars Land, forced the Electrical Light Parade out of California and into Florida, as part of the Summer Nightastic promotion. It was soon announced it would be staying indefinately.. So far, so good...

The Main Street Electrical Parade (low) (mobile) is slightly different than the original parade unit, Tinkerbell leads instead of the Blue Fairy, a few new floats and a digital soundtrack. But, it is still the Electrical parade, and remains my favorite parade at Walt Disney World.

Photos of the 2010 parade can be found here...

143MB, Length: 17:52, Bitrate: 1mb/s
53.2MB, Length: 17:52, Bitrate: 384kb/s
"Welcome to the splendor, the spectacle, the sparkling sensation; where the romance, the comedy and the thrill of Disney's fantasies come to electric life..."

SpectroMagic (low) was MSEP's replacement. Yes, it's technically a better parade. Yes, there are more bells and whistles in the parade. I don't care.

Bringing the Electrical Parade back to Magic Kingdom was the right move. :-)
Fantasy in the Sky
Fantasy In The Sky
63.5MB, Length: 7:52, Bitrate: 1mb/s
29.6MB, Length: 7:52, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"A long time ago, in a place called Neverland, there lived a sparkling spirit named Tinkerbelle..."

Fantasy In The Sky (low) was Wishes' predecessor, a fireworks show that may have only been shown once a week if it was the off season. It wasn't a bad show, but it paled in comparison Illuminations in Epcot.

Fantasy in the Sky is Classic Disney, even more so than Wishes, but Disney's new fireworks technology would make it's way to the Magic Kingdom, and replace this long running show.

This video is cut from two different tapings, with the soundtrack replaced.
148MB, Length: 12:42, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
46.4MB, Length: 12:42, Bitrate: 512kb/s
Mobile: 75.7MB, Bitrate: 875kb/s
"Remember, we must always believe in our Wishes, for they are the magic in the world. Now, let's all put our hearts together...And make a wish come true..."

Every night, Main Street in the Magic Kingdom becomes the stage for Disney's best nighttime show, Wishes (low) (mobile), where they can paint the nighttime sky, and perhaps, make a wish come true.

Wishes replaced Fantasy in the Sky on October 9, 2005. It's a show that rivals Illuminations in every way. Interestingly, Wishes doesn't use any of the elements from Illuminations, and vice-versa. They are very different shows. Wishes is classic Disney (and is more of a pure fireworks show), while Illuminations embraces the world...

A series of images can be found here...
The Magic, The Memories and You
114MB, Length: 9:55, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
38.1MB, Length: 9:55, Bitrate: 512kb/s
The Magic, The Memories and You (low) is a pretty amazing show. The images and artwork are projected onto the castle from several different places, making the castle come to life.

This version has the Christmas extension in it. A mean CM made us move up (even though were were in a legal viewing area), so the initial part of the video moves a lot. It settles down after the first 90 seconds.

Oh, and let me add, I still hate all you parents that put a kid up on your shoulders and block the view of those behind you. Most inconsiderate...
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Boo To You Parade
Boo To You Halloween Parade
135MB, Length: 15:21, Bitrate: 1.2mb/s
60.1MB, Length: 15:21, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"It's not so very scary...It's really not so scary..."

One of the main events during the "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party" (or MNSSHP) is the Boo To You (low) Halloween Parade.

It's not really a nighttime parade, though the parade is shown at night. It is one of Disney's better parades, I mean, where else can you see choreographed grave diggers?

The parade is run twice every party, so if you can stay awake, avoid the more crowded first run of the parade, and enjoy walk-on rides everywhere else in the park.

Oh, the audio gets better about 90 seconds into the video...

MNSSHP photos can be found here...
163MB, Length: 14:03, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
51.4MB, Length: 14:03, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"Welcome my friends, to the most spirited season of them all..."

HallowWishes (low) is the Halloween version of Wishes, Magic Kingdom's popular fireworks show.

But rather than the Cricket, you get the Ghost Host, directly from the Haunted Mansion. No Mickey or Minnie here. Instead, you get every evil, bad and scary character in Disney's arsenal, from the Sea Witch to the Big Bad Wolf.

This was taped on one of those rare nights that had no wind, so the smoke from the pyrotechnics (and the pyro themselves) stay above the castle where they should be...
Cinderella's Holiday Wish
80.7MB, Length: 7:01, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
27.1MB, Length: 7:01, Bitrate: 512kb/s
Cinderella's Holiday Wish (low) is the story tie-in to the Castle Lights.

Just past sunset, the Fab Four come out to the fore-court stage and try to decide what to do with the castle for Christmas. Well, it's Cindy's castle, and when it's your bat and ball, you get to make the rules, right?

She wishes the Castle to be covered in ice, and Fairy Godmother (with the help of all the guests) lights the castle. The Castle lights then remain on for the rest of the evening.

The actual event happens at 5:10 if you're looking to by-pass the show.

Castle Ice Light photos can be found here...
Holiday Wishes
Holiday Wishes
141MB, Length: 12:16, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
47.2MB, Length: 12:16, Bitrate: 512kb/s
Mobile: 59.3MB, Length: 12:16
"Did ya' hear it? Can ya' feel it? I'd say there's something magical in the air, wouldn't you? Why, it's the spirt of the season. A season that sparkles with it's own magic and memories..."

Holiday Wishes (low) (mobile) is the Christmas version of wishes performed during the Mickey Very Merry Christmas Party. This video was taken in front of the Crystal Palace.

Magic Kingdom Christmas photos can be found here...
Rusty Cutlass
Rusty Cutlass
34.0MB, Length: 2:58, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
81.1MB, Length: 2:58, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"We are Rusty Cutlass! That's Rusty, with an Arrrrr!"

One of the various shows around the Magic Kingdom during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Rusty Cutlass (low) (and I'm not sure if they're referring the the sword or an Olds), was located right across from Pirates. It's not a full set, only the last three minutes, but they were a lot of fun.
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2009 Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade
Once Upon A Christmastime Parade
232MB, Length: 26:25, Bitrate: 1.2mb/s
96.6MB, Length: 26:25, Bitrate: 512kb/s
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls; Mickey, Minnie and all of their friends invite you to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, as the Magic Kingdom proudly presents..."

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade (low) is the Christmas Parade held during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, and is broadcast on ABC during Christmas, albeit with a few modifications. This parade was taped a couple of days after the 2009 version was recorded for broadcast.

Images of the parade can be found here...
2010 Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade
2010 Once Upon A Christmastime Parade
208MB, Length: 18:08, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
47.2MB, Length: 18:08, Bitrate: 512kb/s
Mobile: 59.3MB, Length: 18:08
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls; Mickey, Minnie and all of their friends invite you to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, as the Magic Kingdom proudly presents..."

This is the 2010 taping of Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade (low) (mobile) using the Castle as the backdrop.

Images of the 2010 parade can be found here...
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Notes on many of the video clips:

Illuminations 2000 is the video that started my desire to see the nighttime shows with the actual CD soundtrack substituted for the audio you get at the parks. In the parks, you get the ambiance of being there, but the crowd is always making noise around you, and the retorts from the fireworks are out of time with the music.

In today's digital world, you can buy the soundtrack for many of the shows on CD at the parks. For the most part, they match up note for note. So you get to see how the Imagineers choreographed the fireworks to the music. It's amazing how well timed everything is, so well timed that it makes the mistakes obvious. (For instance, at 7:40 in Illuminations 2000... :-))

I'll bet these shows are a *heck* of a lot of fun to create. So, if you guys at Disney really want to make my Dream Come True...

And some hints on taping:

Taping a show, is not always the same as watching the show. It's easy to get lost in the show and miss cues and other events that you should be using to zoom in on the action or zoom out for the big picture. If you know the show, and know when to zoom in or when particular events happen, use that information and tape a show with only those elements.

If you want to strengthen your chest and arm muscles, don't bring a mono- or tripod. You may think your camcorder doesn't weight all that much, but try holding it steady at shooting position for 15 minutes. A monopod isn't perfect, but it's better than nothing.

Learn how to use your equipment before you leave home. The time to try to find how to boost the EV on your camcorder, is not in the line for Pirates or Haunted Mansion. And remember to reset it back afterwards.

Even if you think you've completely screwed up a taping of a show, don't turn the camcorder off. Keep taping. There will be *some* amount of footage that you can use. For all you know, the soundtrack from that show will be the best you have. If you're serious about video taping an attraction, you'll eventually learn how to cut back and forth between shows and eliminate your bad video.

Don't sit in the front. Ideally, you want to sit someplace where all the action can fit in the frame. For instance, if you try to tape Wishes from the Hub, you will never get the castle and all the fireworks in-frame. You can always zoom in, but you can't zoom out wider than your widest setting. I have found a wide angle adapter for my camcorder *extremely* useful.
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