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Keane's Chemo Adventures, Update #3 - May 22, 2009

Hi All!

Chemo session #4 is over with. Other than the nurse not being able to find a usable vein in my hand (and was stuck three times in the process), things went well. I was even fore-thoughtful enough to get all my meds from the pharmacy I that I needed to get me through this chemo session before the chemo session, and buy foods that I knew I could tolerate if the anti-nausea drugs didn't work. I'm finding it a little scary that I already know how to prep for these things...

Ate breakfast at Bakers Square, which didn't serve a bad breakfast. I'd go back. I was even there on free pie day, so I got a free slice of pie. With breakfast. Whattadeal.

I'm now 2/3 done. Two more treatments, 6 weeks and 3 days. All of this started 9 weeks 6 days ago.

I'm scheduled for a CT scan in 2.5 weeks, to check my progress. I was given a barium dye and an iodine dye. (The barium dye is called a "Berry Smoothie", and even has a picture of Blue/Ras/Black-berries on it...Mmmmm.) When I had an upper GI a couple of decades ago, the barium constipated me. When I took the iodine dye about 2 months ago, it gave me a bad case of diarrhea. So if you don't hear from me in about three weeks, I exploded.

The Emend (the three day anti-nausea drug) still works, little to no nausea. The prednisone still seems to work. I had all sorts of things to put into this update, and now that I've taken it, not so much. :-)

My blood counts are up, and my anemia is almost gone, which probably explains why I've got more energy and less breathing problems than in past weeks. Still not 100% there yet.

So, the prognosis so far is 'So far so good', which I suppose, could be worse. I'd just like it over with. Stuff like this shouldn't happen to people like me. BWAHahahahahaha...

On Sun, 24 Apr 2009, I whined:

>Of course in the past week, my DVD player died (I had
>to take it apart to get the DVD inside of it back),

No resolution. One of my VHS machines is going flaky too, so I may replace it with a dual machine with an ATSC tuner...

> a hard
>disk in my editing machine croaked (I have a backup, but
>restoring 800 GB of data's a pain),

I did lose my GMR and RoE 16x9 edits. Bummer. I'll have to recreate these.

(And I might add, that the disk that failed was a WD GreenPower (WD10EACS) 1TB disk. Figures. The only power saving device in my whole system, (normally 8 3.5" disks, with the capacity to run 13 (5 sata, 8 EIDE)) and the only one that fails is my only green disk...)

> the florescent tube in
>one of my monitors is going (but I get to replace it with
>a 23" 16x9 monitor)

This one is getting expensive. The cost of the monitor, the cost of a new A/B switch which can handle the resolution of the monitor, and I still have to replace my legacy system's AGP2 video card to one that can handle the resolution of the new monitor. (I'm only getting 1680x1050 right now...)

But I love having a 2048x1152 DVI monitor. I'm seriously thinking about getting another one to replace the 1440x800 secondary monitor on my non-legacy editing machine, giving me 4096x1152 pixels. It'll make editing in Premier CS3 much more pleasant.

> and the battery in my laptop decided
>to stop working.

I found a cheap, low capacity replacement (and cheap is $60) to see if it was the laptop, or the battery. It was the battery, which went from giving me 75 minutes of power to dead in three days. (I think some circuitry in it died...) Now to decide whether to actually spend the $200 to get a real replacement battery...

And I've written a new html code generator, and have updated over 8,000 pages on this website over the past couple of weeks. Too bad none of its noticable. It was quite an acheivement. :-)

I think I'm babbling. I'll stop now.

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