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Help! (Or how to use this site...)

Here's some basics. If I have managed to befuddle you and you still can't figure something out after looking at this page, please let me know. Thanks.

There are two main types of pages on this site. Content Pages and Picture Pages.

This is an example of a typical Content page:


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Content pages are easily identified by the row of buttons at the top of the page. (This Help Page is an Content Page.) The buttons are links to the major sections or Categories of this site. In order, the buttons are my Home and Administrative pages (which are generally grey), Theme Parks and Trip Reports (blue), Road Trips (green), Other Stuff (pink), Video and Wallpapers (yellow).

If the subject has multiple pages or is long enough, there will be tabs at the top of the pages an Index at the top of the Content Page. It will have the highlights for those pages, but should not be considered to be a complete list of what's on that page. (If you're looking for something specific, you might have a better chance looking in the Site Index.

The links on the left are Subjects within the selected Category. If there are multiple pages for a Subject, the links will expand accordingly and are identical to the ones in the "Index" on the Content Page. The link on the left and the links in the Index on the Content Page that you are currently on will be highlighted.

There's always some verbiage from me, and remember, you get what you pay for. More than likely, there will be thumbnails. All thumbnails were made 100 pixels tall, and in no way indicate the actual size of the image. If a thumbnail was shortened, it will be indicated as such.

Clicking on any thumbnail will take you to a Picture Page.
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This is an example of a Picture Page:


There will always be a Location and Description at the top of the page, with a File ID and a Comment (if one is available) below.

The Navigation Links will always be in the upper left and lower right of the page, regardless of the image size. Previous will take you to the prior image (unless you're at the first image for that Subject), Next will take you to the next image in sequence (unless you're at the last image), and Content will take you to the Content Page that calls the current image.

The Current Subject Description identifies the Content Page the image is called from. Since the image list spans the entire Subject, the description (and background image) will change if the Content Page changes when viewing images via the Navigation links.

The Data box contains three pieces of information.

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There are some wide panoramics here, and many of them will be wider (or taller) than your monitor. Click the thumbnail below for an example.


As a general rule, the wider (or narrower) the thumbnail, the larger the file size will be.
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Video is mostly Theme Park video right now. It will stream, but you might have better luck just downloading the video to your machine. (Go to the video page for more information.)

Wallpaper is still mostly theoretical, but was generated just to try out the interface.

That's about it! Let me know if something's still not clear... Heh.

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[HDR Note: The electronic sensors in today's cameras, while much improved, still have a problem with dynamic range. So if you want an image on a bright day, you can expose the shot for a bright area, but you might lose all detail and color in the shadows. If you expose for the shadows, the bright areas get blown out. An HDR image is a series of identical images taken at different exposures and combined, to give detail (and color) in the shadow and light areas of the image. These only work well with stationary subjects.]
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