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Keane's Chemo Adventures
My initial post to rec.arts.disney.parks on April 15, 2009

It was the end of a pretty trying month, and I was scanning RADP messages, and came across a message from Lisa asking where I was. Well, I debated for a couple of days whether or not to actually post my little adventure, and decided it would be a little hard to hide for then next 15 weeks, unless I stopped posting altogether.

So, I put together a trip report, of sorts. Hey, it's me. I do stuff like that. :-)


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Hey Everyone!

I haven't posted in a month, so I thought I'd whine about what's been happening. Leaving out the morbid details (and some are morbid details), my past month went as follows. (Well, I saw Lisa's post asking where I was, so I decided to put together a trip report! :-))

March 15: After a couple of weeks of having a bad non-productive cough, my doctor advised me to get to an ER with the chance I had pneumonia. I'm admitted to the hospital.

March 20: After 5 days of x-rays, blood tests, CT scans, and biopsies, I'm diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. My first chemo session is the next day.

March 22: I'm paroled from the hospital. I go from being drug free to taking 7 pills a day.

March 30: One of the drugs I'm on is prednisone (nasty, nasty stuff). After the prednisone is gone, my cough, fevers and chills (which put me in the ER in the first place) slowly comes back with a vengeance.

March 31: Get an appointment with my oncologist, and a chest x-ray shows I've got pneumonia. Probably due to my immune system being depressed from the chemo. I'm re-admitted to the hospital for a week of various tortures, torments and other nasty procedures.

April 6: The pneumonia isn't communicable, so they let me escape the hospital. I'm now taking 15 pills a day.

April 8: Second chemo session. This one affects me badly, I'm nauseous for the next 4 days. Only four more of these damn things to go.

So today, is the first day I'm off the chemo drugs, but am still taking 11 pills a day (all antibiotics) for the pneumonia.

Today is also the first day I think I feel semi-normal (at least what I remember as normal), so I decided to post something. Besides, it seems a little dead in the newsgroup right now.

Worst thing: Nothing tastes right. Except kosher dill pickles. Go figure.

Best thing: It got me out of jury duty.

Funniest thing: I'm losing all my hair. You know the portrait in the foyer in Haunted Mansion? If you ignore the face, that guy's hair could be mine.

Oh, no pixie dust please. It makes you fly, and I don't like heights, especially when queasy.

So I may not be posting a lot, but I'll lurk and maybe post a smart-ass comment when it's appropriate. :-)

Just an update, don't worry, I'll be back...


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