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Welcome to Keane's Pictures!

Dead Horse Point State Park
That's me in Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

May 2017 update...

Places, for the most part has been extensively modified, both inside and out, including the user interface. If tests prove positive, the entire website will be modified to the same standards and version.

This is the first update in quite a while. The entire section had to be rewritten before I could do an update, since a lot of links were broken due to the rewrite.

All of the basic structure and functionality is in place, but the section is still far from complete, and none of the help files have been written yet. (No sense writing a help file for an interface that could still change.) More verbiage needs to be written and some pages still need to be edited to remove duplicate images of the same view, but different trips.

Enough. On with the show!

So let me see. What creds do I have. None. Okay, once I got published in Car and Driver as a 10-Best winner for straight roads. Got $50 and a cool C&D 10-Best hoodie. They even spelled by name right, but they changed my copy. (The mention is still on C&D's site, but the picture is gone. You can find the picture here.)

I've been taking pictures since I was a kid. My dad turned the bathroom into a darkroom, and did his own black and white. I mean he even had a recipe book from Kodak, and mixed his own developers and fixers from scratch. He bought 100 foot rolls of (mostly tri-X) B&W 35mm film and reloaded 35mm cassettes, so it was always a guessing game on how many exposures you had per roll. He bought 120, 127 and 220 roll film, but it was all developed in tanks at home. He had the equipment to make up to 11x14's. Brown glass gallon jugs that held developers, stopper (made from mixing glacial acetic acid and water) and fixer is in my early memories. That was probably in the early 1960's. I'm not sure when he started taking pictures, probably when he could afford his first Speed Graphic.

Sunset, Superior National Forest, Minnesota. September 1995.
So photography was pretty darn cheap, and I started taking pictures and learning the craft at a pretty early age. I could load a spool of film onto a developing tank reel before I could ride a bike, I think. I remember my first camera was a 120 box camera, with a single shutter speed and no flash, so you learned about how things had to be lit if you wanted a picture. By the time I was in high school, I had a pretty good grasp of the technical aspects of photography, from optical phenomenon like depth of field, to the differences in films and papers in both black and white and color.

So I've been taking pictures a long time. Yeah, I know, people have been making babies for a long time too, but that doesn't mean they're any good at it. So we'll start there. Do you see what it says at the top of the page? It says Keane's Pictures, not Keane's Fine Photography. This site started as a place to put my vacation pictures, when I got tired of creating slideshows and burning CD's for family and friends.

Believe it or not, it was also done to learn a little html, before all this got out of control. But you can read about that in Notes and Comments.

It also doesn't say Keane's Information Site, since everything on my site is how I remember things, not necessarily how it really was or is. (Hey! At least I'm honest about it.) Even though I do try to verify everything on this site, some experiences and photos could be 20 years old, before places and events could be forever recorded on the Internet and the web. Many things can also happen in those years. Recent research on some pictures for the site has found that forests have burned down, hurricanes have changed the landscape, buildings have be built and razed, and businesses have gone out of business since I was there. And brain cells can die, and I could just plain mis-remember things. Got it? But the information is as accurate as I remember it.

You should probably view this site on a monitor with resolution of at least 1024x768, though 1280x1024 or larger is recommended. While the width of Content Pages (like this one) is optimized for a 1024 pixel wide screen, the Picture Pages will fill the entire browser window.

Wider is better than taller in most cases, such is the trend toward widescreen HD monitors. I've tried to keep in mind those widescreen monitors where tall is sacrificed for wide; and tabs and search bars and other info bars have stolen vertical web browser space. However, there are some pretty wide panoramics here, so if the image goes all the way to the right side of the screen, check for a scroll bar... (See How to use this site... for an example.)

Epcot_China_sign.jpg First order of business. See this sign? It's in the China Pavilion in Epcot at Walt Disney World. Truer works have never been spoken. More, I would modernize this to say: "Seeing pictures or video 100 times is not as good as seeing it in person once." There is no substitute for standing on a mountain peak, breathing in the thin air; the boom of a massive fireworks shell that thumps you in the chest; or five pound smallmouth bass fighting you on the other side of a thin mono-filament line.

Second. Content Pages have my blatherings with thumbnails. Clicking on any thumbnail will get you a Picture Page with a larger image. You then have the option of going through the images sequentially from links on the picture page. See Help for more information.

Third. The images have been optimized for the size they are. I did try to make the images a viewable size. (600 pixels on the narrow side.) If you see an image that looks distorted, please let me know. (I probably messed up.) Normal size images should fit on a page, but generally panoramics will have scroll bars.

Hardcopy photo quality prints are available for any image that has the resolution to be printed. Use the "Contact Me" link or e-mail to get details.

Physically, this site is split up into five Categories. Administravia, Theme Parks, Road Trips, Other Stuff, and Video and Wallpapers, just like the buttons at the top of the page.

Theme Parks and Trip Reports

Theme Parks, mainly in Central Florida, is where I go when I want to escape from the real world. Someplace I can go, and just park my car for a few days. In addition, if you ever need a place to practice your photography and videography without someone calling homeland security on you, these are the places. Colorful, whimsical, where everything is designed to stimulate the senses, especially at night when they can highlight only the things they want you to see.

Theme Park images are organized like a walk through the parks.


Trip Reports on the other hand, are detailed chronological events of a trip to the parks or a D23 event. Some get very detailed. (Or long, depending on your point of view.)


Places and Road Trips

Places are the places I've been. The only criteria needed to be a "Place", is:

  • I was there.
  • I took a picture.
There are currently over 130 "Places", which can be a fixed spot, such as as a National Park, or a sprawling ribbon across the landscape in the form or a River or a Road. It could be as small as a diner to a man made lake covering hundreds of square miles. It just has to be a place.

Also included in this category are my Road Trips, the original chronologic reports of my vacations (or business trips) by car. I've been doing road trips since about 1986, some documented better than others. Most of the early trips were business trips, but since 1996 I've taken some long vacations out west.

Also included is a section that deals with how I plan a road trip, just in case you're planning on seeing America...


Other Stuff

Other stuff is the stuff that doesn't fit in the categories above, from snowstorms to air shows. Amazing the stuff you take over a long time. 'Course, I've lost a lot of pictures, too. But you never know if some box in a back bedroom closet doesn't contain some of the negatives and slides...


There is also a section with hours of mostly Disney Video and a selection of Wallpapers. The video needs to be upgraded to higher bit-rate MP4's. The Wallpaper section isn't done, and it's low on the priority list right now... :-)

And (almost) finally, send a comment! Feedback, good or bad, is the only way to improve the site: keane@keanespics.com. Alternately, there should be a link on how to contact me at the bottom of the menu on the left...

Legal stuff:

I own all the pictures and images on this site (unless otherwise noted.) Anyone is free to link to my site, but please use the html page, not the image itself.

You do not have my permission to use any of my images on another web site or any other publication without my permission. There is a "Contact Me" link on every page.

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